Tuesday, May 29

Truth - From a Clinton???

Or a Rodham, at any rate. Hillary finally admits that she's a communist:

The Democratic senator said what the Bush administration touts as an "ownership society" really is an "on your own" [self-reliant, reaping the rewards of hard work, innovation, and skill/talent] society that has widened the gap between rich [people who pay taxes] and poor [people who don't pay taxes and want the taxpayers to pay for their benefits].

"I prefer a 'we're all in it together' [communist] society," she said. "I believe our government [dollars collected from hard working tax-payers] can once again work for all Americans [people who don't pay taxes/have not taken risks to achieve greater financial rewards on their own]. It can promote the great American tradition [translation not found; capitalism IS the tradition of America...] of opportunity for all [non taxpayers and bums] and special privileges for none [employers, economic stimulators, entrepreneurs]."

Wednesday, May 23

A Piece of Sh*t

That's what House minority leader John Boehner calls this latest McCain-Kennedy Amnesty - I mean "immigration" - bill.

Someone needs to ask McCain if he's running in the Republican or Democrat primary - I get confused...

And Bush- having to go to Democrats to get something passed? Well, Reagan got an amnesty bill passed, too - one of the only things I think he screwed up - it led to millions more pouring across our borders because it sent the message that you can do it and WE WON'T KICK YOU OUT.

What is the motivation for ANYONE to go through the Legal process, when we tell them ahead of time there will be no consequences for breaking the law?

It's illegal to steal - we'd really like you to return that necklace you stole. But if you decide to rob us again, that's OK, we won't prosecute you...

The idea goes against core Republican philosophy - we do not reward people for breaking the law. I don't care if they're Mexican, if they're green, purple or pink. What I do care about is that we have a country here and it has laws and if you want to live here, you should follow the laws just like I do. And you should have certain requirements to obtain citizenship to this great country. And we have NO OBLIGATION to accept every Tom, Dick and Harry, (or even every Jose, Guillermo, or Mamoud) that wants to live here.

This is ridiculous. Hasn't McCain learned anything from Bush? The last Republican-Kennedy team I can think of was the Bush-Kennedy education bill at the beginning of his first term. One minute they were shaking hands, the next Kennedy was blathering about what an evil liar Bush is. Yeah, he's a great one to work with! And so well-respected everywhere outside of Massachusetts! (Yes, that last line was meant to be sarcastic)

NewMax has a poll going to get your opinion - let's give Congress the message that this Amnesty bill is not acceptable.

Hockeytown Mourns

Great article by Mitch Album sums up the Wings playoff run, which ended last night with a flourish in our 4-3 loss to that team named after a Disney movie.

I was at the game Sunday and knew the season was over with that tying goal late in the 3rd that we gave up. Too many opportunities throughout this series that we just couldn't capitalize on.

It's a shame; we're used to winning Cups around here. Still, with our #2 and (supposed) #3 defensemen out with injuries, Bertuzzi still too out-of-shape/not-fully-recovered to make a difference, and that damned salary cap denying us our glory rosters of old, the Wings still made a great run of it. I'm proud of them, and willing to give them their props for a good season and a respectable finish. Mind you, next year I won't be so generous. I want another Cup.

Tuesday, May 22

Liberal Kook of the Week

This week's honors go to Madam Pelosi. Rather than deal with the tedium of trying to pass a troop funding bill for our soldiers in the field, she is going to tour a glacier. I'm sure Pelosi's glacial tour will result in the significant hindrance of "global warming," not to mention all of the benefits we, the American people, will see from her excursion... I just hope she brings her head scarf to stay warm.

Muslims in America - Are they in denial or are we?

Read about a recent PEW survey of American Muslims in the Free Press today - the findings were pretty scary. Sure, the Muslims here aren't as down with suicide bombings as they are in Europe and the rest of the world. But then there were these points:

Twenty-six percent of young Muslims living in the United States say suicide bombings in the defense of Islam can be justified

•Only one in four consider the U.S. war on terrorism a sincere attempt to curtail international terror. Only 40% said they believe Arab men carried out the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Wow- Um, didn't we all see the surveillence video? Don't we have their voices on record? How about the phone calls from the murdered passengers identifying the Muslim terrorists? (Yeah, and the Holocost was a myth, too...)

Then there's this one:

•Just over half [of those surveyed] said it has been harder being a U.S. Muslim since the 9/11 attacks, especially the better educated, higher income, more religious and young. Nearly a third of those who flew in the past year say they underwent extra screening because they are Muslim.

