Wednesday, February 15

Shot happens...

Especially buckshot. When you're quail hunting. I think from now on whenever Dick Cheney is being harassed by the media or some liberal he should just generously extend an invitation to go hunting. An all expenses paid trip to hunt quail and discuss the "issues". That oughta be the last word, no?

I heard about this when I was on vacation and thought "IT WAS AN ACCIDENT". Accidents happen. That's why they are called "accidents" and not "onpurposes". For pete's sake. And now the NYT (natch) and other media outlets are speculating...nay DROOLING about the prospect of getting Cheney for manslaughter if Whittington dies.

Just when I think the media and liberals have reached the bottom, they sink lower.

Anyway, enough about all that. I have a lot of reading and ranting to catch up on.

More later, ya'll! Hope you had a fantastic Valentine's weekend!

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