Friday, September 30

The Big 10 Dillema

I agree I'm having a hard time getting riled up about the news lately --we all knew someone was going to charge Tom DeLay with something sooner or later. That's great about Judge Roberts --no big surprises there.

But we need to get our priorities straight for the weekend --we are right in the middle of college football season; the world is good.

The dilemma for me is who to route for in the big game this weekend --Michigan or State? Since my alma mater is located in the heart of American's last great bastion of liberal strength-- in the home state of "The Swimmer" and John Kerry themselves, they did not see the need as a major university to retain their football program. (Do we need any further example that Massachusetts should be annexed to France?) Therefore, I have to be a surrogate fan.

Now, I've always been more of a Michigan fan. Their football players tend to have less trouble with the law and have more time out of rehab for things like class and practicing. And the Michigan fan is only condescending, as opposed to overtly obnoxious. State does have better tailgating, though. And that's what's most important to the average State fan anyway, right?

Now being a Michigan fan, I've always routed for Michigan in this battle of the Big 10 inter-state rivalry. But this year, Michigan's Bowl hopes appear to be up in smoke like a Michigan State player after the game. Unfortunately, they're not even ranked in the top 25. Whereas State is having a hot season, they've got some great players, a great QB, and actually have a shot to go somewhere this year. So, wanting to see at least one team from the great state of Michigan go to a bowl game this year, I've got--to--route--for--State. Whew! That was difficult to write. I feel like I'm betraying my Michigan friends. And part of me would secretly like to see State's season ruined (as they have ruined excellant Michigan seasons in the past). But I've got to go for state pride on this one. Hey, at least it's a home game --if they win, the only field they can stick their stupid flag in the middle of is their own stinkin' turf.

More importantly, the Irish take on Purdue Saturday night, 7:45 p.m. For the record, I've been a Notre Dame fan since I saw my first football game (ever) at Notre Dame when I was 12. Go Irish!!!

For the most recent list of college rankings...


Maybe it's just me, but I am pretty much bored stiff with politics lately.

Cindy Sheehan jumps the shark. Blah, blah, zzzzzzzz.

Tom DeLay indicted. Yeah, fine. We'll see where this goes...could it be that it's another attempt by the dems to make Mt. Everest out of an anthill? No. Surely not.

John Roberts is confirmed. Yahoo. And this is a suprise to...anyone? Didn't think so. I'd just LOVE it if Dubya would nominate Ann Coulter. You know, as a joke. The libs would just spontaneously combust all over the country. Kind of like the end of Mars Attacks! when the aliens' heads blow up. Then he could say "Aw, c'mon, y'all. I was just joshin'." That would be fun. And not boring at all.

Let's see. What else. "Commander in Chief" is a liberal show after all. No. Really? Shocker. Oh, and it's a dumb show, too, with bad acting. The only thing worth watching these days is CSI. In my opinion...

I think that's about it. Have I missed anything? Is anyone else bored?

Just thought I'd attempt to explain the extremely light posting lately. :)
Have a terrific weekend everyone. Oh, and if you're in desperate need of something else to think about or read, go check out Conservative Underground. Especially the "Best/Worst of the DU" threads. Now THAT'S entertainment.

Wednesday, September 21

Heh. Kedwards "boils the bunny" - and other tidbits...

In a desperate attempt to regain some relevancy, Kedwards behaves like a jilted lover stalking his ex (first story). You've gotta read the whole thing. Classic class-deficient behavior from Kerry.

Also, in other news, Democrats are criminals. Oh, sorry, I mean Democrats obtain a Republican (and a BLACK Republican at that)'s credit report. And us Republicans are the "crooks and liars", right? (thanks, Drudge)

Finally, Lt. General Russell Honore tells the media they're "stuck on stupid". I'm going to see how many times I can use that phrase in a sentence today. :)

Tuesday, September 20

Clinton's Short-term Memory loss

File this under "Democrats sink to new lows":

Billy Clinton has decided to blast Dubya. I'm not surprised, not even by his ridiculous comments that can easily be pointed out as such by going back through his earlier speeches and remarks made when he was in office.

