Monday, October 30

Scarier than Devil's Night in the D

That would be the Dems in control of Congress. Here's a great WSJ editorial outlining the Dems' "Non-Contract with America." Be brave- this is a must read and consider, even if it is so spooky.

Reflections from the D

As we get past our disappointment here in the D that we don't get another victory parade for one of our teams, we have to remind ourselves that we just made it to the World Series. A team that was competing for the most losses of any season in baseball three years ago just played in the World Series. Props to the Tigers. We're proud of them --and can't wait to see them back next spring!!!

As to what happened, why we fell apart... It was the week off. Momentum is key in sports, so is not having a bunch of rookies and young players with a week off to think about how they're favored to win the World Series. They were under so much pressure and that's tough even for the most experienced veterans to contend with. I still think we're the better team. But congrats to the Cards; I'm sure we'll be seeing the Tigers back in the post season next year when they'll be more fired up than ever to win one for Leland.

On the plus side, the Lions did not lose this weekend.

Tuesday, October 24

Doooommm & Gloooom update

Maybe the Dems and their friends in the MSM have gotten a little too carried away lately about how "demorailized" the GOP base is. Dick Morris weighs in on how the upcoming election is now a "toss-up."

Friday, October 20

Who's Your Tiger?

Happy Friday. We finally know our opponents. The Cardinals (a familiar foe for the Tigers) will be in town this Saturday, hopefully ready to lose. The Super Bowl (no thanks to the Lions) and the World Series in the same year! Great time to be living in the D.

Thursday, October 19

Dow Day

The Dow closed above 12,000 today, breaking a new record. The economy keeps on rolling!

(Just not in Michigan, until after we boot Granholm)


It's not Halloween yet, folks. Seems all I've been hearing for the last month is wishful Democrat thinking that conservatives are demoralized and plan on staying home Nov. 7. Personally, I don't put much stock in a bunch of polls skewed toward Democrats. (We all know how reliable those polls were after we shocked the MSM by taking the last three elections...) We may not be thrilled with everything our Republicans have done in Congress, but do we really want to sit home and look forward to at least two years of Speaker Pelosi and tax increases? How about more wimpy foreign policy? Do we really want to sit home and watch a bunch of lying, unprincipaled socialists in disguise run our country? Even two years of that is two too many for me.

Let's review the last few years... Do you think we would have a Justice Allito or Roberts with Democrats controlling congress? How about Krazy Kim? Do you think he would have dropped all nuclear ambitions because the Democrats were screaming for bi-lateral talks? And what about the Freak of Iran and terrorists in Iraq and round the world -do you think they'd be trembling in fear and immediately ceasing all attack planning because the Democrats were in charge? Or do you think they'd be even more emboldened because our president and commander in chief was undergoing an impeachment process and being attacked even more viciously (if you can imagine that) than he's been the last 6 years... Well, at least we'd know their cell phone calls would be safe.

The choice is still clear. There's the party that thinks we're all a bunch of idiots (particularly those of us living between New York and California) and that we need a bigger government to take care of us, and there's the party that believes in the individual American. There's the party of tax increases and the party of tax cuts. There's the party that thinks just talking to your enemies and trying to understand them will keep us safe and there's the party that understands the threats we face and is doing something about it to keep us safe. There's the party that did nothing when the WTC was attacked in '93 and our embassies and the Cole were bombed, and there's the party that has routed the Taliban in Afganistan, has kept us safe from a terrorist attack since 9/11, has taken a brutal and terrorist supporting dictator in Iraq out, and is all that is now standing between a free ally in the Middle East and the surrounding, America/Israel hating, terrorist supporting despots that can't wait to move in and start running Iraq. (they're just waiting for that time table for withdrawal the Dems keep promising them...)

So what do you think --are you going to stay home on election day? Or do you still care as much about your country as you did in 2000, 2002, and 2004?

