Wednesday, May 7


This is the most exciting news I've heard in weeks.

Granted, I've pretty much signed off on politics for the playoff season. It's just too depressing contemplating our pathetic pool of Republican candidates out there. (Did anyone hear John McCain saying last week that he can't wait to bring back his Kennedy amnesty bill if he's elected prez? Between that and his global warming concerns, I'm surprised more Democrats aren't falling in line with their favorite little maverick! If only he'd talk about more tax cuts he wouldn't vote for...)

But I digress. I've long said that hockey's popularity in the U.S. would double if espn had someone like Don Cherry and now they will!!! Don Cherry himself- on espn news, Sportscenter, etc. While he's not a Wings fan (he's understandably partial to Canadian players and we're so Euro), he's still the man. Can't wait to see the new wardrobe he'll break out for his espn debut this Friday...

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