Again and again, President Bush has tried to work with the Democrats as if they were loyal Americans first, and partisans second. He has treated Bill Clinton with a friendship and respect that, candidly, is disproportionate to Clinton's meager accomplishments. Again and again, the Democrats have rebuffed Bush's overtures and taken advantage of his patriotism and good faith. Clinton's politically-motivated tissue of lies and distortions is just the latest example out of many. But it is unprecedented, coming from a former President. That is a sad thing: the latest wound inflicted on the body politic by the Democratic Party.

Typical of Democrats - they think that we, like them, forget history when it suits us. Fortunately, we don't. Fortunately, we live on planet earth where reality isn't something you can revise just by repeating lies often enough.

Read this in its entirety - it's well worth the read. (From Powerline.)

A word about commenting.

Not going to make a big deal about this, just wanted to put something out there in case there are any questions.

Liberals, Democrats, and people with opposing views are encouraged to comment and are welcome here at Conservababes. However, if your comment contains foul language, personal insults, or hate-filled, nonsensical rantings that make no sense whatsoever, you will be banned and your comment will be deleted.

Just banned some idiot this morning who decided to call us foul names and blather on about SUVs and something to do with bowling. *rolling eyes*

Have a happy Tuesday, ya'll.

Friday, September 16

In case you weren't sure...

...what a crazy, agenda-driven nutjob Cindy Sheehan is.

And in case you were wondering if she was a SOCIALIST...

"if a human being is hungry, then it is up to another human being to feed him/her"

Um, no, Cindy, it is not. It's actually up to people in a democracy to feed themselves. Now, I know in the context of her statement she's talking about the rest of Americans helping the victims of Katrina. What she does not understand is that we help them of our own volition, not because it is "up to us." No one needs to make Americans help. No one needs to overtax us to get that money "to the poor," or redistribute our wealth for us. When Americans are in need, other Americans step up to the plate.

And in case you wondered if Cindy had any grasp of reality left at all, she wants Bush and his "failed administration" to...

"pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans and Iraq"

Occupied New Orleans? Are you kidding? No, she's not --that's the scary thing. Well, folks, if you leave them alone long enough... Good Ol' Cindy pretty much debunked all of her own rants about Iraq by putting it in the same pile with "occupied New Orleans."

Of course, we could have gathered what a nut she is when she started posting on Michael Moore's website...but it's nice to have statements like this to back it up.

Ahhh, Liberals --sometimes you've gotta love them. They just add so much comedic value to life!

UPDATE: Saturday, 9/17
Interesting tidbit from Powerline regarding Nutjob Sheehan's new "friends":

Cindy Sheehan has staunchly aligned herself with the enemies of her country, even with those who murdered her own son ("freedom fighters," as she calls them, or "Minutemen" as her patron Michael Moore says). She has gone even beyond that perverse outrage: she has sought out and lent support to the very most extreme, twisted, hateful remnants of the Communist movement, and the last survivors of the Black Panthers. Cindy Sheehan is a hater: nothing more, nothing less.

The question is, why is she not just a hater, but a famous hater? Obviously, because she was a mainstream media darling throughout the summer. But where are the media, now that her cover has been blown? A curtain of silence has descended. Once again, the American press accepts no accountability for misleading the American people, and it has no intention of correcting the fictitious record that it, alone, created.

Read the whole thing, if you can stomach it.

Oops. He Did it Again.

We Conservababes have been appalled by the fervent blame game that immediately sprang up after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. A great deal of the blame was placed, as usual, on President Bush. He was slow to respond, he appointed an incompetent cronie to head FEMA, which was late getting relief to New Orleans because no one cared about the poor people there. It naturally did not take long for the race card to be played --from President Bush "doesn't care about black people" to outrageous conspiracy theories about a bomb blowing up the levee to wipe out the poor, African American areas of New Orleans, while the "white" areas (you know, the ones above sea level) remained dry. (Don't you just want to punch him?)

For weeks the president's supporters had to endure liberals gleefully heaping the blame on Dubya. And we asked, as we have so often in the past --WHY doesn't he stand up for himself? Why doesn't he fight back, explain how ludicrous these accusations are? He could have easily pointed out how very much the local officials were to blame. But instead of defending himself, Dubya comes out and says that he takes responsibility for the poor federal response to this tragedy. And we Conservababes think --WHAT? He's going along with all of this, too? He's fanning the flames of blame?

