Wednesday, February 15

Olympic update

Love the winter Olympics --they're my favorite! And, as usual, the U.S. is living up to our reputation --tied with Germany for third overall in medals, though we do have the most gold medals (5).

As a former hockey player myself, was also glad to see that a little trash talking in w. hockey is making headlines... esp. coming from Ruggiero, who hails from the Detroit area. If you've followed this at all, w. hockey debuted in the Olympics in 1998 with the U.S. stealing the gold from a heavily favored Canadian team. But in the last Olympics, the U.S. was favored and arguably the better team. I believe they all came down with the flu or something and Canada managed to steal the gold back from us. The rivalry is there and it should be a great finals game this year.

As for the men's hockey, I think I'll have to route for team Red Wings... I mean, Sweden. Unfortunately, don't think the U.S. has much of a chance this year...

Caught the men's short program (figure skating) last night and saw the most ridiculous feature story on Johnny Wier. (who apparently thinks it's cool to wear old USSR garb while representing the U.S. at the Olympics...) In the feature, Wier spent about 20 minutes talking about himself and something (one could only infer he meant his sexual orientation) that he said "republican type people" would disapprove of. He followed up with a lot of "I say screw it" type statements about his "critics." There were also many glamor shots of him making serious faces, him laying on the couch, etc. He finished it by stating that he's not a diva. (after the most self-absorbed segment I've ever seen! But remember, he's no "diva.") Of course he's not a diva, because divas are usually popular and I guarantee that no one except figure skating fans knows or cares who Wier is. Furthermore, since only figure skating fans know him, I seriously doubt any of them (even the republicans) care if he's gay. (how could you even watch men's figure skating if their sexual orientation distrubed you?) It's a shame, because he's a beautiful skater, gave a great performance that landed him in second place after the short program, and is the U.S. team's best hope for a medal. But after that feature, I now hate the guy!

Anyway, looking forward to the rest of the games this week and next.

Let's hear it for the good old U.S.A.!!!!!!!

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