Thursday, August 24

Couldn't Have Said it Better Myself

Anyone with an ounce of common sense who is not blinded by their fervent hatred of Bush, would have to acknowledge by the Democrat's actions, not their long-winded diatribes lecturing us not to question their supposed patriotism, that Democrat politicians and their friends in the MSM have been doing everything in their power to ensure that we lose the war on terror.

Ann sums it up pretty well here.

Tuesday, August 15


I saw this headline about profiling on Drudge and thought --yea! We're finally using our common sense for airline screening. But no, it was in Britain. Apparently, we're going to continue to be blinded by political correctness and sensitivities. I really hope we're glad that we cared so much about offending people the next time there's an incident on an airplane.

Clearly, profiling Muslims would inconvenience some good Americans. Yet it's foolish to turn a blind eye to the fact that every terrorist and suspected terrorist with the goal of attacking Americans in the last 35 years has been Muslim. If they were Chinese or Irish, I would be in favor or profiling them. It's not about prejudice, it's about common sense. And just about every American, Republican and Democrat, agrees with me on this. My 80-year-old grandma shouldn't be randomly selected for an extra security check. A young blonde girl shouldn't be banned from bringing her hand lotion or contact solution on the plane with her. It's stupid.

UPDATE-- Just in case you're still unsure about profiling, take this great quiz on ExPreacherman's site...

Moving on, I'm most disappointed with the way things have turned out for Israel. What was the fighting for? All of that tough talk and support that we initially gave them --what happened to that? Now all of a sudden Bush and Condi are supportive of this ridiculous, toothless U.N. resolution?? When has one of those ever worked?

To summarize --Iran and Syria have provided arms to Hezbollah; the Israelis were no doubt surprised by the extent of the terrorists' weapons. Now there is a cease fire called and all the freaks in Iran, Syria and Lebanon are celebrating their "victory." And why have they stopped fighting? I don't see any provisions in the UN resolution to return the two kidnapped Israeli soldiers. I don't see any provisions for disarming Hezbollah. In fact, the Lebanese government is now saying that they have no plans to disarm Hezbollah.

So our brilliant plan is to put a U.N. force consisting of some fierce French soldiers (wow, those French are tough), Italians, Turks, and I can't remember who else in southern Lebanon. Exactly what they'll be doing there is beyond me, since again, there is nothing in the resolution about disarming Hezbollah. So apparently, the U.S. is now OK with allowing a terrorist militia to remain in Lebanon and run things. I wonder how long it will take them to set up another 200 rockets aimed at Israel.

Friday, August 11


Despite liberal delusions that we have nothing to fear from terrorists or anyone here in America...

More wannabe Islamo terrorists arrested buying up disposable cell phones at Wall Mart --this time they were from Texas, but buying the phones in mid Michigan...

More wannabe Islamo terrorists arrested in West Virginia buying up disposable cell phones, along with those from Ohio...

These men were naturalized or true U.S. citizens. But I don't think our government has the right to listen to any of their phone calls, do you? As Pinko says below, we just can't let their civil rights be violated like that!

BTW- It looks like U.S. intelligence officials actually picked up chatter from suspected terrorists that helped the British with their bust of this heinous plot of mass murder. That might be well and good, but I certainly agree with Democrats that the civil liberties of terrorist suspects is worth far more than the thousands of lives saved by uncovering this plot. And I wonder during all of the time that the British were monitoring these terror suspects, if they had all of the proper warrants, etc.

Now as a note of caution to our liberal readers --before you start on about theory and civil rights in our comments section, take a minute to theorize about waking up next Wednesday to the news that 9 airlines carrying 400-500 passengers each have been blown up over the Atlantic.

Priorities, that's all I can say.

Pinko Lemming Reflects on Recent "Sky Terror!@!"

So, like, I got deported from Canada and am back crashing at my evil, capitalist twin's pad for a few days.

I was watching CNN last night and I was absolutely shocked at the terrible stories! (After, of course, I recovered from my initial surprise that CNN should be trying so hard to sensationalize a story --I thought I was watching FoxNews on steroids...I mean, they were acting like this was a really, really big deal!) Yet, I will say that this recent "Sky Terrrroooorrrr!" as CNN calls it, is like, totally disturbing!