But then we noticed the mayor and governor making similar statements, accepting their share of the blame, and we had our first hint that Bush was planning something...

President Bush delivered with his speech last night. He took all of the criticisms flung his way and shoved them back down the throats of his attackers. Did he do this with insults and harsh, polarizing rhetoric --a la Democrats towards him of late? (Well, not "of late" --since about 2000, if memory serves.) No. He will never sink to their level. Instead he did it by simply reiterating his views --our views, of all the people who voted for him and believe in compassionate conservatism. And then (remember, Republicans like action, as opposed to criticizing current methods while offering no plan of their own to fix the problems) he came up with a comprehensive plan --not just to rebuild, but to rebuild American style --by making the area stronger and better than it was before.

They said the federal government was slow to respond; he asked for a full investigation. Not, as Democrats hoped, to point fingers and blame, but to learn from our mistakes to develop better emergency response systems in New Orleans and in every major American city. We can all learn from what happened there.

They said that President Bush "didn't care about black people." He responded by acknowledging a truth we'd often like to forget --that the conditions of poverty many African Americans were living in in New Orleans and elsewhere stems from slavery and the racism and oppression that continued in the south for the next hundred years.

They said he did not care about the poor. He responded by asking Congress to pass his suggested initiatives --they are not handouts, as Democrats are fond of-- they are initiatives not to maintain impoverished survival, but to rise above poverty: $5,000 a person for education, job training, and child care; a lottery to give people property on government land, then loans for mortgages or help from charities like Habitat for Humanity to build houses on that land. Under President Bush, all Americans --including African Americans-- enjoy the highest rate of home ownership in at least the last 100 years. He plans to continue that trend because he knows that nothing creates pride, self-worth and a desire to lead a good, successful life than owning your own home. Tax break initiatives were also proposed, reminding us of our core conservative belief --that entrepreneurs, average Americans who own small businesses --in other words, the American people themselves-- are what keeps the economy rolling. (Not the government, though it can help in times of trial.)

And the president reminded us of the pride and obligations we have as Americans. We, the working people of this country, have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to charities and relief organizations. Doctors, nurses, bus drivers, policemen and firemen from all over the country have voluntarily ventured to New Orleans and other devastated regions on the Gulf to help their fellow Americans. People have opened their homes to victims of the storm. And the president asked us to do more. He reminded us that there are so many little things we can do to make a difference --schools adopting and helping other schools, scout troops, unions, churches --any organization with a counterpart in the Gulf region can help in some small way that will make a big difference to those who need their help.

And he reminded us of the faith that so many Americans share. The hurricane victims interviewed on the news had one thing in common. Nearly all of them, at some point in their accounts of the devastation around them, thanked God --for their survival and safety and for the people who have so graciously helped them thus far. Whatever you decided to call Him or however you worship, we are one nation under God. One nation of people who are there for each other in times of crisis, who have each other's back. The worst of times brings out the best in Americans. We will learn from this; we will rise up stronger than we were before. As President Bush says --may God continue to bless America.

Thank GOD he's not President.

John Kerry generously shares his considerable wisdom with us. Thank you, John Kerry.

Thank you for so graphically reminding us all why you aren't the President.

What a boob.

Wednesday, September 14

Good News from Iraq...

Did you hear about Iraqi President Talabani gratefully praising George W? Did you? Me neither. Guess the press doesn't want us to hear about it.

“In the name of Iraqi people, I say to you, Mr. President, and to the glorious American people, thank you, thank you. Thank you, because you liberated us from the worst kind of dictatorship.”

“Mr. President, you are a visionary, great statesman. We salute you. We are grateful to you. We will never forget what you have done for our people.”

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani

September 13, 2005

Makes one rather proud of our troops over there and what they're accomplishing, doesn't it.

Read more at The Anchoress. (she always says it better than I can...)

"I take responsibility"

I read yesterday about our President accepting responsibility for failures in the federal government "where they occurred". If I had just read the headlines at CNN and NYT and others, I'd have thought "He caved. Why is he apologizing??!!" but then I read the context of the actual statement. And thought about it. It takes a strong man - an exceptional leader - to essentially demonstrate that the buck stops with him. I (and others) admire his backbone and his integrity.

