Tuesday, February 28

There they go again

Liberals in the MSM are having a collective orgasm over this latest CBS poll declaring Bush to have his lowest approval rating ever. Well, gee, if I conducted a poll and asked twice as many Republicans as Democrats the same questions, maybe I'd get a different response... As NewsBusters points out, the CBS poll was not exactly fair...

BTW, I'm wondering why they care so much about Bush's approval rating? Is he running for reelection? No, but maybe he should... Live up to his reputation as a wannabe facsist and pull another FDR...

On a more serious note -- one thing I most admire about Bush is his apparent lack of caring about polls and the media. Do you really want your commander in chief to make decisions regarding our security and future based on the poll of the week? Or do you want him to stick with decisions based on fact and principal?

Tuesday Randomness

Did anyone see "24" last night? Great episode. (Spoilers ahead so don't read if you've TiVo'd and haven't seen it yet.)

I've been waiting for like, what. Two weeks? for Samwise Gamgee to get booted for being a moron...and last night he got booted! Section 112 or some such for being a paranoid lunatic asshat. Wait 'till they find out that he lost his security badge!

My next question is when will President Limpwrist get booted. I swear, every time I look at his rheumy, wimpy, weak-chinned face I think "that guy - who would look more like John Kerry in real life - could have been our President" and I shudder. I mean, the guy almost let his wife DIE as he sold out the Russian President and his wife to terrorists. The self same Russian President and wife that he just signed a treaty with. I hope he gets taken out. Maybe his wife (Jean Smart - LOVE her character) will lock him up in a mental hospital for the cajones-deficient and take over as President for the next couple of episodes. Hey, a girl can dream.

Of course Bauer was his usual kick-ass self, but it paled in comparison to the Gamgee/President Useless drama. (and IMAO thinks Agent Pierce stole the episode. I gotta agree, though, that scene with the motorcade and the flamethrower? Pierce *did* kick some terrorist butt.) Anyway. Great episode.


Paczkis. Can someone explain to me how they pack 600 calories into something so innocent and donut-looking? They CAN'T be that bad. Can they? Do you think the baby would like one? Or two? ::waddles off to see::

Liberals in our comments section. I love liberals. Seriously, I do. No really. Stop looking at me like that, I do. And when we first started this blog, we were really excited about the possibility of discussing topics with people that weren't of our political...uh...leanings.

Then we started actually getting some who would visit quite regularly. And that's where the head-scratching and eye-rolling started. I still love them, because heaven knows, the more they insist on being caricatures of tinfoil hat wearing lunatics the more even people like Pat Robertson look "moderate". But sometimes I honestly wonder where they're coming from. A quick "Google" search or even a simple matter of taking 30 seconds to think back and remember events from 4 years ago, and bam. Liberal argument proven to be so way out in left field as to be beyond ridiculous. Go ahead. Sift through our comments on any given post and I promise you you'll be scratching your head and rolling your eyes, too. Fun stuff.


Driving in Michigan. Good lord it's like Frogger every day. You have to read the other drivers' minds practically to see if you can tell what they're going to do next. "No, there's no WAY that guy's going to try to turn in front of....HEY!!" *slamming on brakes* Or, "I see the guy has his turn signal on, so I'll slow down for him...oh wait. Old guy. The left turn signal has probably been on since he drove it off the lot in 1972." (no offense to old guys out there...and to be honest, sometimes I'm mortified to realize *I* have left my turn signal on for like 17 miles or so) And then there's the people who think the one car length you've left between you and the car ahead of you is specifically for them to use. That one's classic.


That's about it for me - I don't have the patience or the heart to post anything else. Well, other than Bush praising the demise of the MSM and stuff. That's kind of cool and funny at the same time.


Addition: Here's a lovely shortcut to the DUmp for those of you that can stomach it. Every day there's a new thread highlighted here for our amusement.

** Speaking of the DUmp, can someone (preferably a liberal) explain to me the "chicken hawk" schtick? I'm probably just slow, but I don't understand the logic behind the "can't support the war if you aren't serving" argument. If it can be considered an argument, that is. So are you not allowed to then PROTEST a war you haven't served in? Or does it only work one way? I'm confused.

Okay, I'm off to see about a few Paczkis. What? They're for the baby. Can't argue with the "boss"...

Monday, February 27

Fight Ignorance. Smack a Liberal.

Saw that on a bumper sticker over the weekend and just thought it was great! I want one!

So who are the top liberals we'd like to smack?

Cindy Sheehan
(click for her latest lunatic ravings on Fox. h/t Expose The Left)

Jimmy Carter
Hillary Clinton
John Kerry
Alec Baldwin
Harry Belafonte
Chuck Schumer
Carl Levin
Debbie Stab-me-now
A good sample of college professors
George Clooney
Sean Penn
The Spurs (uh...they're not really "libs" per se, but we want to smack them anyway. Dang them to heck for taking the championship from us...)
Tim Robbins

Random people in the lobby of the NY Times
(click for latest treasonous activity - they're now urging foreign leaders not to help us...no, I'm not kidding. h/t: RightWingSparkle)

Oh, and here's a beautiful photo just to anger liberals...their two favorite people!!

Monday Randomness

I was deeply distrubed over the weekend to hear about the death of 81-year-old actor, Don Knotts. We should demand to know why he died on FRIDAY, but the public was not informed until SATURDAY! To me, this speaks to the Knotts family's penchant for secracy and deserves a full investigation. It should also remain a top media story for at least three weeks. How can anyone think about national security or domestic issues until this vital question has been properly addressed?

In other news... I have a younger brother who attends Western Michigan U. and was asking him about his classes the other day. One of his classes is called "Global Studies" and he acknowledged that it's not much more than a Bush-bashing frenzy. In another class (I think it's some type of social science class, can't remember the name), his prof. informed him that children in America are no longer allowed to say the pledge of allegience in school anymore. We got in a big argument about this one, in which I pointed out Mr. Newdow's failure on that issue and attempted to convince him that his prof. was a liberal whack-job who was wrong about this. He's also taking U.S. History, 1865-present... I'm scared to think what he's learning in that class... And if his economics prof. is anything like the others, heaven help the future of our capitalist system...

And for our Olympic roundup, the U.S. can be proud of its athletes. This year, they finished second only to Germany in medals. Was pretty disappointed in NBC's coverage, though. If people didn't wake up and turn on the TV at 8:30 Sunday morning, they missed the gold medal hockey game. That was the highest-profile sport in the games (after figure skating), with professional athletes playing, and aside from the bronze game on Sat. afternoon and the U.S.-Sweden game the weekend before, we did not get to see ANY hockey! (unless we played hookie from work, which us good capatalists don't like to do...) Luckily, I did happen to catch the third period of the gold medal game --congrats to Sweden! In correction to my earlier post, there are FIVE Red Wings on Team Sweden and all three of their goals in the final game were scored by Red Wings. Let's hope that luck stays with those Swedes through the Stanley Cup playoffs...

Sunday, February 26

Sunday morning Pro-Life blogging...

One down, 49 to go, ya'll. I am heartened and encouraged by South Dakota's recent decision to ban abortions - with provisions for the mother's life. Hopefully this will get the ball rolling in other states as well.

The opposition is trotting out the usual "well what if the mother was raped? What if she's the victim of incest" arguments, of course. I don't understand - and never will - why it is that the baby should get capital punishment for something he/she didn't do. (this coming from the liberals who are supposedly against capital punishment for convicted felons...)

