Wednesday, March 1

For the last time.

I mean it. This is the very last time I will address the lies and stupidity frothing from the left in regards to the war on terror. I have received a few e-mails from raging lefties and have deigned to respond to some typical "War=bad" comments in the comments sections of various posts. I'm done now.

There should be a law from here on in that if we or if any other blogger or news source has debunked a lie more than 15 times we should be allowed to ignore it.

At least on this blog you cannot and will not repeat the same lies over and over in the hopes that maybe we'll forget and accept your oft repeated lies as truth just based on the sheer number of times you repeat it.

We have posted:
Here. ("Iraq War 101 by Professor Dubya")
Here. ("Iraq War 102 by Professor Amy Proctor" - many links here and much research went into this post by Ms. Proctor.)
and Here. ("Let's review for the 4,302nd time. We did the right thing." by the Sage)

Neither I nor the Sage will comment on this again. If you are unable to read and retain information or if you are hell-bent on accepting the lies being repeated as truth in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, then that's your problem...not ours. Please do not pollute our comments section any more with "Bush Lied, Iraq=Quagmire, Immoral War stuff. Mmm-kay?

Thank you.

p.s. this is directed at the loonier liberals who lurk here. Not - obviously - to our friends who visit and contribute positively and truthfully. :)

UPDATE: Of course, there are those of the "pseudo-intellectual" set that are so willfully and childishly ignorant as to post the following in our comments section not 2 hours after this post was published:

If the Republicans want to have a war, they should at least do everybody the favor of prosecuting it competently. Remember his "Top Gun" moment aboard the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln? (heh. Yep. See above. Man, Laura's a lucky woman... DP) And his famous taunt — "Bring 'em on" — to the insurgents in Iraq? His breathtaking arrogance is exceeded only by his incompetence. And that's the real problem. That's where you'll find the mind-boggling destructiveness of this regime, in its incompetence.

Ghost, if you read any of the links above you'd be very hard pressed to argue "incompetene". But like we said, we're not discussing it anymore...

Brent Scowcroft, the national security adviser for George H. W. Bush, counseled against the occupation of Iraq at the end of the first gulf war. He said, "At the minimum, we'd be an occupier in a hostile land. Our forces would be sniped at by guerrillas, and, once we were there, how would we get out?"Guess he was right...Scowcroft is a Republican by the way.

This same Scowcroft that said: In sum, if we will act in full awareness of the intimate interrelationship of the key issues in the region, keeping counterterrorism as our foremost priority, there is much potential for success across the entire range of our security interests--including Iraq. If we reject a comprehensive perspective, however, we put at risk our campaign against terrorism as well as stability and security in a vital region of the world.

George W. Bush had no such concerns. In fact, he joked about his failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Like a frat boy making cracks about a bad bet on a football game, Dubya displayed what he felt was a hilarious set of photos during a spoof that he performed at the annual dinner of the Radio and Television Correspondents Association in March 2004. The photos showed the president peering behind curtains and looking under furniture in the Oval Office for the missing weapons. (this poster posted this very screed - word for word - on another post's comment section on this blog. He's pretty low on material, bless his heart... and ps. lighten up, let it go. -DP) Mr. Bush offered mock captions for the photos, saying, "Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere." And, "Nope, no weapons over there, maybe under here."The fiasco in Iraq and the president's response to the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe were Mr. Bush's two most spectacular foul-ups. There have been many others.

Ghost, please show us, with links, how Bush is responsible for Katrina. Unless you've been living under a rock - which apparently you have been - even the MSM has conceded that perhaps it wasn't his fault.

If you read the whole thing, congratulations. If not...neither did I. Not on one sitting, anyway - I kept dozing off. Raise your hand if any of this is new or shocking or even remotely close to anything resembling truth? *crickets chirping*

(And I cannot believe I just used up space on this post to highlight this, but I felt it was worth sharing.)

All of this from a person who a) belongs to an anti-Republican webring and b) hasn't updated his site (with cartoon dragons spitting fire...?) since February 17th. Probably because he's too busy posting long, vacuous posts on ours and others' conservative websites.

Again, though, we're heartened by the liberal visitors we get - because as Ann Coulter says, "if you're not pissing them off, you're not doing it right".

p.s. searching one's screen name turns up all kinds of fun stuff. This "Ghost Dansing" character has been banned, schooled, and ignored by the best of the blogs out there (Anchoress, Political Teen, Expose the Left, Lucianne...among many others.). We're honored that he's chosen us as his latest hangout. Now if he'd just start making sense...

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