Thursday, April 10

It all starts tonight!

Well, technically, it started last night, but tonight the Wings have their first playoff game and they feel confident they have the depth and know what it takes to make a great playoff run this year. I agree, though that won't stop my nerves. (Wings fans still have nightmares about past years we've won the Presidents' Trophey...)

Last night the playoffs kicked off with Pittsburgh soundly beating Ottawa 4-0. Colorado beat Minnesota in OT. The NY Rangers also whooped NJ (ha!) and (ha, ha, ha!) the teal-clad Sharks lost 3-2 to Calgary.

Tonight, in addition to Detroit v. Nashville, Boston ventures to Montreal, Dallas takes on the (formerly Mighty) Ducks, and somehow San Jose and Calgary have another game. (back-to-back games should not happen in the playoffs! Just reason 1,632 why Gary Bettman should be tarred and feathered!) Philly and D.C. don't start until tomorrow. Click here for the complete Round 1 schedule.

All in all - some GREAT match-ups!! This has to be the most exciting start to the playoffs in a long, long time. Three Canadian teams, plus some old cross town rivalries like NY-NJ and Boston-Montreal. Should be a great run!

Go Wings!!!

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