Friday, May 2

May in the D

Is getting off to a good start - as you'd know if you watched Sportscenter recently. They couldn't ignore the D after last night's dominance.

The Wings swept the Avs with an 8-2 win. (that's our hockey team, not our baseball team) Johan Franzen ("The Mule") had another hat trick, breaking an old Gordie Howe team record for most points in a playoff series, and setting an NHL record for most goals in a four-game series. He took all of the attention away from Datsyuk's playmaker (3 assists in one game). As Mickey Redmond would say, the Wings "had their way with them" last night. The Wings will do that sometimes; they're that good. Bring on Dallas!!!

The Pistons also finished their series in commanding fashion, beating the 'Sixers by over 20 points. Can everyone say Deeeeeeeeeetroit Baaaaaaasketbaaaaalllllll!!!

And the Tigers swept their 3-game series at Yankee Stadium for the first time since 1966! (Who's your Tiger?)

Yep; it's a good time to be a Detroit sports fan.

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