In this country, we have many options besides murder - including adoption. Adoption laws in this country have improved drastically, and the adoption agencies make the process easy and will walk through the process with the mother from start to finish. (I know, I explored that option with agencies like Bethany Christian Services among others)

In addition, giving your child (conceived by rape or incest) up for adoption instead of killing him or her doesn't add more post traumatic stress issues to the original trauma of the event that resulted in the pregnancy. Is adoption emotionally stressful? Of course. But at least the baby will be alive, raised in a loving family and not...well, dead - unable to ever have a life, realize his or her potential or make the world a better place by being in it.

The most ridiculous argument I've heard in favor of the disgusting "partial birth" abortion is protecting the mother. By the time "partial birth" abortions are performed, the baby is on its way out of the mother. By then, any risk to the mother's life is not an issue if she's carried it to term. Give me a break already.

Speaking of ridiculous (from the FoxNews article):

"If a woman who is raped becomes pregnant, the rapist would have the same rights to the child as the mother, said Krista Heeren-Graber, executive director of the South Dakota Network Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault.

"The idea the rapist could be in the child's life ... makes the woman very, very fearful. Sometimes they need to have choice"

That, ladies and gentlemen, is utter crap. There are many laws on the books in almost all of the states which would a) never give visitation the biological father if the child is a product of "criminal sexual acts". b) never give visitiation to the biological father if it is not in the best interest of the child. Most states automatically terminate the fathers "parental" rights in the case of criminal conduct.

Killing an innocent child is never okay. Ever. A baby's life isn't a "choice". It's a baby. A living, breathing, viable life - entitled to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" like everyone else.

More at Stop the ACLU and Amy Proctor.

UPDATE: Must-read post by a doctor regarding the partial birth abortion debate.

I searched the medical literature and found NO case where partial birth abortion was the ONLY alternative available and thus saved a mother's life. So I tried to imagine a hypothetical situation. I'm not an OBGYN, but I have been trained in obstestrics and I am licensed to deliver OB care. Given the success of C-section deliveries and advances in neonatal care, I can't think of a single scenario in which partial birth abortion would be the ONLY means to save someone's life. Maybe I'm wrong and I've simply overlooked something. But I honestly don't believe such a situation could arise. I also know that this procedure is absolutely horrific, bordering on barbaric. So here's one physician who hopes that the Supreme Court pays attention to medical testimony and decides to uphold any state-imposed ban on this procedure...it's simply not necessary.

Trolls, before you start screeching and throwing your tired old "we believe in killing babies" arguments, obscenities and insults - I am 7.5 months pregnant. I know what it means to have a life growing inside of me. I had the chance to abort my little girl, and I chose not to even though she wasn't "planned" and I was scared to death. So try to be a bit sensitive, okay? (I know I'm asking a lot, but I'm trying to appeal to the humanity I know is in there somewhere...)

Friday, February 24

NOW can we prosecute traitors?

The Anchoress asks "Is This Finally Treason?"

We say, "well, DUH...but it's not like anyone's going to do anything about it."
RAMSTEIN, Germany — Cindy Sheehan, mother of a soldier killed in Iraq and the woman who protested the war last summer outside President Bush’s Texas ranch, is scheduled to bring her anti-war message to U.S. military installations in Germany next month.

“[We’ve already heard] that Cindy Sheehan is like Hanoi Jane [Fonda] coming here,” said Elsa Rassbach, an event organizer with American Voices Abroad, which is supporting Sheehan’s trip.

But, she said, “We’re here to just democratically talk about U.S. policy.”

On March 11, protesters plan to walk from Landstuhl Regional Medical Center to a parking lot just outside Ramstein Air Base, where Sheehan will be at a “camp,” paying tribute to those who have died in the Iraq war.

“Cindy will be with us at Camp Casey Landstuhl/Ramstein to call attention to the fact that Germany is Europe’s logistical hub for the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and others threatening Iran and the Middle East,” according to an event flier. “Germany has the power to stop the further use of U.S. bases in Germany for illegal wars and criminal methods of warfare — the power and the right to just say no!”

Dear Mr. President,

Please bring back the Alien and Sedition acts.
Thank you.

The Detroit Conservababes

Rich people fighting is funny.

The Donald vs. Martha. I've never liked either of them frankly, but this feud between them is very entertaining. The Donald seems to me to be full of himself and has very gaudy taste in home design.

Martha? I've watched her show on TLC a few times and cringe at how rude and dismissive she is of her celebrity guests. Talk about "full of themselves"...she is the absolute caricature of a self-involved person. I won't get into the ImClone stock thing because the whole thing bored me to tears and therefore I don't know enough about it. But she annoys me to no end.

So when the two of them come to blows? Pop some popcorn and enjoy!

Here's the letter Donald wrote to Her Royal Martha-ness:
Dear Martha: It's about time you started taking responsibility for your failed version of The Apprentice. Your performance was terrible in that the show lacked mood, temperament and just about everything else a show needs for success. I knew it would fail as soon as I first saw it — and your low ratings bore me out.

Between your daughter, with her one word statements, your letter writing and, most importantly, your totally unconvincing demeanor, it never had a chance — much as your daytime show is not exactly setting records.

Despite this, I did nothing but positively promote you. Your only response to your failed show was that, "I thought that I was supposed to fire Donald Trump?" You knew this was not true — NBC would never fire me when The Apprentice was, for a good period of time, the #1 show on television and my recent finale, where I hired Randal, was the #2 show for the week, easily beating the competing finale of Amazing Race and others. Even Mark Burnett said, "Thank God that didn't happen" when asked about firing Donald Trump.

Essentially, you made this firing up just as you made up your sell order of ImClone. The only difference is — that was more obvious. Putting your show on the air was a mistake for everybody — especially NBC. In any event, my great loyalty to you has gone totally unappreciated.

Sincerely, Donald J. Trump.

p.s. Be careful or I will do a syndicated daytime show, perhaps called The Boardroom, and further destroy the meager ratings you already have!

Martha then went on her daughter's Sirius radio program and had a few (very un-classy) things of her own to say:
"He sent the letter to the press before he sent it to me," groused Martha, appearing on daughter , "Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer."

"A normal businessman doesn't really behave this way," Alexis concurred.

"Donald is not a normal businessman," said Martha, speaking from her office. "Remember Donald was born with a silver spoon in his mouth."

"Or up his a-," sniped Alexis.

"He's a spoiled brat," agreed Martha.

Money don't buy you class, ya'll!!

Are we done yet??

Update 2/24/06:

(Scroll below for the Sage's "What would Mother Sheehan do" post...but be warned, gratuitous SheBeast photo alert...)

Okay, I'm done talking about this. The UAE has agreed to delay the deal pending further investigation. Fine. Good. Super.

However, the more I hear Democrats pretending to give a hoot about our security the more I am in favor of this and frankly consider the deal a "non-issue".

This is a controversy specifically because Democrats are making it so. Period. I'm not going to suddenly trust everything coming out of the MSM just because I haven't formulated an opinion yet. Part of formulating that opinion will be concluded by doing what we always do - reading facts from all sources available - not just the news sources making a big deal about it.

I think as conservative bloggers, this is yet another chance to dig for the "rest of the story" (rip-off from Paul Harvey) and make it known. So until more information is known, I'm done talking about it.



Michelle Malkin makes a good point:
But there is a teachable moment here that shouldn't be missed. The tone-deafness of the White House is bad. The craven political opportunism of the Democrats is worse.

Political opportunism. Bet the Democrats never thought that coming out in FAVOR of US "Security" would make them look good and Bush look bad. Another interesting way of looking at this...?