Good analysis at LaShawn Barber's blog (as usual).

Also PoliPundit (with other interesting links).

Overall, let me say that I'm sick to death in general of the finger-pointing and ridiculousness surrounding this natural disaster. Nice to know that NO will be open for business soon, though.

Friday, September 9

Does anyone see anything wrong with this?

I thought this was a joke at first.

From Michelle Malkin.

You have GOT to be kidding me...

Wednesday, September 7

Stand proud, oh great Americans. Don't let the MSM and blame-gamers get you down!

The rescue and recovery effort is ongoing, there are people out there seperated from their loved ones, worried sick, devestated by all that they've lost...

...and how long did it take the liberals to start blaming Bush for this? If Bush would have parachutted out of a fighter jet into the eye of the storm and landed in New Orleans during the hurricane, waved his magic wand and made the levees solidify and grow ten feet, they STILL would have found something to blame him for! This is disgusting and it is ridiculous.

And they call Bush devisive? Perhaps if they didn't try to blame him for every single world problem, maybe the country would have a chance to unify. The only thing devisive about Bush is that which is created by these whacky liberals who have not stopped attacking him since the 2000 election --they rile up the looney lefties with their ridiculous accusations and conspiracy theories and make typical peace-minded conservatives jump in anger to his defense.

But at least the American people aren't as stupid as the MSM thinks we are...

A recent CNN/USA Today Gallup poll revealed that only 13% of people surveyed think Bush is mostly responsible for this. These are the looney lefties here, folks. The ones that believe Halliburton and Karl Rove had a massive wind and rain generating machine off the coast of Africa that created the hurricane and then steered it straight to New Orleans because there are a lot of poor African Americans there that the government wants to wipe out. They are NEVER going to approve of anything President Bush does.

But, thankfully, most of America is not that crazy. We understand the law and the realities of disasters. We know that President Bush not signing Kyoto didn't make "global warming" happen in the last five years. We also know that Karl Rove didn't hire the developers who cut down some wetlands around New Orleans that might or might not have helped a levee built to withstand a catagory 3 hurricane survive a catagory 4 or 5. We know that the federal government cannot go in to help in an emergency until the local officials ask them to.

So enough for a minute about the blame game and wacky liberals. I'd like to talk about how proud I am to be an American. We always rise to the occasion and show our true spirit in the face of peril and disaster --it's always been that way. Sure we like to bicker amongst ourselves, we all have different beliefs and cultures. But Americans look out for others when they need it. It happened after 9/11, it happened after the Tsunami, and it is happening right now after Katrina. Immediately after the storm and flood, Americans have been opening their wallets, pouring money and supplies to the hurricane victims. Doctors, policemen and others from all over the country have headed south to help out. People from all over are actually opening their homes to the hurricane victims --here, we can't do much financially, but you can come live with us until you're back on your feet. We'll house and feed you and do what we can. That is the American spirt. And I am proud of my fellow countrymen.

We will help the victims of Katrina, we will rebuild New Orleans. We'll rebuild the Alabama and Mississippi coasts. Because we're Americans.

Update from The Patriotette: Just found this little item - a roundup of the stupidity surrounding this tragedy. Enjoy!

Hee. Another update 9/9/05: Kanye West gets booed at the NFL game pre-show. (via Drudge)

Friday, September 2


The Conservababes are officially disgusted. I've been not reading the blogs these days on purpose - being sick as it is seeing how many people have had their lives destroyed by Katrina. The stories I've heard on Fox News this morning have been heartening, though. One man is offering employment and housing to some victims, and others are signing up to volunteer to open their homes for other victims.

But if you peruse Conservative Grapevine, all you read about is how the libs are ranting and raving about Bush. Blaming him as if he used "Air Force One to seed the hurricane to wipe out the immorality of New Orleans...per Karl Rove's master plan". ( from a Huffington Post commentor...he/she was kidding, but not far off from what Loonies are saying)

Please continue to pray for those people down there. What's happened is tragic beyond my comprehension.

Thursday, September 1

Y'gotta read it if just for the title...

The title of this article makes it worth the read.

"Bush Critics are lowest form of life"

And yes, it has to do with Katrina and yes, people are blaming Dubya for it.