Here's my advice to Muslims living in the U.S. - If you don't want your life to be "harder" and you'd like to avoid some extra profiling, try following these simple steps:

-Acknowledge factual information, like who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks

-Teach your children it's not OK to strap a bomb to yourself and kill innocent people (yes, even innocent Israeli people)

-Instead of suing frightened airline passengers and whining about being profiled, start showing your outrage against Islamo-facsism

Until you do, I hope more than 1/3 of you undergo extra screening at our airports in the next year.

Monday, May 21


..for brains. Yes, I'm talking about Jimmah Carter. In a desperate attempt to make us forget the Iranian hostage crisis, the worst inflation rates in our history, and the newly-coined "stagflation"of his brief tenure in the White House, the peanut farmer is at it again. Yes, that's right, he's bashing our current president.

(On another note, what he had to say about Tony Blair was utterly insulting; Carter owes him an apology. I hope that none of our other world allies will let Carter's opinion of them sway their support for us ... ha!)

For the record, Jimmah Carter was the worst president of the 20th century. Yes, even worse than Nixon. (Admit, if Nixon had been a Democrat, the media outrage and consequences of Whitewater would have been about the same as the consequences for Sandy Berger stuffing classified documents down his pants.)

For Carter to say that the world view of America now is even close to as bad as it was during his pathetic time as our president is laughable, at best. Personally, it just leaves me with a great sense of malaise.

Friday, May 18

I knew it.

I asked my father the other day if he knew anything about Jerry Fallwell beside what's been written and talked about in the news. I asked him because I figure since the news media hated him so much, he MUST have been an admirable and honorable man.

Take, for example, Justice Clarence Thomas. Remember how the news media VILLIFIED him? The whole "Anita Hill" thing? Remember? Turns out that Anita Hill was a publicity hound, hell-bent on smearing the name of a good man. Oh, just read about it - you'll find what I'm talking about if you look in places other than the New York Times.

Or how about Joe McCarthy? Just hearing his name conjures up visions of dark-of-night secret meetings and the destruction of innocent actors and actresses lives and careers. Right? Well, I've come to realize that the villification of Mr. McCarthy was wrong, too. He was right, you know. Communists were in every corner of Hollywood and even in high-level offices of government. Don't believe me? Read "Witness" by Whittaker Chambers.

So. All of the above being true, I just knew that the Rev. Fallwell wasn't as bad as people in the media wanted us to believe. I was right. One source that confirmed my suspicions is the venerable Ann Coulter in her latest column.
Despite venomous attacks and overwhelming pressure to adopt the fashionable beliefs of cafe society, Falwell never wavered an inch in acknowledging Jesus before men. Luckily, Jesus' full sentence, quoted at the beginning of this column is: "All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved."

Regarding him being ridiculed about "outing" Tinky Winky:
Michael Musto of The Village Voice boasted that Tinky Winky was "out and proud," noting that it was "a great message to kids — not only that it's OK to be gay, but the importance of being well accessorized." All this appeared before Falwell made his first mention of Tinky Winky. After one year of the mainstream media laughing at having put one over on stupid bourgeois Americans by promoting a gay cartoon character in a TV show for children, when Falwell criticized the cartoon in February 1999, that same mainstream media howled with derision that Falwell thought a cartoon character could be gay.

Gee, you mean he didn't invent the gay Teletubbies character? You'd never know it from listening to the news. You mean his only crime that got him laughed at and hated was his strong, unwavering belief in God and the values of the Bible? He is remembered in the media as a raving nutjob because he wasn't PC and didn't just accept homosexuality without objection?

RIP, Rev. Fallwell. May there be many more men (and women) like you who are willing to be hated for Jesus' name sake, and who will remain firm in his (or her!) beliefs to the end.

Thursday, May 17

In Enemy Territory

That's right. I'm in Chicago this week. Can't wait to get out to a sports bar to cheer on our Pistons!!! Bout time to bring back that Deeeeeeetrrrroooiiit baaaasketballlll!!!! Put da Bulls out in their own building! I'm going to make lots of friends tonight...

Of course, finding a bar where I can also see the Wings game might be challenging. We have a great opportunity with Pronger out to take a more commanding lead in the series against that team from California that shouldn't be allowed to exist.

(Did everyone see Pronger's cheap shot on Homer in Game 3? I'm thinking (most indignantly) - isn't that why we got Bertuzzi!?!! Pronger should've been made to pay for that by more than a measely one game suspension - that might have discouraged similiar attacks on our key players going forward in the playoffs. Where is Eddie Shore? What happened to old time hockey??? What would Gordie say? I was appalled.)