More from Rush:
Now, in this case, if the UAE deal were to go through, the UAE is not going to staff it. We're not going to have imported Arabs working for the company. US law still will operate. There is not one port -- you say we've got to get back into port security. Where? The United States does not own one port, one dock where cargo is loaded or off-loaded in the world. There is not a US company in existence that does it, and when the British finish this deal, this is the last one they will own. Every dock, every port in the world where cargo is loaded for shipment to the United States is owned by a foreign country, and quite a few of them are owned by UAE. In Hong Kong, in China, in two or three other places. They are in this business. We don't own anything, but in our own country we do have laws and we do have our own safeguards, hiring practices, all this, none of that's going to change. We're not bringing over United Arab Emirate law. They are not allowed to do that. Just as the Supreme Court should not be looking to foreign law to determine US constitutional issues, we are not going to be importing United Arab Emirate customs or law if they were to get this deal, but nobody wants to hear this. Nobody wants to hear this, and I know why: You don't trust them.

Update: 2/22
This morning as I puttered around getting ready (preggo here passed out at 9:30pm and didn't even set the alarm. Thank God I have a very vigilant, furry, alarm clock that woke me up in time!), listening to Fox News as usual, the thought hit me: Why are the Democrats so opposed to this deal? These are the same Democrats that want to protect terrorists in our country from being discovered by screaming about "illegal wiretapping", call Gitmo a concentration camp, don't want us "racially profiling" at airports, have consistently taken the side of terrorists...on and on. So why, all of a sudden, are THEY "profiling" by coming out against an Arab company running ports in our country?

To add to the confusion, why is Jimmy Carter in FAVOR of it, siding with Bush? Isn't the hard and fast rule that if Jimmy Carter is in favor of a matter regarding foreign relations - it's wrong?

I have much respect for our President, as all of you know. I believe in him, and I know that he is an honest, good man who has done more for our security than ANY of the Democrats currently caterwauling about this UAE deal. I know that left to their own devices, or if we had Kerry or Algore as a President, we'd probably have been attacked again. However, I just can't get behind this and it suprises me.

When Bush talks about this company having been an ally in the war on terror and that they've "played by the rules" and have been very helpful in assisting in the liberation of Kuwait - all I can think of is Putin and Russia who we now suspect allegedly helped Saddam move his WMDs. Putin was our friend, too. Political worms turn quickly, however. I'm suprised Bush is willing to take that chance.

Amy Proctor has a very thoughtful post up on her blog - and she speaks my mind. She embellishes the "we're confused by the bi-partisan opposition, and the Carter support" issue. I guess there must be a few pieces of this puzzle we aren't privy to just yet. There HAS to be more to it than what we are being told.
There are two main trains of thought in this regard. One is the most obvious, that contracting port security to an Arab emirate has the potential to make US ports vulnerable to terrorism. The other, that the UAE is a trustworthy ally in the war against terror and has not given reason for doubt. What’s fully confusing is that the usual politically sure fire way of determining which side of an issue to take has been obliterated: Democrats suddenly care about national security in a convincing way, and without directly criticising the President (this from a party who blamed Pres. Bush for Hurricane Katrina). Republicans are joining with Democrats against the White House’s support of the contract, and most significantly the President seems willing to take a risk regarding national security.

Update: 2/21

I just don't get it.

As a matter of fact, I'm rather speechless for the first time in...well...some 20-odd years.
President Bush, a man I respect and feel much loyalty toward, has said perhaps one of the most infuriating things I've ever heard him say:
"After careful review by our government, I believe the transaction ought to go forward," Bush told reporters who had traveled with him on Air Force One to Washington. "I want those who are questioning it to step up and explain why all of a sudden a Middle Eastern company is held to a different standard than a Great British company. I am trying to conduct foreign policy now by saying to the people of the world, `We'll treat you fairly."

Let me get this straight, Mr. President. You are seriously, and with a straight face, comparing an Arab/Middle Eastern company with a British one. Yes? You honestly, sincerely don't see the difference between a British company and an Arab one? Do you know (of course you do) that the majority of the population of UAE is Muslim?

Remind me again of the ethnic/religious group that has attacked us over and over and over again. Catholic Britians? Christian Welsh? No. Middle Eastern muslims. Every. single. solitary. attack. on Americans. has been carrried out. by Muslims. Every one.

Am I saying all Muslims are bad? Heavens no. What I'm saying is that comparing a British company with a Muslim/Arab one and then looking innocently into the camera asking "what?" makes you look really really ridiculous, Mr. President.

But maybe I'm missing something.


If Jimmy Carter backs the Arab-owned port idea, it should be your FIRST clue that something's not right. As a conservative, I don't think ANYTHING I do or say or believe should be supported by Jimmy Carter. And if he does? I better rethink. And quick.
''The overall threat to the United States and security, I don't think it exists,'' Carter said on CNN's The Situation Room. ``I'm sure the president's done a good job with his subordinates to make sure this is not a threat.''
This is the same idiot that downplayed the threat of communism. (among other things)
Continuing on...

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Washington group that seeks to promote a positive image of Islam and Muslims, said some of the reaction smacks of prejudice.

''No one seems to be criticizing the company itself, but they're most concerned with the religion and ethnicity of its owners,'' said spokesman Ibrahim Hooper. ``It's what we have to deal with in the post-9/11 era.''

Gee, I wonder why. Could it be that some of the hijackers from 9/11 were affiliated with Arab Emirates? Could it be that this so-called "religion of peace" continually kills women and children without prejudice on a daily basis? That this "religion of peace" is responsible for killing 3,000 Americans on American soil?

When it comes to protecting our airports, we don't get to racially profile. But when it comes to protecting our ports? Suddenly it's priority #1.

Thursday, February 23

What would Cindy Do???

Has anyone heard from Cindy Sheehan lately? Because I don't feel comfortable making up my mind about this port controversy until I've heard what Ma Sheehan feels about the issue...

Let us know if you've heard anything...

Anyway, while we're looking for that, here's Ann Coulter's take on the situation... Can't say that she doesn't make some fair points here...

On the other hand, so does Rush and he's now supporting the port deal...

Just remember before making up your mind, this woman opposes the deal...

(sorry, couldn't resist --go wash your eyes out now)

Tuesday, February 21

Mental midgets with issues deciding the fate of our Detroit Zoo?

Can someone please explain this to me:
"The symbolism is that Detroit is a black city and that we’re unable to govern ourselves. So we need an overseer, the state legislature, or what have you, to step in and tell us what we must do and how to do it."
The common perception of Detroit is that it's a black city and we're unable to govern ourselves. (a well-earned perception, thank you, Kwame) So we need someone to step in and tell us what to do? That line of reasoning makes my head hurt.

She said she will not sign off on an operating agreement until it protects Detroit’s interests and the state should not try to force them with a funding deadline.

Protecting Detroit's interests would be keeping the goshdarn zoo OPEN. If the Zoological society is stepping in to help and is asking for a certain amount per year to keep it running - the appropriate answer is "okay, let's negotiate" not "no way we're giving you money unless we get some of the revenue". You don't make revenue if the zoo is closed. Am I right? Yes, I am.

"That ["forcing" the city to essentially turn over control to the zoological society or close] is a racist attitude. I resent it very much. I’m trying not to let it color my judgments, but we’re not a plantation, blacks aren’t owned by white folks anymore," said Collins.

Um...WHAT? This is a race issue...how?
If anyone wonders why a great city like Detroit is so ramshackle and hopeless...look to our fearless leaders who are stuck on stupid.

After browsing around Technorati, it appears that the Zoological society's offer to take over operations (not ownership) prompted the "race" comment. The perception by this particularly moronic individual (Colllins) is that the "man" is taking the zoo away from the "people".