Monday, October 16

Countdown to the Election

UPDATE: Check out this "truth detector" article from the Free Press about the truth of some of the debate claims last night. Note the theme --things DeVos said were all "essentially correct," whereas Granholm's assertions can't be proven... Wish they had more of these! She may be smooth, but I'd rather go with the guy who's more truthful...

22 days until America votes; all polls indicate the Republicans have a tough rode ahead. Speaker Pelosi- are you ready for it?

Have you ever noticed when Democrats campaign everywhere but the Left Coast and New England, they try to sound like Republicans? Like Congressment Ford in Tennessee running for the Senate seat --all of a sudden, he's very Christian and supports guns. And notice, they're not having Pelosi campagne for anyone. Apparently, she doesn't appeal to most of America, but that won't stop them from making her Speaker Pelosi (as if she represented all the newly elected Dems that ran as a republican lite).

So what should we be prepared for? Tax increases, that's a given. An economic slowdown, thanks to those tax increases. Reduced revenues into the govnerment, thanks to the economic slowdown thanks to the tax increases. And don't expect the spending to let up anytime soon. Also, I wouldn't expect much to get passed by a Congress in Democrat control -they'll be too busy with their Bush impeachment hearings.

Not trying to scare anyone, just trying to motivate. Vote! And remind your friends and family of the consequences if we don't.

For those in Michigan - don't forget to check out the final debate tonight between DeVos and Granholm. Time to get a governor who understands business and can do something to turn our state economy around...

Speaking of Michigan. Do we really want that extreme liberal to continue representing our state in the Senate? Vote Bouchard!!!

Who's Your Tiger?

WORLD SERIES. The Tigers. Didn't think I'd see this any time soon. How bout that game Saturday? Bottom of the ninth, 2 outs, and Maggs with a walk off homer to sweep the A's and take us to the World Series. Talk about clutch --we've seen the Tigers do it all year. It all starts Saturday- just waiting on the two teams in that other, inferior leage to battle it out...

Friday, October 13

Ann's Take on Krazy Kim

Some humorous facts and points on North Korea, from our friend, Ann.


To go on TV and propose negotiating with North Korea like Clinton did without ever mentioning that North Korea cheated on that agreement before the ink was dry would be like denouncing American aggression against Japan in 1942 and neglecting to mention Pearl Harbor. Anyone who is either that stupid or that disingenuous should not be allowed on TV.

(How true is that??? Don't you want to just yell at these idiots on TV???)

Speaking of Krazy Kim, check out this picture of the Koreas at night... apparently, lights out in N. Korea is at 9:00 (all except for Krazy Kim, at any rate). Can you imaging -no electricity after 9:00? Wow.

And new information shows Kim might be bluffing, after all. I don't know, but maybe he should test keeping the lights on until 10:00 before he has another go with the supposed nuke...

Breaking Records

Yesterday's snow broke records across the upper midwest. And today's frigid weather has caused the Tiger game to be moved up from 8 to 4:30.

On Thursday, 8.3 inches of heavy snow set the record for the “snowiest” October day in Buffalo in the weather service’s 137-year history, said meteorologist Tom Niziol. The previous record of 6 inches was set Oct. 31, 1917.

Detroit and Chicago also set records, for the earliest measured snow. On Thursday, Detroit broke the mark set on Oct. 13, 1909. Chicago beat a mark twice set on Oct. 18, in 1972 and 1989.

So much for global warming.

The weather's not stopping some Tiger fans, though. They face the A's tonight for game 3.

Who's your Tiger?

Wednesday, October 11

Who's Your Tiger???

Yeeeeah! I just can't believe it. The Tigers are looking gooooood. 2-0 and on their way back to the D...

And as much as we're on cloud nine about our Tigers, our hearts go out to Cory Lidle's and his passenger's families and the entire Yankee team for their loss.

New Blog

Hey- found a new blog today. Worth visiting just for the name. How great is "Daily Infidel"???

Almost makes me want to change our name to incorporate the word "infidel" in some way...