UPDATE: The Wings never got it together, but our Pistons sure did!!! And I was reminded of something I realized when here for a Tigers-Cubs game last summer - half of this city is populated by transplants from Michigan. I think we should annex Chicago...

Wednesday, May 16

Neo-Fascism (a.k.a. Democrats)

First it was the "Fairness Doctrine," now Pelosi - who vowed for "civility" and an air of "bi-partisianship" when she took the helm of the House - has decided Republicans are no longer allowed to speak.

Is she 12? Does she really lack that much confidence that she cannot bear anyone disputing her? (yes! Democrats can never win on ideas and facts, only talking points, lying and cheating) She wants to change the House rules in place since 1822, apparently in a desparate ploy to distract people from her ineffective "leadership." It would be funny if it didn't reek so much of fascism.

Random quote from The View this morning...

"Martin Luther's eldest daughter died yesterday, very sad. In other news, Jerry Fallwell has died. Not as sad. Maybe sad for his family, but...whatever."

Guess who?

Yep. The View's resident idiot Rosie. If that was said about a dead democrat, people would be screeching in "outrage".

Why am I surprised.

Oh, and ps. I don't know much about the Rev. Fallwell, but since he's been villified in the media and is so hated by the left...I think he might just have been a great man. Much like Newt Gingrich. I thought he was a terrible person until I actually did some fact-finding on my own. Ditto Joe McCarthy.

The Fairness Doctrine?

Oh, boo-hoo. Poor Democrats can't win on principle so they are trying to cheat. Again. (or should I say "still"?)

This so-called "Fairness Doctrine" was ruled unconstitutional back in like 1985. It calls for equal airtime for opposing viewpoints - but it was found to stifle such debate and was overturned.

Check out this snort-worthy, sniveling article by Howard Fineman. See if you can read it without rolling your eyes.

Are you back? Are you smirking? Good.

Here are some outtakes:
As the ten Republican presidential candidates debate this week on their favorite cable network – Fox News... *snort* It's HARDLY our "favorite" lately. A bit out of touch, are we, Howie?

Talk radio has long been a crucial power base for conservatives and Republicans; local TV stations are not. Wait, I thought us big, bad Republicans owned ALL media. Isn't TV biased to the right? I'm confused.

One [goal of democrats] is to prod local broadcast television and radio stations to renew their atrophied commitment to producing and airing their own public affairs programming – shows that Democrats think would at least give them a chance to be heard... oh, boo HOO!! Like the Dems aren't "heard" in Hollywood, on all major news networks (yes, including our "favorite" Fox News), and in all major newspapers? Please.

The Democrats are moving carefully in public, but in private they fret at their lack of clout – and at what they see as a misuse of the public airwaves. Limbaugh’s rebuttal is simple: that Democrats and liberals just can’t make the sale in the marketplace. A misuse of public airwaves. Right. It's called meeting a demand, idiots. But then again, supply and demand is a capitalist ideal, not a socialist one, so perhaps they're unfamiliar. Al Franken tried with Air America and nobody listened. If the Dems just introduced someone who people wanted to listen to maybe they'd have a Rush of their own. They dominate on the TV news media and newspapers because we don't have a choice. On the radio, we have choices - thanks to Rush and Hannity and Ingram and Medved and the like. Even Fox News, which sometimes is a bit too much like its mainstream counterparts is highest in ratings - clobbering the other cable news networks in marketshare. Shouldn't that say anything?

Nugget of wisdom from Al Franken: “You shouldn’t be able to lie on the air,” he told me. “You can’t utter obscenities in a broadcast, so why should you be able to lie? You should be fined for lying.” Yes. Yes, you should. I agree completely.

If they take away Rush or Hannity or Coulter or Ingram I invision a backlash so fierce that even they won't be able to deal with it. See, they don't realize that they aren't the majority. Hollwood wants us to think we are the minority and they make fun of us, but the truth is, we are the majority. The dems win on some issues because they whine louder. They just can't whine loud enough to get this to fly.

Tuesday, May 15


But I thought people loooovvved the Democrats so much after moderate to conservatives in their party swung the balance of power in Congress back their way last November??? How is it, then, that Congress has a lower approval rating than Dubya??

Tuesday, May 8

Playoff Update

The Wings beat the Sharks 2-0 last night to advance to the Western Conference Finals. Sure the game might have been a little boring, but it got the job done. (Ironically, it was the reverse of Game 1 - this time the Wings scored 2 in the first period and hung onto the lead all game.)