Yes, the same Zoo that isn't even in the city of Detroit to begin with. It is situated smack-dab between lily-white Royal Oak to the north and equally lily-white Pleasant Ridge to the south. Bordered west by half jewish, half black Southfield and to the east by half Billy Bob and the Klan and half Boys Town Ferndale.

Don't have anything useful to say? Pull out the race card. Nobody will challenge you for fear of looking like a racist themselves.

Will the last person to leave Detroit please turn off the light?

Right in our backyard

Three men from Toledo, which is less than an hour south of New Fallujah, three American citizens of Arab decsent, were indicted for "terrorist activities."

Now, I'm not saying these men are guilty. They are American citizens (not terrorists picked up on a battle field) and will have their day in court.

But all I can say is that it's a good thing these American citizens had their communications with the Middle East via a computer.

If they had used cell phones and that's how we caught them, I'm sure the charges could have been thrown out in court since Bush's "domestic spying" is just a violation of our civil rights.

Yep, sure is a good thing they used a computer. Wouldn't want to rile up any Democrats to their defense --which is, of course more important than actually catching them and preventing attacks. We just have to be careful that no one's offended, remember.

Monday, February 20

New Racists, At it Again...

Bryant Gumble's views on the Winter Olympics aren't exactly favorable.

In fact his exact statement:

So try not to laugh when someone says these are the world’s greatest athletes, despite a paucity of blacks that makes the Winter Games look like a GOP convention.

Yes, Bryant, I'd like to see you ski down a mountain at 50 mph, or perhaps you'd like to show us your prowess on skates? Do you have any idea how difficult figure skating is?? You probably couldn't even stay balanced long enough to manage a short lift. And hockey's not a real sport? And don't even get me started on curling! (OK, that was a stretch...)

Seriously, though --your view is that if African Americans don't play it, then it's not a real sport? The sports played at the Winter Olympics originate from northern countries with very cold climates --Norway, Sweden, Switzerland... countries that traditionally don't have very many African immigrants. That doesn't mean African Americans can't excel in these sports, or that they're not "real" sports!

But just like the main stream African community in America, they try to exclude or belittle any African American involved. "Like the GOP?" Bryant says. Really? Well, yes in your treatment of them. If African Americans aren't following the party line and accepting everything Jesse Jackson says as gospel, then they're belittled by the African American community. Anyone playing in the Olympics doesn't count; those aren't real sports. Just like all African American Republicans are labled "Uncle Toms" or said to "act white." (No, maybe they're just smarter than you!)

So instead of watching this great competition and being proud to see history made with the first African American to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics, Bryant and his crew are just going to brush them off as playing an invalid sport...

(BTW- Shani has ties to the great state of Michigan: went to high school in Marquette and is currently taking summer classes with plans to graduate from Northern Michigan U.)

Bryant should hook up with Alec Baldwin to talk about what's wrong with this country; he certainly isn't helping anyone get anywhere with his attitude.

In addition: LaShawn Barber weighs in on Bryant's hypocrisy:
Having slept with white women while still married to his black wife (and mother of his children) of over 25 years and leaving her for a white woman, I guess Gumbel has the expertise to speak about the whiteness of things such as the Winter Olympics and GOP conventions.
* * * *

And for today's Olympic update... disappointing defeat for the U.S. w. hockey team --their lost to Sweden was the first loss either the U.S. or Canadian team had to anyone but each other in international competition. They're playing Finland for the Bronze right now... The U.S. men's team put out a better showing than I would've thought --a close 2-1 loss to Sweden yesterday. (Sweden had more Red Wings, what are you going to do?) Was pretty cool seeing six Wings out there --Chelios and Schneider on the U.S. team; Lidstron, Samuelsson, Zetterberg and Homer for Sweden. Oh, and I was surprised to discover last night that I actually like ice dancing! Yes, it's actually quite entertaining. And the American team of Belbin and Agosto is in 2nd place after the original dance segment last night... Pretty exciting stuff.

Happy President's day!

And it being Monday, I bring you...the HAPPY DANCE!

Play it loud!

In other news, David Limbaugh's new column is a must-read:
...Cheney's crime spree began with his appearance on the ticket with George Bush in 2000 when Bush's father's cronies on the Supreme Court divested the eminently stable Albert Gore of his entitlement to the presidency. It continued with Cheney's support for the 2003 military action against Iraq, his failure to march alongside pro-abortion activists and every other policy deviation the Bush administration has dared to make from the prescribed liberal line.

Cheney is also reviled because he doesn't kiss the feet of the narcissistic media scavengers who believe the First Amendment establishes them as royalty who must be catered to, fawned over and accorded immunity for their own abominable behavior.

These Old Media pariahs, like NBC's David Gregory, apparently believe their summary trial and conviction of Cheney, their accusatory and disrespectful tone toward White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan and their cloak of liberal righteousness in general qualify them for deferential treatment in return. They are aghast when Cheney chooses to be interviewed by Fox News' Brit Hume instead of facing the post-conviction firing squad -- not a truth-seeking inquiry -- by some malignant member of the Old Media.
It's worth the time to read it all.

Also, in other news, the MSM says it's the Republican's fault that they look stupid... (via RWN)

If they're talking about how they don't like the Bush Administration, they can't simply say something like, "Well, we just don't see eye on eye on what's good for America." No, instead they've got to go way over-the-top and accuse Bush of being a fascist who wants to turn America into a theocracy.

Same thing goes with this Cheney story. Cheney did make a big mistake, but the press can't be content to just play it straight. No, they've got to yell at Scott McCellan, treat the fact that the press wasn't informed until the next day like Watergate, and behave so badly that the guy WHO WAS SHOT actually felt compelled to apologize to Cheney for everything he "has had to go through this past week."

Then, what do we get from the liberals: "How did this turn out to be about us? It's got to be the fault of the Republicans!" Hey, guys, maybe the problem is just you. Have you ever thought of that?

The answer to that would be...no.

p.s. I think it was the Sage...or maybe it was Rush, can't remember, that said the reason why Cheney granted the exclusive interview to Fox/Brit Hume is because maybe - just maybe - Fox is the highest rated and most viewed cable news show in this country??

Saturday, February 18

Alec Baldwin: Idiot

Alec Baldwin has graced the Huffington Post with his vast and impressive understanding of all things stupid. Not that this is news, because we all know Monsieur Baldwin is a total waste of skin. But this latest...what. Screed? Brain fart? is staggering in its total lack of thought and reason.

So, I suppose the question is...what kind of civil trial will we see, or not see, between Cheney and Whittington? Whittington is certainly no stranger to a court room and to civil litigation. Will Cheney pay him off, preemptively? Will they go to court? I would imagine if a guy with a few beers in him shoots you in the face on a hunting trip, how could you turn down that opportunity?

Well, YOU may sue someone for an honest mistake, but Cheney and Whittington are friends. Whittington has said that what happened was a mistake. If a friend of mine accidentally shot me even after 13 martinis and a few tequila shots my first thought wouldn't be "sue". But maybe I'm just unenlightened and simple-minded.

What would Cheney do about the whole secrecy thing then?

What secrecy thing? They waited 16 hours. Relax, dude.

I mean, this is the guy that sicced Enron on Gray Davis and the state of California to embarrass Davis, trigger the recall and then watched Arnold Schwarzenegger become governor of California. (To this day, perhaps, still the low point in American political life.) Then Cheney covered it up. Cheney's the guy who told Libby to out Valerie Plame. The rumor I heard is that someone yelled, "Look out! Shooter!" and Cheney thought he said Scooter and fired in that general direction.

