Thursday, February 2

New Fallujah no more?

Rush Limbaugh his very self was on WJR this morning (Detroit AM talk-radio station) laughing about how he coined the term "New Fallujah" and how he vows not to use it any more. Apparently, "New Fallujah" is in reference to Auburn Hills where the Pistons/Pacers brawl took place, not Detroit proper, like we thought.

How very sad. We're going to have to change our name!

And how very embarassing that we can't get the nickname of our own city right. Perhaps we should brainstorm another name for Detroit? Although I feel New Fallujah is appropriate - and you would too, if you've ever seen certain areas - or have visited Dearborn lately.

Thank you to Rush, though, for praising our city and apologizing if he's offended anyone. Hey, at least he didn't stick his foot in his mouth like Jimmy Kimmel!

We forgive you, Rush. Now hurry up and give us another nickname, will ya?

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