Monday, February 20

Happy President's day!

And it being Monday, I bring you...the HAPPY DANCE!

Play it loud!

In other news, David Limbaugh's new column is a must-read:
...Cheney's crime spree began with his appearance on the ticket with George Bush in 2000 when Bush's father's cronies on the Supreme Court divested the eminently stable Albert Gore of his entitlement to the presidency. It continued with Cheney's support for the 2003 military action against Iraq, his failure to march alongside pro-abortion activists and every other policy deviation the Bush administration has dared to make from the prescribed liberal line.

Cheney is also reviled because he doesn't kiss the feet of the narcissistic media scavengers who believe the First Amendment establishes them as royalty who must be catered to, fawned over and accorded immunity for their own abominable behavior.

These Old Media pariahs, like NBC's David Gregory, apparently believe their summary trial and conviction of Cheney, their accusatory and disrespectful tone toward White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan and their cloak of liberal righteousness in general qualify them for deferential treatment in return. They are aghast when Cheney chooses to be interviewed by Fox News' Brit Hume instead of facing the post-conviction firing squad -- not a truth-seeking inquiry -- by some malignant member of the Old Media.
It's worth the time to read it all.

Also, in other news, the MSM says it's the Republican's fault that they look stupid... (via RWN)

If they're talking about how they don't like the Bush Administration, they can't simply say something like, "Well, we just don't see eye on eye on what's good for America." No, instead they've got to go way over-the-top and accuse Bush of being a fascist who wants to turn America into a theocracy.

Same thing goes with this Cheney story. Cheney did make a big mistake, but the press can't be content to just play it straight. No, they've got to yell at Scott McCellan, treat the fact that the press wasn't informed until the next day like Watergate, and behave so badly that the guy WHO WAS SHOT actually felt compelled to apologize to Cheney for everything he "has had to go through this past week."

Then, what do we get from the liberals: "How did this turn out to be about us? It's got to be the fault of the Republicans!" Hey, guys, maybe the problem is just you. Have you ever thought of that?

The answer to that would

p.s. I think it was the Sage...or maybe it was Rush, can't remember, that said the reason why Cheney granted the exclusive interview to Fox/Brit Hume is because maybe - just maybe - Fox is the highest rated and most viewed cable news show in this country??

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