(oh, funny Alec. Alec made a funny. That...wasn't really funny. But he's writing his OWN material this time)

I thought that was Karl Rove that manipulated the Enron scandal to pave the way for the indictment of Martha Stewart so she could make a comeback and help Mrs. Rove with her creme brulees.

Cheney is a terrorist. He terrorizes our enemies abroad and innocent citizens here at home indiscriminately.

Name one "innocent citizen" who's been terrorized personally by Dick Cheney. One. I'll wait here.
And would you rather our government in general or our VP make nice and have creme brulees and port with our enemies abroad? Are you on drugs or have you been lobotomized lately, Mr. Baldwin?

Who ever thought Harry Whittington would be the answer to America's prayers. Finally, someone who might get that lying, thieving Cheney into a courtroom to answer some direct questions.

Or maybe Mr. Whittington will show the world what friendship, forgiveness and adult behavior looks like. Heaven knows we don't get that watching you Hollywood clowns...

More from Blogmeister USA.

Patrick at Clarity & Resolve puts it best:

I know that Baldwin's America is one he's convinced is filled with lots of people like himself with nothing better to do than shake their fists at anything Republican from a faux ivory tower, while shouting out dopey bumpersticker platitudes and sophmoric ad hominem smears.

In my America, however, we're not praying that we'll see Dick Cheney in a civil court to face his buddy over a regrettable hunting accident. We're looking for the more meaningful fulfillment of physical and financial security, protecting our freedom, and keeping our loved ones safe from the jihadi monsters that men like Cheney are so cruelly terrorizing abroad.

Friday, February 17

Pinko Lemming: Victim of Domestic Spying

I'm leaving this awful, imperial empire. Packing my bags right now --going to escape to Canada like so many brave Americans before me. But I cannot go before telling my story to the American people. I was a victim this time, but it could happen to anyone if we don't impeach the Usurper in the White House!

After escaping from The Sage's SUV, I made it to California and met up with some old friends I used to tour with. (we followed the Dead until Jerry died, then got really into Phish and Widespread Panic. This was during the period I was collecting welfare.) Anyway, so I was all happy chillin with Moonbeam, Sunshine, Clover and Phineas, among others, in their commune.

Somehow, the White House found out about my petition to impeach Bush. (My guess is that my stupid capitalist twin, The Sage, alerted them to it after I borrowed her credit card) Shortly after my arrival in California, I noticed some odd occurances with my cell phone. A certain beep when I would be talking to a friend... a suspicious wrong number that called TWICE... interesting static patterns... I was immediately on guard. And I can prove that George Bush was wiretapping my phone.

You see, after two weeks of this, our communal living house burned to the ground! Do you honestly think it was a coincidence that Karl Rove was spotted at JFK airport THE DAY BEFORE??? Clearly, the government was tapping my phone, heard about my petition to impeach this illigetimate president, heard me talking about his evil doings to my friends, and deciding to conveniently rid themselves of their little problem.

They are clearly modeling this domestic spying off of Hitler's pre-WWII Gestapo policy. When will the rest of America and the right-wing press wake up and realize that Bush IS Hitler reincarnated???

Well, unfortunately for Bush, I managed to escape the flames of his wrath. I convinced The Sage, my evil Republican twin, to buy me a plane ticket back to Michigan. (After all, if that capitalist pig were paying her fair share in taxes, she wouldn't have the extra money for extravagences like plane tickets. It's only fair that she share her money with me, since I don't have a job)

In the airport, both LAX and Detroit Metro, I was still experiencing that strange static on my cell phone. When, on the way back from Metro, I had ANOTHER call from that SAME wrong number, I began to worry. But, stupid me, I let the ignorant Sage convince me it was nothing. Later that night, when I was down at my friend's off 8 Mile picking up a bag, there was a drive by shooting! Bullets actually shattered the windows of the very house I was in!!! Luckily, no one was hit. But the shock of it all! I was terrified!

So remember, when you think that Bush is only talking about tapping the phones of people having overseas conversations with suspected al qaeda members --remember what happened to Pinko. For merely exercising my rights of free speech and starting a grass roots Impeach-the-Usurper movement, Bush sent Karl Rove out to Cali to burn the house down where I was staying, then sent Dick Cheney on that drive by for a second crack at me.

Oh, no! I hear my phone ringing! I'm not safe here!!! Oh, Canada, here I come!!!!!

Happy Friday!

Sorry for the very light posting of late. I have been remiss in my blogging duties, being distracted by life in general and work in specific. Life for me has taken a turn for the absolutely, completely and totally serendipitously fantastic and work is...well, work.

Not only that, but there happens to be nothing whatsoever in the news these days that inspires even the tiniest hiccup of a rant or a thought worth sharing. It's all so darn...predictable.

Even the "Saddam Tapes" that were being aired on ABC the other night held no mystery or intrigue. When I heard about them being aired I thought "yeah. okay. It's on ABC. How sanitized is it going to be." Well, apparently it was. Yawn. Suprise, suprise.

Watched CSI last night, of course, it being...well, Thursday and all. Did anyone else watch it? Did you catch the "pro-choicers are intelligent and cool and pro-lifers are whackjobs" spin? I was SO utterly disappointed. Not so much as to never watch it again, of course. But I was a bit put off by it. I'm sure its only a matter of time before CSI becomes another Law and Order - spitting liberal talking points left and right. But until that day comes, I'm still a loyal CSI: Miami (yes, Miami...David Caruso and all), New York, and Las Vegas devotee. So sue me.

Radioblogger has a transcript of an interview given by Hugh Hewitt with Helen Thomas that's pretty funny - if you haven't read it already, you should. Helen hangs up on Hugh. heh. Another good point was made today regarding the "Cheney didn't report the shooting for 16 hours how dare he what is he king or something?" kerfuffle: Why aren't the MSM outlets publishing the controversial cartoons that are causing so much bloodshed these days? Why aren't they rushing to get THAT out right away if they're so concerned with "informing the public immediately and thoroughly"?

Anyway, please forgive my (our?) general "meh"-ness and boredom with politics lately. I'm sure sometime soon someone is going to say or do something that makes me or the Sage go "HEY! I have something VERY important to say about that".

Have a terrific weekend!

p.s. Speaking of "predictable", I was at a restaurant with a friend last night. We were sitting at the bar area that had CSPAN on, and I asked my friend "Why is Richard Dreyfuss on CSPAN?" Why did I bother even asking?

Thursday, February 16

When it becomes predictable.

So when you can say "I know what the headlines are going to be tomorrow" and then you're RIGHT, does that mean it's time to just quit listening to the news and go look for something more unpredictable and interesting to write about?

I heard yesterday that Cheney was giving an exclusive interview to Fox News. I completely and totally understand why, since Fox seems to be the only news source left that isn't "stuck on stupid". The thought occurred to me "boy, the other news stations are going to be pissed. Not to mention the looney left - they're going to start screeching at the tops of their collective lungs about this". And guess what. I was right.

On CNN, commentator Jack Cafferty called the interview "a little bit like Bonnie interviewing Clyde. ... I mean, running over there to the Fox network -- talk about seeking a safe haven."

As opposed to...the other "objective" media sources that would have given a fair and balanced interview? Because as we know, the media is so conservatively biased that...oh, heck, I can't even finish that sentence.

So the VP is heartsick about wounding his friend, the MSM is salivating over trying to impeach the man, and libs everywhere are hoping Mr. Whittington - a fine man deserving of respect, with a family and friends and people who love him - dies so they can pursue manslaughter charges.

Any wonder why Cheney thinks it's of the utmost importance to be interviewed in a respectful, adult environment?

