Wednesday, April 30

Kwame Khronicles

Kwame and Beatty's text messages have been released - click here to read them.

"April in the D"

That's the promotional name Fox Sports Detroit has given to the glorious month of April in Detroit. And it is finishing on a strong note.

Last night, the Wings took care of the Avs again, taking a 3-0 series lead.

The Pistons also beat the sixers yesterday and head back to Philly up 3 games to 2.

And don't forget our Tigers, who hung on to beat the Yankees last night.

Let's hope all of our great teams keep their winning ways!!

Did I mention that I love Pavel Datsyuk???

Monday, April 28

Don't Disrespect the Octopus!

Cory McLeod tried to hit a few fans at the Joe with a post-anthem octopus on Saturday.

Yeah, he found out what happens when you disrespect the octopus!

Go Wings!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 24

The $10,000 Tradition

Yep - $10,000 - that's the price mentally challenged NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has put on an octopus twirl.

Read ""'s take on "Eight More Reasons for Losing Bettman."

And please, even if you're not a Wings fan, sign the petition in protest of something so asinine!


Monday, April 14

The Real Barak...

Has everyone heard the elitist beliefs Barak Obama espoused late last week? When he said that many Americans "cling" to guns and RELIGION because of frustrations over lost jobs, etc. (Sorry Barak, but I think both guns and religion have been around a lot longer than this recent recession affecting states like Pennsylvania! I wonder what made people so religious before they became so frusterated over the troubled economy...?) Slowly, the Obamas are revealing who they really are: Elitist liberals who have been perfectly comfortable for 20 years listening to the hateful rhetoric of their American-loathing reverend Wright; Harvard/Yale grads who for the first time in their lives are "proud" of their country.

It's not surprising after these condescending remarks that Hilla the Hun has taken a 20 point lead in the PA polls!

Speaking of Hillary - despite her inability to tell the truth for two days in a row, I'll admit I'm really enjoying watching her on the campaign trail. To observe a woman so driven, so desparate to win at any cost! It's a matter of - dear lord, what will she do next? Shots of Crown Royal and beer, apparently! People seem to be making a big deal that it was Canadian whiskey (she should have went for the Jack!), but I think it's fitting. She's such a big fan of their health care system... (BTW- she handled that shot like a pro!)

Thursday, April 10

It all starts tonight!

Well, technically, it started last night, but tonight the Wings have their first playoff game and they feel confident they have the depth and know what it takes to make a great playoff run this year. I agree, though that won't stop my nerves. (Wings fans still have nightmares about past years we've won the Presidents' Trophey...)

Last night the playoffs kicked off with Pittsburgh soundly beating Ottawa 4-0. Colorado beat Minnesota in OT. The NY Rangers also whooped NJ (ha!) and (ha, ha, ha!) the teal-clad Sharks lost 3-2 to Calgary.

Tonight, in addition to Detroit v. Nashville, Boston ventures to Montreal, Dallas takes on the (formerly Mighty) Ducks, and somehow San Jose and Calgary have another game. (back-to-back games should not happen in the playoffs! Just reason 1,632 why Gary Bettman should be tarred and feathered!) Philly and D.C. don't start until tomorrow. Click here for the complete Round 1 schedule.

All in all - some GREAT match-ups!! This has to be the most exciting start to the playoffs in a long, long time. Three Canadian teams, plus some old cross town rivalries like NY-NJ and Boston-Montreal. Should be a great run!

Go Wings!!!

Frivolous, I know

Maybe Elton should worry more about these guys in Egypt than how awful Americans are for not loving Hilla the Hun. Won't vote for a woman? That's crap, Elton- give us the next Thatcher and I'm sure she'd beat any of our three candidates in a landslide!

(BTW- Another brilliant political move by Hillary! Bring someone high-profile in to bash your voters!! Good one!)

Monday, April 7

Clean Conscience

Alright, I'll stop denying it. I am a racist. Yep, that's right. I'm coming out and admitting it.

I am a racist because I was offended by that Absolut ad
I am a racist because I think immigrants should come here legally, even if they are Mexican
I am a racist because I think immigrants should learn to read, write and speak English and assimilate to American culture, just like my grandparents did
I am a racist because I don't think being black and handsome qualifies you to be president, even if you have been a U.S. senator for three whole years
I am a racist because I get upset when I hear people who enjoy every benefit of this country hate on it
I am a racist because I am proud of my country
I am a racist because I love my country
And, of course, I am a racist because I vote Republican

I am no longer going to cower in fear of some ignorant, America-hating liberal (even if they are a minority) calling me racist for my beliefs. Like Hank Reardon learned, they can only win if you let them, if you accept their premises.

Absolut Idiots

Have you seen that Absolut ad that ran in Mexico, showing much of the western U.S. as part of Mexico in an 'Absolut World.'

I love how much of the comments section is overwhelmed by liberal haters, but note the results of the poll - at the time I took it, 63.6% thought the ad an affront to Americans and plan to boycott the product.

I'm right there with them - don't insult your #1 marketplace, you Absolut Idiots!

Up to their old tricks again... Michigan State. When's the last time you heard of anyone being tear-gassed in Ann Arbor? But apparently, it's a source of pride at MSU...

Wibert said police tried to avoid the use of tear gas. "The hardcore ones wanted to be tear gassed, that's what it is," he told the Lansing State Journal at the scene. "Our guys were just taking too many bottles."

Wednesday, April 2

Why aren't Democrat Men Happy at Home???

There's Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, the replacement govenor of NY, Kwame Kilpatrick - and now we have the former EVP of the bankrupt Air America, Tom Athans. Athans was recently caught in a prostitution sting in Troy, MI. (that's a burb about 10 min. north of New Fallujah)

Sorry, I forgot to mention, Athans is also married to our very own senator Debbie Stabmenow-I mean, Stabenow. Maybe that explains a few things...

Tuesday, April 1

Happy Birthday, Mr. Hockey

I hope Gordie doesn't take offense I'm a day late with the well wishes... For those of you unfamiliar with Gordie Howe, he was one of the best hockey players to ever play the game. There are so many great Gordie stories - here are 10 complied by espn. (occasionally, they actually know what they're talking about pertaining to hockey)