Tuesday, November 20

Holiday Week Updates

Here's some news to add to the holiday cheer - more evidence that the surge is working. Most surprising is that this story comes from the NY Times...

In other news - finally, something Republicans and Democrats can agree on: Congress stinks.

God bless and good luck to anyone traveling for the holidays this week...

And in local news...

The cops will be worse than usual this holiday week - find out where they are and avoid. (or, ya know, just wear your seatbelt and don't speed -but what fun is that??)

Also - I know this is a couple years old now, but how exciting is it that we actually have a tree downtown Detroit? You know --like a real city... AND an outdoor ice rink - and we're not talking some little pond like Rockefeller center - you can move at this rink!

And don't forget about Rochester's Lagniappe - one of my favorite nights - and the 'Big Bright Light Show' that lasts from Lagniappe through New Year's...

And despite our jaded contemputous love for our team, Green Bay better look out this Thursday! GO LIONS!!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving.
Eat meat.

Love, the Conservababes

Monday, November 19

Carr Retires

We all knew Lloyd has been planning this since before the season started - and it's about time!! Yes, he saw Michigan through some good times (early in his career, with players he didn't recruit...), but Appalachain State? Losing to Ohio 4 years in a row?? (That game was PAINFUL just to watch, I can only imagine how Henne and Hart were feeling) The most conservative, boring - and need I add ineffective - play-calling in, um, 13 years? He took us to a lot of bowl games, that we lost...

Anyway, Lloyd's a good guy, I wish him all the best. Thanks for the memories. Oh, Les? Can we talk??

Friday, November 16


...Kicking Ohio State's nuts since 1897.

OK, they may have won the last three, but they've got about 20 more to win before they start to even up the record.

espn's picking those rabid, nut-loving inbreds to win, but what do they know? They can take their gold pants and shove them up their grubby noses.


Thursday, November 15

How the other half lives...

I know in this P.C. world we're supposed to respect everyone's culture, etc. (unless you're a white Christian, of course). But this is bullsh*t. Where are the human rights activists? Why are there more (and more active) members of a group going crazy about fur coats (um, nice warm, lovely fur coats) than the abuse against women around the world? Disgusting.

Tuesday, November 13

Boss Clinton Muscles through the crowd...

Or at least her staff does, planting friendly questions for her.

It's kind of funny, until you think she might actually be our president... I don't think this strategy would work with other countries. She might actually have to make a real decision or give a real answer some day - scary!

Then there's the debates - she apparently expects to be treated like a friendly guest on Larry King or something... According to DRUDGE:

CNN's Wolf Blitzer has been warned not to focus Thursday's Dem debate on Hillary. 'This campaign is about issues, not on who we can bring down and destroy,' top Clinton insider explains. 'Blitzer should not go down to the levels of character attack and pull 'a Russert.'' Blitzer is set to moderate debate from Vegas, with questions also being posed by Suzanne Malveaux...

Monday, November 12


I was almost starting to like Huckabee, then I saw this...

ALL taxes are bad. When you have a Republican willing to accept or agree with a tax, no matter what it's for, that betokens bad things down the future. What other principals will they be willing to compromise??

Friday, November 9

Hollywood, Befuddled

If you want another example of how out-of-touch Hollywood is to mainstream America...

Listen to what Hollywood and their friends in the MSM attribute the abysmal failure of anti-war Iraq/post 9-11 movies to:

"These movies have to be entertaining," Harris told AFP. "You can't just take a movie and make it anti-war or anti-torture and expect to draw people in.... And it's just too close to home. The Vietnam war movies didn't start until long after the war was over."

"But here for the first time you're seeing things that you're reading about in the newspaper or seeing on television in movie theatres. I'm not sure that's something that people want. A lot of people go to the movies to escape."


According to Gitesh Pandya, an analyst with website boxofficeguru.com, cinema-goers were unenthusiastic about spending money for movies about subjects they see on television at no cost.


<>Veteran television producer Steven Bochco, whose 2005 television series "Over There" about a platoon of soldiers fighting in Iraq ended after just one season, said it was hard to engage audiences in a "hugely unpopular war."

"TV is fully saturated with this war and I don't know if you can do a serious drama about this war and locate any angle that would overcome the negativity about it," he told the New York daily Newsday.

Iraq films remain a difficult sell for audiences because of the swirl of confusion surrounding the rights and wrongs of the conflict, he added.

You know, WWII was pretty 'close to home' as well, but people still went to see those movies during the war years. Maybe they were more successful because in those movies, Americans were protrayed as the GOOD GUYS. Just a thought.

Oh, and as far as that 'swirl of confusion' - maybe a movie about the pick-your-thousandth Iraqi girl saved by an American soldier story would have been a bigger draw than a film about a token atrocity??? Ya think???


Monday, November 5

Shocked and Awed

The Lions - the Detroit Lions - have a 6-2 record. They stomped all over Denver yesterday, 44-7. Second best record in the NFC? I still can't really believe it - Album really captures the mood of the city in this article. We want to be excited, we want to be happy, but... we can't. We're too scared. We might make a playoff game? But that hasn't happened in over 10 years... We might win a playoff game? But that hasn't happened in... well, maybe before I was born. Dare we get our hopes up? This is the LIONS weren't talking about!

Friday, November 2

Bumper Sticker of the Week

Saw this on the back of a pickup earlier today. It's sort of mean, but not in comparison to what you see on little Priuses, etc.

Guns kill people like spoons made Rosie O'Donnell fat

Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 1

Democrat Debate - Out of this World

In some of the less frightening questions/answers in Tuesday night's Democrat presidential debate, Kucinich discusses the time he saw a UFO. Not to be outdone, Richardson admonished the government to "come clean" about Roswell. (At least in Richardson's defense, he could be said to just be helping his state's tourist industry...) Shockingly, I was unable to find much coverage of this subject in the MSM...

Mrs. Bill Clinton had the roughest time - unlike all of her interviews with friendly media members, her opposition actually called her out for her wavering non-answers to some of the questions. (Though despite the wavering cover-up she tried to pull later, she did still say that Gov. Spitzer's idea to give illegal aliens NY drivers licenses was a good idea...)

Apparently, Hillary fans unaccostomed to seeing her asked any questions compelling a straight answer were upset by the debate:

One caller from Oklahoma City said that “the questions … were designed to incite a brawl,” and that Russert’s and Brian Williams’s moderating was “an abdication of journalistic responsibility.”

Another said Russert “should be shot,” before quickly adding that she shouldn’t say that on a conference call.

Should be shot? That's a little harsh, though it wouldn't be the first time the Clintons were suspected of bumping off those who go in their way...