I mean, terrorists still want to kill us? Don't they realize that Bush will only be in office for two more years? Why do they still want to kill us?

(And why was yesterday the first we heard of this latest plot and the efforts we were taking to stop it? I'm really disappointed in the Times.)

With no attacks here since 9/11, I thought the threat had subsided. After all, our evil country deserved what we got; it was a wake-up call for us to stop all of our obtrusive foreign policies. Clearly, the Islamic freedom fighters had sent us a message. What we should now do is pull all of our troops home from the middle east, tell Israel to stop destroying the beautiful Lebanese countryside, and worry about our own domestic problems. And I really thought we were headed in the right direction --my hopes were so high after that glorious Connecticut primary!

Of course, it's been obvious these past years that Bush has been exaggerating the threat from terrorists. It's all a political ploy to keep his approval ratings up. (which isn't working! Ha!) And so he can justifty all of his civil rights abuses in the name of "protecting us."

But now that this plot to kill thousands of people on airlines has been discovered, I'm a little nervous. What made no sense to me is that this plot to blow up airplanes heading over the ocean to America was actually first concocted 15 years ago --only it was 10 or so flights coming from Asia. Why did the terrorists want to kill us then? Bush wasn't even president! It's just all so confusing.

And now when I fly, I can't even carry on my hemp extract shampoo (that I use regularly every three weeks), beeswax, or hemp seed perfume! Like, what am I supposed to do?

Still, we have to be careful not to overreact. True, thousands of people could have died, but that doesn't mean we can jump to any conclusions. We must be mindful of violating any civil rights, such as the right of those poor American Muslims to carry multiple disposable cell phones, maps of Wall Mart locations, and flight instructions arrested in Ohio earlier this week. I'm sure it's just because they have Arabic names that they were targeted, as their families say. We just have to remember our priorities.

Tuesday, August 8

It's August...

...and you know what that means. Pre-season NFL games and practices starting at colleges across the country as America gets ready for another football season.

Check out ESPN's college preview. I think the luck of the Irish will return this year... can't wait!

Lest we become complacent

I found both of these stories to be particularly disturbing...

The first, about the Freak of Iran and what he might be up to; the second about 11 Egyptian men here on student visas who have "disappeared" upon arrival in America.

Monday, August 7

Don't Forget to Vote

Tuesday is primary day in many states across the country. Here's a list of our Michigan candidates. We've got a useless governor and senator to oust, so don't forget to vote!

Delusional Liberal Kook of the Week

She's baaaaaaack. Now buying land in Crawford.

Loving Tony Snow's contributions to the administration:

"I would advise her to bring water, Gatorade or both," Snow said when asked about Sheehan during a press briefing Friday. "Honestly, when you're talking about the kind of issues that we're talking about, Cindy Sheehan hasn't risen to the level of staff meetings at this point."

Agenda Driven MSM

As if we needed another example of the left-wing agenda of the MSM, Reuters obliges us.

If they were really just there to report the news, why would they need to doctor this photograph to make the damage look worse?

Reuters has admitted the photo was doctored, as has this one of an Israeli fighter jet.

It's hard enough fighting a war against Islamist terrorist freaks without members of the MSM helping them out.

Can you imagine trying to win WWII under such conditions? Forget all of the American propeganda the government put out through the media at the time, forget how everyone in Hollywood was actually behind the war effort and made patriotic films --forget the national unity. Now let's imagine the NYT and other papers are putting up doctored photos with captions like "40 Innocent German children die after American bombing." Do you even think for a second we could have dropped the bombs to end that war if the climate were even slightly like it is out there now? At least then, the world was clear who the enemy was.

Friday, August 4

Cleaning up the D

Maybe Old Fallujah could follow New Fallujah's example. Detroit police are buying back guns --you should have seen some of the semi-automatic weapons rolling in on the news last night!-- that used to be in the hands of citizens of New Fallujah. The buyback program started Tuesday, and was such a hit (pardon the pun) that the police department ran out of money Wednesday. But people are still handing in guns. Baby steps, OK? Baby steps...