Now we face the Ducks (formerly the Mighty Ducks, who in my opinion should not even exist, despite their attempt at credibility dropping the Disney-inspired full name). Of course most "experts" are picking the Ducks to win (haven't they learned anything???), but some of them are coming around.

Last round, I don't know what I was hoping for with Vancouver, but the rest of my picks were right on.

For the Conference Finals I'm picking the Wings in 6 and the Senators in 7.

On another note - can someone remind the Bulls that this is not the NIT tournament.

Monday, May 7

A Friendlier France???

Right wing (at least for France) candidate Nicolas Sarkozy beat out socialist Segelene Royal in the French presidential election yesterday.


Sarkozy's programme includes the abolition of tax on overtime, big cuts in inheritance tax, a law guaranteeing minimum service in transport strikes, and rules to oblige the unemployed to take up offered work.

The 52-year-old won the battle to be France's new generation leader in place of President Jacques Chirac with 53 percent of Sunday's vote against 47 percent for Royal, according to official results. The estimated turnout of 85 percent was the highest in 25 years.

Amazingly, Royal's campaign strategy of focusing on her credentials as a mother of four, a woman, and a feminist didn't sway French voters that she was competent to lead their nation. In fact, she didn't even get the majority of the female vote.

Sarkozy made no secret that he was friendly to America during the campaign or afterwards (as long as we do our part to fight global warming - well, we can't expect everything, can we??)

Does anyone else sense a trend here... Harper in Canada, Merkle in Germany, and now the conservative in France??

Friday, May 4

And the winner is... Fred Thompson???

Here's Peggy Noonan's review of last night's GOP debate.

Thursday, May 3

A good old-fashioned Wings comeback

SO glad I stayed up til 2:00 last night, even if I can hardly keep my eyes open or function now... After being down 2-0 (again), the Wings pulled off an amazing comeback. Homer scores with 5 seconds left in the second, giving us the mo going into the third period. For once a jinx went my way - with a minute left in the game I was yelling at Babcock through the TV - oh, sure, let's just put Lang out there - evidently we want to lose the game! Great move - let's just give up and throw Lang on the ice... and then Lang scored with 30 seconds left.

The Wings played a great game - they dominated the majority of that game and deserved to win. (shots on goal -49 for the Wings, 27 for the Sharks) We saw more puck control, hustle and plain hard work paying off. Hasek kept us in the game with some huge saves. The Sharks can say what they want about how they "blew it," but they plain got outplayed for most of the game and didn't deserve to win.

With about 5 minutes left in the first OT, San Jose took a penalty for clearing the puck over the glass in their end. (The reffs didn't want to give us the power play, but luckily they had no choice; I'm convinced they would have given the Sharks three more power plays before giving us one, but that's another story) The Sharks tried to clear their zone, Schneider jumps up to catch the puck, throws it down and takes the shot... and just like that, the series is tied 2-2. What a game!!! Go Wings!!!!

In other, totally unrelated news - congrats to our Flint Town hero, Lakisha - making American Idol's final four!

Wednesday, May 2

Europeans are fat, too

Apparently, Germans are the fattest, but 50% of ALL Europeans are overweight. You know what this means??? We're trendsetters! And they can't condescend to America about being fat anymore.

In other news, what is the obsession with Knut?? First I thought it was just Drudge, but then I saw a whole special on ABC about him. Aside from sharing a name with one of -if not THE- greatest football coaches of all time, I'm not sure where the craze stems from...

And how 'bout that nasty French socialist beeezzzatch? This Sarkozy guy is getting the Bush-treatment for daring to believe capitalism can take the lazy French out of their economic decline and unemployment woes... (Sacre bleu! He might make us work 38 hours a week??? Mon Dieu!!!)

As a tough Interior Minister until last month, the ambitious Mr Sarkozy earned the dislike of many young people — especially those from the immigrant ghettos. His doctrines of radical economic reform and individual responsibility — never before aired by a senior French politician — have been welcomed by many as a revolution, but cast by opponents as divisive, cruel and unFrench.

Ahhhh, the French! Good luck to Mr. Sarkozy and to France!

Do or Die

The Wings must win game 4 tonight in San Jose if they want to keep this series alive - luckily, Homer will be back in his office.

And I know it's a few days away, but everyone in the D is looking forward to round 2 of the NBA playoffs when Big Ben will be back in town to go up against his old team.

In other news - the Tigers had a good game last night; let's hope they can keep their streak alive...

Let's see.... what else is going on?? Didn't Dubya veto something yesterday???