Monday, April 14

The Real Barak...

Has everyone heard the elitist beliefs Barak Obama espoused late last week? When he said that many Americans "cling" to guns and RELIGION because of frustrations over lost jobs, etc. (Sorry Barak, but I think both guns and religion have been around a lot longer than this recent recession affecting states like Pennsylvania! I wonder what made people so religious before they became so frusterated over the troubled economy...?) Slowly, the Obamas are revealing who they really are: Elitist liberals who have been perfectly comfortable for 20 years listening to the hateful rhetoric of their American-loathing reverend Wright; Harvard/Yale grads who for the first time in their lives are "proud" of their country.

It's not surprising after these condescending remarks that Hilla the Hun has taken a 20 point lead in the PA polls!

Speaking of Hillary - despite her inability to tell the truth for two days in a row, I'll admit I'm really enjoying watching her on the campaign trail. To observe a woman so driven, so desparate to win at any cost! It's a matter of - dear lord, what will she do next? Shots of Crown Royal and beer, apparently! People seem to be making a big deal that it was Canadian whiskey (she should have went for the Jack!), but I think it's fitting. She's such a big fan of their health care system... (BTW- she handled that shot like a pro!)

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