Speaking of liberals, idiots, and the MSM - we've compiled a short list of conspiracy theories about the accident. (had to go DUmpster Diving for this - after I publish this post I'll need to shower for about 3 days straight.)

1. the VP shot Mr. Whittington on purpose to pave the way for Condoleeza Rice to step in after the VP is impeached. (from Fox News)

2. It was an attempt to get Valerie Plame off the front pages. (what front pages?? You can't erase headlines from year-old copies of the New York Times...)

3. Mr. Cheney was drunk and that's why he didn't come forth with the news right away.

4. Mr. Whittington was shot on purpose to send a message to Scooter Libby for implicating Dick Cheney in the Valerie Plame case.

5. Dick Cheney is wealthy, therefore above the law. Oh, and he likes to shoot poor, defenseless, disoriented ducks with guns. It's only a small hop, skip, and a jump to shooting old men in the face.

...got any more? Let us know! We'll update this list throughout the day. I simply HAVE to get out of the DUmpster before any more brain cells die...and get in a shower. Stat.

UPDATE: Barking Moonbat has the Sooper Seekrit memo from Karl Rove outlining his brilliant Three Phase Plan - which starts with the "accidental" shooting incident. (This is highly classified information)

Wednesday, February 15

Olympic update

Love the winter Olympics --they're my favorite! And, as usual, the U.S. is living up to our reputation --tied with Germany for third overall in medals, though we do have the most gold medals (5).

As a former hockey player myself, was also glad to see that a little trash talking in w. hockey is making headlines... esp. coming from Ruggiero, who hails from the Detroit area. If you've followed this at all, w. hockey debuted in the Olympics in 1998 with the U.S. stealing the gold from a heavily favored Canadian team. But in the last Olympics, the U.S. was favored and arguably the better team. I believe they all came down with the flu or something and Canada managed to steal the gold back from us. The rivalry is there and it should be a great finals game this year.

As for the men's hockey, I think I'll have to route for team Red Wings... I mean, Sweden. Unfortunately, don't think the U.S. has much of a chance this year...

Caught the men's short program (figure skating) last night and saw the most ridiculous feature story on Johnny Wier. (who apparently thinks it's cool to wear old USSR garb while representing the U.S. at the Olympics...) In the feature, Wier spent about 20 minutes talking about himself and something (one could only infer he meant his sexual orientation) that he said "republican type people" would disapprove of. He followed up with a lot of "I say screw it" type statements about his "critics." There were also many glamor shots of him making serious faces, him laying on the couch, etc. He finished it by stating that he's not a diva. (after the most self-absorbed segment I've ever seen! But remember, he's no "diva.") Of course he's not a diva, because divas are usually popular and I guarantee that no one except figure skating fans knows or cares who Wier is. Furthermore, since only figure skating fans know him, I seriously doubt any of them (even the republicans) care if he's gay. (how could you even watch men's figure skating if their sexual orientation distrubed you?) It's a shame, because he's a beautiful skater, gave a great performance that landed him in second place after the short program, and is the U.S. team's best hope for a medal. But after that feature, I now hate the guy!

Anyway, looking forward to the rest of the games this week and next.

Let's hear it for the good old U.S.A.!!!!!!!

Shot happens...

Especially buckshot. When you're quail hunting. I think from now on whenever Dick Cheney is being harassed by the media or some liberal he should just generously extend an invitation to go hunting. An all expenses paid trip to hunt quail and discuss the "issues". That oughta be the last word, no?

I heard about this when I was on vacation and thought "IT WAS AN ACCIDENT". Accidents happen. That's why they are called "accidents" and not "onpurposes". For pete's sake. And now the NYT (natch) and other media outlets are speculating...nay DROOLING about the prospect of getting Cheney for manslaughter if Whittington dies.

Just when I think the media and liberals have reached the bottom, they sink lower.

Anyway, enough about all that. I have a lot of reading and ranting to catch up on.

More later, ya'll! Hope you had a fantastic Valentine's weekend!

Tuesday, February 14

Goring Crazy

We all knew that Algore was a little unbalanced after inventing the internet... he had the whole crazy in Europe beard thing, he thinks global warming will make the world end in ten years, etc.

Recently, he demonstrated the actions former Democratic presidential candidates apparently find acceptable with a speech he gave in Saudi Arabia about U.S. "abuses..."

Just remember when you go to the polls next election, this man could have been our president! Scary.

Wish I had time to vent about what I really think of Algore. Since I don't, Rush sums up my thoughts pretty well...

These are the utterances, the mad utterances, of an irresponsible, angry and bizarre human being who happens to have born in America. "A Democrat in good standing" is about the best thing that you could say about him, but I'm beginning to wonder if there's not some mental instability going on here since this 2000 defeat of his. He's just really been a candidate for the little yellow bus and the men in the white coats. So he "laments US abuses against Arabs." Let me tell you what I lament, Al Gore. I lament all these ads like MoveOn.org and Americans Coming Together comparing our president to Adolf Hitler. I lament Dick Durbin comparing our troops to Nazis, to "Soviets and their gulags" and to Pol Pot. I lament liberals saying that the Bush family fortune is rooted in Nazi blood money.

I resent and lament the fact that Howard Dean says John Ashcroft is a descendant of Joseph McCarthy, and Ted Kennedy saying shamefully, "We now learn that Saddam's torture chambers reopened under new management, US management." I lament these kinds of things, Al Gore, and I lament you saying that America routinely and terribly abuses Arabs since 9/11. I lament the New York Times portraying the American military as employing torture as standard practice. I lament Democrats declaring as a fact that President Bush deliberately lied to Americans and the world about the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq as an excuse to take over that country to control their oil. And I lament liberals claiming President Bush knew of the 9/11 attacks in advance and let them happen to give him an excuse to go to war in Iraq to bolster his presidency -- and I could go on and on and on.

Al Gore and the Democrats have lied purposely and repeatedly, and they have deceived about why we've gone at war, and how we've conducted the war. They have lied about our military during a time of war for political gain on their part. They accomplished this hopefully by smearing our troops and their commander-in-chief, during a time of war. The Democratic Party's treatment of great American institutions is what I lament, and yet here's Al Gore, over in Jedda in Saudi Arabia, telling lies. In the midst of all of this Islamofascist rioting that's going on all over the world, the last thing that these people need is to be fueled with more gasoline thrown on the fire, and yet leave it to Al Gore to go do just that in Saudi Arabia. I guess this is what Al Gore defines as patriotic and responsible free speech, but to me it is just indefensible and reprehensible at the same time.

Friday, February 10

Whereabouts are them Conservababe Chicks??

As of today, ya'll probably won't be hearing from me, Patriotette, until Wednesday or Thursday of next week. I'm leaving tomorrow for a nice leisurely vacation - somewhere WARM, thank you very much.

Sage is out galivanting about the country and I'm frankly not sure when she's coming back but when she does, she'll be back with a vengeance, I'm sure.

Happy Valentine's day everyone!!


Thursday, February 9

Howie Dean, the gift that keeps on giving...

Alternate title: When Liberals Go After The Weakest Links in Their Own Party...it's really entertaining.

Is Dean an Easy Mark?

Howie "Screamin'" Dean went on Good Morning America and compared President Bush to the President of Iran. Yup.

But that's not the best part.
The DNC chair engaged in a fast paced interview with ABC host Charlie Gibson, and again was trumped by a morning talk show host. When Gibson asked Dean to explain why the Democrats were perceived as being weak on national defense, Dean first argued that they weren't.