Dirty Harry's Culture of Corruption

Stealing their phrase again. Read about more Democrat hypocrisy. This time it's their Senate minority leader Harry Reid. Wonder how much the MSM will make of this. I'll make a bet -not 1/4 of the coverage they've devoted to Foley.

Hilarity Ensues...

...when Hollywood's on our side.

Check out this GOP commercial from producer/director David Zucker (courtesy of the Drudge Report). The party is too wimpy to use it (with good reason, probably --it's hilarious, but too over the top for a serious political commercial), but we're certainly glad it was released. Its message rings true. And if the GOP is looking for ways to capture the youth vote, something like this might be a good place to start...

Monday, October 9

Best Sports Town in America. Period.

That's right --that would be Detroit. Not only are we rich with sports history and records, with pro baseball since the 1910's, hockey and football since the '20s, and great college ball since the late 1800s, but our teams (most of them) still continue to win. At least one of our big four are in the playoffs each year.

The Wings - more Stanley Cups than any NHL team after Montreal. Won Cups in '97, '98 and 2001. Gordie Howe - Mr. Hockey, the Production Line, The Captain --need we say more?

The Tigers - From the Georgia Peach to Jim Leyland's team. From 1984 to the most exciting baseball this town's seen in years. To embarrassing the Yankees.

The Pistons - Bad Boys in 89-90, champions again in '04 with strong but disappointing runs the past two seasons. (They'll be back this year, trust us)

The Lions - Hey, our new stadium is gorgeous. And did I mention we have great college football? In the D, we're less than an hour's drive from Ann Arbor, an hour and 1/2 from East Lansing, not quite 3 hours from Columbus and about 3 from South Bend.

Speaking of college ball - check out the new rankings! Auburn's loss helped bump the Maize and Blue into the top 5.

And it's not every city that gets to host the Super Bowl...

Would just like to point out that the Sage knows her sports... My prediction from last Tuesday:

My predictions --Michigan will crush the Spartans this weekend. I have faith the Tigers might pull off at least one win in the Bronx. I still think they have a good shot at winning the series. Oh, and the Lions will lose this Sunday.

Wow. That's all I can say. The Tigers didn't just beat the Yankees, they slaughtered them. I was at the Michigan game watching State get routed and everyone in the crowd had their cell phones out for play-by-play updates of the Tiger game. Saturday was a sunny, glorious day in the great state of Michigan.

Then there was Sunday, and the Lions demonstrated the proper way to blow a 2 TD lead going into the fourth quarter. But who cares? We're still watching baseball!

Thursday, October 5

Who's Your Tiger?

Tigers take game 2!!!! Back to the D on Saturday...

Wednesday, October 4

Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Democrat

UPDATE: The saga continues; more accusers refute "joke" break.

UPDATE: What drama. I feel like we're in a plotline for Desperate Congressmen or something. First we hear the page was 18, now we have this Drudge exlusive:


According to one Oklahoma source who knows the former page very well, Edmund, a conservative Republican, goaded Foley to type embarrassing comments that were then shared with a small group of young Hill politicos. The prank went awry when the saved IM sessions got into the hands of political operatives favorable to Democrats. This source, an ally of Edmund, also adamantly proclaims that the former page is not a homosexual. The prank scenario was confirmed by a second associate of Edmund.

Check out this Top 10 list of Democrat Congressional Sex Scandals. Now the challenge --can anyone find any prominant Democrats who denoucned these 10 for their actions? How about Democrats who thought it would be a good idea for their House majority leader to resign because of them? OK, now tell me how many of these guys were reelected. I think that about says it all.

One highlight (that's most comprable to the Foley situation, only worse...)

. Former Rep. Gerry Studds. He was censured for sexual relationship with underage male page in 1983. Massachusetts voters returned him to office for six more terms.

UPDATE: Ann expands on Democrat hypocrisy over the Foley scandal...

An excerpt:

No one demanded to know why the Democratic speaker of the House, Thomas "Tip" O'Neill, took one full decade to figure out that Studds was propositioning male pages.

