Monday, February 20

New Racists, At it Again...

Bryant Gumble's views on the Winter Olympics aren't exactly favorable.

In fact his exact statement:

So try not to laugh when someone says these are the world’s greatest athletes, despite a paucity of blacks that makes the Winter Games look like a GOP convention.

Yes, Bryant, I'd like to see you ski down a mountain at 50 mph, or perhaps you'd like to show us your prowess on skates? Do you have any idea how difficult figure skating is?? You probably couldn't even stay balanced long enough to manage a short lift. And hockey's not a real sport? And don't even get me started on curling! (OK, that was a stretch...)

Seriously, though --your view is that if African Americans don't play it, then it's not a real sport? The sports played at the Winter Olympics originate from northern countries with very cold climates --Norway, Sweden, Switzerland... countries that traditionally don't have very many African immigrants. That doesn't mean African Americans can't excel in these sports, or that they're not "real" sports!

But just like the main stream African community in America, they try to exclude or belittle any African American involved. "Like the GOP?" Bryant says. Really? Well, yes in your treatment of them. If African Americans aren't following the party line and accepting everything Jesse Jackson says as gospel, then they're belittled by the African American community. Anyone playing in the Olympics doesn't count; those aren't real sports. Just like all African American Republicans are labled "Uncle Toms" or said to "act white." (No, maybe they're just smarter than you!)

So instead of watching this great competition and being proud to see history made with the first African American to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics, Bryant and his crew are just going to brush them off as playing an invalid sport...

(BTW- Shani has ties to the great state of Michigan: went to high school in Marquette and is currently taking summer classes with plans to graduate from Northern Michigan U.)

Bryant should hook up with Alec Baldwin to talk about what's wrong with this country; he certainly isn't helping anyone get anywhere with his attitude.

In addition: LaShawn Barber weighs in on Bryant's hypocrisy:
Having slept with white women while still married to his black wife (and mother of his children) of over 25 years and leaving her for a white woman, I guess Gumbel has the expertise to speak about the whiteness of things such as the Winter Olympics and GOP conventions.
* * * *

And for today's Olympic update... disappointing defeat for the U.S. w. hockey team --their lost to Sweden was the first loss either the U.S. or Canadian team had to anyone but each other in international competition. They're playing Finland for the Bronze right now... The U.S. men's team put out a better showing than I would've thought --a close 2-1 loss to Sweden yesterday. (Sweden had more Red Wings, what are you going to do?) Was pretty cool seeing six Wings out there --Chelios and Schneider on the U.S. team; Lidstron, Samuelsson, Zetterberg and Homer for Sweden. Oh, and I was surprised to discover last night that I actually like ice dancing! Yes, it's actually quite entertaining. And the American team of Belbin and Agosto is in 2nd place after the original dance segment last night... Pretty exciting stuff.

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