Thursday, February 2


So normally I'd be remiss to post a link to something from the Dump, but this is actually hilarious...

It's their list of the top 10 conservative "idiots"

Now, given the chance, I'm sure DP and I could come up with 10 very unique liberal idiots. In fact, limiting to 10 would be tough.

But these libs couldn't think of more than 5 unique conservatives. (well, if you count the 2 "Bush Administrations" with the five "President Bushes,", I guess that's only 4 unique conservatives)

I was rolling reading this. It's hilarious! I wonder if they realize yet that Bush isn't running in '06 or '08. And I wonder if they realize that hating Bush isn't an agenda. It doesn't exactly get anything positive accomplished for our country.

Mark my words, though, as they did in '04, I'm sure the majority of Americans will realize that on election day when they're trying valiantly to remember the specifics of the Dems' "better way."

Hindsight is not wisdom and second-guessing is not a strategy
-George W. Bush

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