But now, the same Democrats who are incensed that Bush's National Security Agency was listening in on al-Qaida phone calls are incensed that Republicans were not reading a gay congressman's instant messages.

Tuesday, October 3

Buy American

Toyota's kicking our butts in sales again. Nothing new if you pay attention to car sales or are involved in this industry at all. (Come on people --aside from their Lexus brand, Toyotas are UGLY!!!) After 9/11, a major factor that saved us from a recession was GM's 0% APR (Keep America Rolling). Now we here in the D (and all over the country) need your help.

Here are some facts:

The American auto industry (GM, Ford, Chrysler):

-Single greatest engine of economic activity in America

-Largest investor in U.S. research and development (we're talking more than $16 billion in 2005 --that beats pharmaceuticals, software, scientific research and development, communications equipment, and aerospace products/parts)

-Have invested 6 times more than all other automakers in the U.S. since 1980

-Operations in almost all 50 states (from assembly plants to finance and credit offices to tech centers to dealerships) --far more than the seven or so plants Toyota likes to brag about

-Employ 8 out of every 10 American auto workers

-Impact 7.2 million American jobs (beyond direct employment) (compared with 1.8 million for Japanese and other automakers)

-Spent more than $12 billion on health care to 2 million Americans in 2005 (compared to only $1.6 billion spent by Japanese and other automakers in U.S.)

-Spent almost $11 billion on pension benefits to 739,000 retirees and surviving spouses in 2005

-We're up against unfair competition. The U.S. is the most open and competitive major auto market in the world (40% imports v. Japan with only 5% imports and Korea with only 2.7% imports) - The Asians use non-tariff barriers to maintain closed domestic markets

-Japan manipulates currency markets to keep their yen artificially weak, giving them an advantage of thousands of dollars per vehicle and unfairly disadvantages American automakers

Just a few things to think about. Not only will you feel good driving a great, new American car, truck or SUV, but you'll be helping millions of Americans who depend on the old "Big 3" for their jobs, pensions and health care.

Buy American!!!


Whaoo! Stocks are up, oil is down. Q4 is starting off on a good note...

In other news -- Mark Foley is a sick bastard. When I first heard this story I was appalled --my first thoughts were something like --no! He can't be a Republican! What a sicko! What an IDIOT. Republicans typically hold themselves to higher morale standards and when I see a Republican involved in something like this, I'm disgusted and very disappointed. But this incident also reveals another characteristic that I love about my party. Everyone else is also disgusted. They're outraged! Foley immediately resigns and you don't hear ONE republican sticking up for him. As it should be. (Compare that to the last time a Democratic congressman had sex with a page or prez. was fooling around with a teenage intern... I'll give you a hint -there was no outrage among members of their own party. No, no --it was all the vast right-wing conspiracy that guided their actions...) More on this general theme...

And isn't this a nice story? Celebrities are proudly signing a petition letting the world know they had an abortion --hey, it's an election year --you didn't expect the Dems to stray too far from their most sacred, core issue, did you?

Oh, and this cracked me up. The Useless Nations, after hosting him and applauding his speech, are now talking sanctions against Iran for their blatant middle finger regarding uranium enrichment. Iran's grand plan --have France oversee the enrichment process (conducted in Iran). Wow. That would make me feel a lot better, what about you? Those fierce and intimidating French... who would mess with them?

The Big Choke --hey, we're used to it here

The Tigers will participate in their first playoff run since 1987 tonight at Yankee Stadium. They could be playing at home v. the A's, but hey, we like a good challenge right? Or maybe they just want to be more like the Red Wings and go out in style in the first round... See, if they could have won ONE --ONE!-- of their last FIVE games, then we'd have home advantage against the A's. But nooooooo, couldn't win one game, could we? (can you sense my bitterness?) Which brings on a thought-provoking question --which team had the bigger choke this past weekend? The Tigers or Michigan State?

My predictions --Michigan will crush the Spartans this weekend. I have faith the Tigers might pull off at least one win in the Bronx. I still think they have a good shot at winning the series. Oh, and the Lions will lose this Sunday.