He then said President Bush was the one that was weak on defense and that "(The White House) has a great propaganda machine, but the fact is - they haven't delivered on American security."

Charlie Gibson then pointed out that a poll showed that 64% of Americans believe that the country is a stronger country now as opposed to before 9/11, and noted that stat was "game, set and match," for the Republicans.

Dean again argued that America is not safer and said he didn't believe the poll and the interview deteriorated into the Bush/Iran comparison.

Gibson seem to toy with Dean similar to what Katie Couric did to the DNC Chair two weeks ago.

The message from the morning talking heads seems to be - give us someone better to represent the Democratic Party than the left fringe folks like Howard Dean.

Or perhaps they enjoy hammering away at an easy target like Howard Dean as they know will say something foolish in every interview.


Speaking of "Left Fringe Folks" and "Easy Targets"...Cindy Sheehan's got a whopping 6 bids on E-bay!!

Go, Cindy, Go!!

Wednesday, February 8

Appalling and despicable

Update 2/8: I thought this was all exaggerated. Having not listened much to the news these last few days I thought, "Oh, it can't be all that bad". Then this morning, I realized "yeah, it was that bad". I'm absolutely at a loss as to why Coretta Scott King's funeral was an okay time (in the libs' minds) to bash Bush. Where in their diseased brains did they find the chutzpah to insult the President while standing next to the casket of a dead woman?

The news this morning was showing exerpts of the various speeches, and from what I heard, Bush was his usual classy self and didn't play into the partisan crap going on around him. Yes, these lowlife scumbags were insulting this great President while he was in. the. room.

From FrontPage Magazine this morning:

Yesterday’s spectacle is perhaps the Left’s most disturbing recurring motif in recent times: profaning the sacred, specifically the dead. Democratic Party hacks turned Paul Wellstone’s memorial service on October 29, 2002, into a raucous political rally for Walter Mondale. Ron Reagan Jr. – who historically had a strained relationship with his father – cheapened his Republican father’s funeral by taking a shot at George W. Bush, saying his father “never made the fatal mistake of so many politicians: wearing his faith on his sleeve to gain political advantage…he accepted [his presidency] as a responsibility, not a mandate. And there is a profound difference.” One wag replied by saying, “Reagan wore his religion on his sleeve all the time!” Still, every conservative resisted the temptation to urge the election year mourners to “win one for the Gipper.” The Left knows nothing of this restraint (nor, observing their views on the sexual revolution and drug use, of any other kind of restraint).

Interesting backstory about the "Rev." Joseph Lowery who spoke up yesterday as well:

[Coretta Scott King] deplored the terror inflicted by our smart bombs on missions way afar. We know now that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction over there. But Coretta knew, and we know, that there are weapons of misdirection right down here. For war, billions more, but no more for the poor!
Apparently this person is buddy buddy with some seriously nasty people. (Moammar Quadafi, anyone?)

And they wonder why they lose elections...

LaShawn Barber says "Shame on all of us". This is probably the first time I've disagreed with her on something.
Nothing is “sacred” or off-limits anymore. In my mind, funerals should be dignified and respectful services to honor the life of the deceased and help family and friends say goodbye, not political events. But the King family turned it into one, and bloggers became participants in the sideshow by adding to the partisanship. In my opinion, bloggers were just as disrespectful as the family and the politicians.
"Adding to the partisanship"? How can a blogger "add" to the sideshow? In my opinion, we're simply shining a spotlight on their inappropriate behavior and expressing our outrage. Thoughts?

2/7/06: And all at a funeral, no less

So Jimmy Carter thinks RFK trying to wiretap MLK to smear his reputation and break up his marriage is comprable to monitoring calls of people in America talking to suspected al qaeda terrorists.

Well, at any rate, I'm sure glad they brought this up at Coretta's funeral. They really did a service to her memory. I'm sure she was smiling down upon them from Heaven, feeling very honored.

Tuesday, February 7

Standing behind the cartoon...

In case you didn't catch O'Reilly's talking points last night, he makes a good point about this culture of violence by some Muslims around the world, the threat we face from them, and our weakness/unwillingness to take a stand against this...

(scroll down on Michelle Malkin's site to view the cartoons that started yet more rioting in the Islamic world)

What point do you think that cartoonist was trying to make by connecting Mohammed and a bomb? Hmmm... Muslims around the world reacted violently to this cartoon (4 months after it was published, mind you), other Muslims think it's OK to blow themselves (or send their childrent to blow themselves) up to kill as many Israelis as they can, Muslims flew planes into the Towers and Pentagon, they blew up some subway stations in London and a night club in Bali... Oh, and most think all Jews should die and Isreal has no right to exist (and it's not just some fringe fanatics that think this, it's a pretty common belief in the Middle East).

This behavior certainly leads us non-Muslims to view Islam as a somewhat violent religion.

Can you imagine if Republicans attacked the DNC every time an offensive cartoon was published about them???

Or, on a more serious note, how about if Isrealies attacked buildings and rioted and killed people every time something offensive to them appeared in an Arab publication?

Is anyone seeing the double standard here??? There have been many works of "art" and other critisms of Christians, but do you see them rioting because of it??

Make no mistake, I'm not trying to say that this cartoon was in good taste. But isn't that why we have freedom of speech? Freedom of the press? I stand behind the cartoon. Because believe me, I've seen things much more offensive to me to come out of Europe, the Middle East, or the NY Times. Regardless of whether you're offended, if you believe in freedom of speech, you've got to let this stuff go. You can voice your disapproval, but violence is not acceptable. This is the message that we in the Western world should be sending.

Now to the message of the cartoon-- Leaders and terrorists in many Islamic countries are facists. And they use things like this cartoon to incite this violent behavior in their citizens. Let's consider their motivation... many believe armageddon will happen in their lifetime, and apparently they're trying to speed that up... They hate Jews and they hate Western culture. They seek our death and destruction.

Make no mistake-- this IS a religious war we're in here. Their goal is our destruction. And if we don't stop arguing amongst ourselves about "domestic spying" and Bush "lying" about WMDs and wake up and realize who our real enemies our, WWIII will be upon us before we know it. The Middle East is a powder keg. We need to stick together if we want to difuse it before it's too late.

Oh, and here's another whacko tenured college professor... this one, a supposed intellectual!, denies the existance of the Holocost.

This hateful thought is more widespread than people here want to acknowledge. We ignored Hitler for almost a decade, too --remember that.

Monday, February 6

Congrats to the Steelers...

...and to Detroit!

Wow, what a weekend and what a game. First ever 6th seed to even make it to the Bowl, let alone win. It was a good, close game, too. The Steelers didn't start off too hot, but they sure did finish!

Detroit deserves a lot of credit, too. Everything ran smoothly, people had fun, and I don't know too many stadiums out there better than Ford Field. Both Saturday night going downtown and heading down there for the game, there was essentially no traffic and parked in the garage attached to the RenCen for $14. You can't beat that! (A lot of people took advantage of the shuttles, which made driving a breeze) And we got snow! Finally a little winter for our "winter blast." It was so great to see people walking around downtown, too --that's not a normal occurance. But everything was cleaned up very nicely, the spotlights shining out from the Ren Cen looked especially cool lighting up all of the snow, Woodward was closed downtown for all of the tents they had set up for beer, taste fest, kids games, etc., the ice rink was a big hit, the bars were all packed... oh, and open til 4 a.m. Detroit should be very proud of what we've pulled off here for this major event.

I definitely felt like I was in Pittsburgh, though. The town was crawling with Steelers fans and as you saw on TV, it looked like a home crowd at the game, too. Sat next to some Steelers fans and they even let me swing their Terrible Towel to celebrate! Wow, what an experience. Hope we can do it again after Florida's had their three years...

