Thursday, February 16

When it becomes predictable.

So when you can say "I know what the headlines are going to be tomorrow" and then you're RIGHT, does that mean it's time to just quit listening to the news and go look for something more unpredictable and interesting to write about?

I heard yesterday that Cheney was giving an exclusive interview to Fox News. I completely and totally understand why, since Fox seems to be the only news source left that isn't "stuck on stupid". The thought occurred to me "boy, the other news stations are going to be pissed. Not to mention the looney left - they're going to start screeching at the tops of their collective lungs about this". And guess what. I was right.

On CNN, commentator Jack Cafferty called the interview "a little bit like Bonnie interviewing Clyde. ... I mean, running over there to the Fox network -- talk about seeking a safe haven."

As opposed to...the other "objective" media sources that would have given a fair and balanced interview? Because as we know, the media is so conservatively biased that...oh, heck, I can't even finish that sentence.

So the VP is heartsick about wounding his friend, the MSM is salivating over trying to impeach the man, and libs everywhere are hoping Mr. Whittington - a fine man deserving of respect, with a family and friends and people who love him - dies so they can pursue manslaughter charges.

Any wonder why Cheney thinks it's of the utmost importance to be interviewed in a respectful, adult environment?

Speaking of liberals, idiots, and the MSM - we've compiled a short list of conspiracy theories about the accident. (had to go DUmpster Diving for this - after I publish this post I'll need to shower for about 3 days straight.)

1. the VP shot Mr. Whittington on purpose to pave the way for Condoleeza Rice to step in after the VP is impeached. (from Fox News)

2. It was an attempt to get Valerie Plame off the front pages. (what front pages?? You can't erase headlines from year-old copies of the New York Times...)

3. Mr. Cheney was drunk and that's why he didn't come forth with the news right away.

4. Mr. Whittington was shot on purpose to send a message to Scooter Libby for implicating Dick Cheney in the Valerie Plame case.

5. Dick Cheney is wealthy, therefore above the law. Oh, and he likes to shoot poor, defenseless, disoriented ducks with guns. It's only a small hop, skip, and a jump to shooting old men in the face. any more? Let us know! We'll update this list throughout the day. I simply HAVE to get out of the DUmpster before any more brain cells die...and get in a shower. Stat.

UPDATE: Barking Moonbat has the Sooper Seekrit memo from Karl Rove outlining his brilliant Three Phase Plan - which starts with the "accidental" shooting incident. (This is highly classified information)

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