The Killer Death Flu from Hell

Good morning and happy Monday to you all. Yours truly here has picked up the dreaded KDFH, or the Killer Death Flu from Hell. Which is especially fun in my current "condition" because I'm not allowed to take anything like...oh, antihistimes or anything. (update: yes, I can, says El Doctoro. But I don't have any Sudafed or Robitussin in my medicine cabinet. I'll look for something heavy and blunt instead)

So. If posting is light to nonexistent today, it's because, well, I'm dying.

Congratulations, Steelers! (the Sage is traveling today, so that's for her)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Friday, February 3

Happy Friday!

More good news about the economy the Libs want you to ignore...

And it looks like the "culture of corruption" is extending to the Dem's top dog in the senate...
oh, my...

TV/Celebrity Blogging: I had the unfortunate timing to flip over to some stupid NBC sitcom called "Three Kings" or some such. The exchange I happened to catch is three of the characters castigating one of the characters for being a "republican". (with the appropriate amount of sneering and aghast-ness). I was going to blog about that and NBC in particular as blatant offenders of "liberal values = good, conservative values = bad", but Dr. Helen beat me to it. (via Instapundit)

Also click on over to Michelle Malkin for breathtaking, borderline treasonous activity by Gary Busey and Billy Zane...

Everyone enjoy watching the big game this weekend -- Go Steelers!!!

Thursday, February 2

The Wisdom of Pinko Lemming

Hello, evil republicans. Allow me to introduce myself --I am Pinko Lemming, the evil Sage's Liberal twin. Oh, you didn't know The Sage had a liberal twin? Yeah, I'll bet there's a lot you don't know about The Sage. She usually keeps me chained up in the back of her SUV, but tonight I've broken free and hacked into her computer. (She says I can sit in the back seat, but I wouldn't dare. The seats are LEATHER!) She treats me terribly; I often feel no better off than a poor freedom fighter detained at Gitmo. Sometimes she subjects me to cruel and unusual torture --like when she blasts that self-declared Bush-loving Uncle Tom, 50 Cent! (I intend on filing a lawsuit for the pain and suffering with the ACLU directly after finishing this blog.)

There was a time when I was proud to be an American --when our troops pulled out of Vietnam to give Pol Pot free reign and nobody criticized us for spitting on returning veterans. Ah, those were the days --hangin' with my girl, Jane Fonda! Then that stupid, bumbling idiot, Reagan came along and lowered my taxes. I quit my job and collected welfare for 12 years in protest. And do you think I benefited from any of Reagan's tax cuts then? No, the wealthiest 1% were benefiting, but when I was on welfare, I didn't get any tax breaks! He also took away all my fun waiting in line for gas and put an end to that grand experiment in the U.S.S.R.

Why did he have to build up American strength and optimism? Everyone knew our evil system of capitalism and existing in a republican democracy wasn't working! After all the bad things Americans did in the past since our founders came over from Europe for the express purpose of killing the Native Americans and stealing their land --didn't we think it would catch up to us in the end? Do we really deserve to be the world's lone super power? Of course we don't!

Things have just gotten worse and worse since then. But at least when Clinton was president we were still ignoring the terro--I mean freedom fighters and our philandering commander in chief was liked by all those cultured Europeans!

Now we have George W. Bush (oh, I cringe even just writing the name!), who we all know is worse than Hitler, Mussolini, Bin Laden, Saddam, Pol Pot and Joseph Stalin combined! But I don't have time to get into Bush's plantations and gulags right now.

What disturbs me is how much this right wing media and our representatives in Congress are giving Bush a free pass on. Of course, they're taking him to task about lying us into the Iraq War and thinking as an elected commander in chief he should get to choose his own supreme court nominees, but there's still so much more that we simply can't let him continue to get away with. I'm confident that once you've read my below list, you'll sign my petition to impeach this two-time illegitimate president!

Pinko Lemming's List of Top Twenty Things we Should be Blaming Bush For:

20. Rising obesity levels among America's children
19. Bird flu
18. Authorizing Karl Rove to use his wind and weather making machine to steer Hurricane Katrina toward New Orleans, as well as the current draught in the southwest
17. Last year's NHL lockout
16. World climate change
15. The Great Depression
14. Hillary Clinton's early years on an Illinois plantation
13. The groundhog seeing his shadow yesterday
12. Nick and Jessica's break-up
11. The traffic jam on The Sage's way to work this morning
10. The Iranian hostage crisis and Jimmy Carter's poor peanut crop of the same year (coincidence? I think not)
9. Shooting J.R.
8. The Colts' disappointing post season
7. Brokeback Mountain's failure to win any SAG awards
6. Cindy Sheehan's romantic troubles with her girlfriend
5. Failing to strengthen relations with our comrades in Venezuela
4. Chris Penn's untimely death (Come on! You know he had Rove off him to get back at Sean!)
3. The Democrats' inability to come up with any new initiative since Hillary's failure to socialize health care
2. Ted Kennedy's most recent hangover
1. Making Al Qaeda mad at us

Click here to sign my petition to impeach this illegitimate president!!

New House Majority Leader.

Just see if you can say his name out loud without giggling like a 12 year old.


So normally I'd be remiss to post a link to something from the Dump, but this is actually hilarious...

It's their list of the top 10 conservative "idiots"

Now, given the chance, I'm sure DP and I could come up with 10 very unique liberal idiots. In fact, limiting to 10 would be tough.

But these libs couldn't think of more than 5 unique conservatives. (well, if you count the 2 "Bush Administrations" with the five "President Bushes,", I guess that's only 4 unique conservatives)

I was rolling reading this. It's hilarious! I wonder if they realize yet that Bush isn't running in '06 or '08. And I wonder if they realize that hating Bush isn't an agenda. It doesn't exactly get anything positive accomplished for our country.

Mark my words, though, as they did in '04, I'm sure the majority of Americans will realize that on election day when they're trying valiantly to remember the specifics of the Dems' "better way."

Hindsight is not wisdom and second-guessing is not a strategy
-George W. Bush

Photo of the day

I won't post the actual photo here without any preamble or warning - go to Lucianne.com and see it for yourself. If you dare. (scroll down about halfway)

Just glance at it quickly, then look away.

Conservababes are not responsible for any seizures, blindness, or numbness of extremities as a result of viewing such foulness...

New Fallujah no more?

Rush Limbaugh his very self was on WJR this morning (Detroit AM talk-radio station) laughing about how he coined the term "New Fallujah" and how he vows not to use it any more. Apparently, "New Fallujah" is in reference to Auburn Hills where the Pistons/Pacers brawl took place, not Detroit proper, like we thought.

How very sad. We're going to have to change our name!

And how very embarassing that we can't get the nickname of our own city right. Perhaps we should brainstorm another name for Detroit? Although I feel New Fallujah is appropriate - and you would too, if you've ever seen certain areas - or have visited Dearborn lately.

Thank you to Rush, though, for praising our city and apologizing if he's offended anyone. Hey, at least he didn't stick his foot in his mouth like Jimmy Kimmel!

We forgive you, Rush. Now hurry up and give us another nickname, will ya?

Wednesday, February 1

Pre-Super Bowl Blogging: Another Reason...

...to root for the Steelers.

Jerome Bettis isn't the only D-troit native back in town for the game.

BTW- The Sage just found out she's going to the game!!!!!!!!!!
(Though the only celebrity I hope to run into is Condi)

And the BS just rolls off his tongue...

I can't wait to hear Lurch's nuanced explanation of this major idiotic bungle...