Thursday, January 31

Just Gruntled

OK- I feel a little better than I did while writing that earlier post. I get these emails from the Mitt Romney campaign all the time and their email today claims that yesterday was the campaign's 'best on-line contributions day yet.' Perhaps I wasn't the only conservative disgruntled after those FL results...

The Mitt camp also has a summary of where McCain's votes are coming from. And if any of you listened to Rush today, it will be no surprise that the 'moderates,' 'independents,' amnesty sympathizers and less informed old people are flocking to McCain.

If any of you would like to make a small contribution to the Romney campaign, click here.

Kwame Update

The mayor of New Fallujah apolized to the people the other day. (shoving reporters on his way into the chuch) It's hilarious- if any of you care to read the transcript, I really think Bill Clinton (or his speechwriter) has grounds to bring charges for plagerism! The echoes of Clinton's 'apology' after Lewinsky are so blatant Fox2 news ran a segment with comparison footage last night.

And the scandals continue- apparently wanting to mix it up with someone who was not Christine Beatty or his wife, the good people of N.C. paid for his and a mysterious female guest's couples massage at the N.C. resort where he was in town to speak at a Martin Luther King tribute last weekend. The resort insists he was not alone in his room, nor did he drink all that champagne, etc. himself. Sounds like we have another serial philanderer on our hands here. Not that we should care about his personal life, of course, but when taxpayers are footing the bill, I think we have a right to question his antics.

I know that Kwame is a likeable guy and there is a good arguement that he's done a lot of really great things for the city of Detroit as mayor. But he's also done a lot of unscrupulous and illegal things. To say that he should stay in office despite his actions makes you sound like a Masshole who keeps voiting for Ted Kennedy.


Yes, I'm disgruntled. Wouldn't you be after reading this frightening article?

Can someone please tell me WHY Mike Huckabee is still in the race? Edwards finally did something graceful enough to live up to that hair by bowing out. Rudy is out (very disappointing for me, as well. I had been a Rudy supporter, but now that he's backing McCain, I can see how wrong I was! But, but - Sage- aren't all the conservatives flocking to McCain? I mean he has Arnold's endorsement now. My point, exactly). If the Huckster would just pull out, Romney would be blowing McCain away in states like Florida and everywhere else.

Speaking of FL- people that described themselves as "very conservative" went 2-1 for Romney over McCain. Duh. McCain's not conservative.

So here I am worrying that McCain will be our nominee and I'll have to not cast a presidential vote for the first time since turning 18 and then I see this. At least, for once, honesty from a Clinton!!! :

In a long, and interesting speech, he [Clinton] characterized what the U.S. and other industrialized nations need to do to combat global warming this way: "We just have to slow down our economy and cut back our greenhouse gas emissions 'cause we have to save the planet for our grandchildren."

What is a conservative to do with such choices? On the one hand, we have crazy liberals who want to cripple our economy for 'global warming.' Forget terrorists -Impeding industrial progress to appease environmental whackos - that's about the only war Democrats can wage these days. They can't wait to raise our taxes, give amnesty to illegals, let terrorists have civil trials as if they were American citizens, appoint judges that are not 'too conservative' like Alito, and then expect everyone to like them because at least they're not President Bush! On the other hand, we have... more of the same if McCain is our nominee.

What is a conservative to do with such choices? Pray.

(My back-up plan is to write in Nick Lidstrom for President...)

Tuesday, January 29

Will the Real McCain please stand down...

John McCain: there's a reason your lifelong Democrat-voting grandfather backs him! That's all I can say.

In this post, Ann reminds us why real conservatives don't like John McCain.

Let's hope the folks in Florida remember all this!!

Some excerpts:

Of course, I might lie constantly too, if I were seeking the Republican presidential nomination after enthusiastically promoting amnesty for illegal aliens, Social Security credit for illegal aliens, criminal trials for terrorists, stem-cell research on human embryos, crackpot global warming legislation and free speech-crushing campaign-finance laws.

I might lie too, if I had opposed the Bush tax cuts, a marriage amendment to the Constitution, waterboarding terrorists and drilling in Alaska.
True, McCain voted for the war. So did Hillary Clinton. Like her, he then immediately started attacking every other aspect of the war on terrorism. (The only difference was, he threw in frequent references to his experience as a POW, which currently outnumber John Kerry's references to being a Vietnam vet.)
...He was a POW, you know. Also a member of the Keating 5 scandal, which you probably don't know, and won't -- until he becomes the Republican nominee.

Though McCain was far from the only Republican to support the surge, he does have the distinction of being the only Republican who voted against the Bush tax cuts. (Also the little lamented Sen. Lincoln Chafee, who later left the Republican Party.) Now McCain claims he opposed the tax cuts because they didn't include enough spending cuts. But that wasn't what he said at the time.

To the contrary, in 2001, McCain said he was voting against Bush's tax cuts based on the idiotic talking point of the Democrats. "I cannot in good conscience," McCain said, "support a tax cut in which so many of the benefits go to the most fortunate among us at the expense of middle-class Americans who need tax relief."

Monday, January 28

Swimmer endorces Obama

Do these Democrat candidates really think being endorsed by the Senate drunkard and murderer will help them in a general election?

I don't know too many Democrats outside the state of Massachusetts who think highly of "The Swimmer." Can't help but thinking Hilla the Hun may be glad this endorsement didn't go her way...

In other news, the Reverend Al Sharpton has publically advised Bill Clinton to shut up. That man really doesn't handle stress well. Kinda makes you wonder how he coped with the stresses of being president... Wait, I guess we do know that.

Anyway... Don't forget to watch Dubya's last SOTU address tonight! Savor it. Who knows who we may have to be listening to in a year's time...

Thursday, January 24

More Woes for Kwame

Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick now has something in common with Bill Clinton. Both perjured themselves by lying under oath about sex. In Kwame's case, it was to deny having 'sexual relations' with his chief of staff, Christine Beatty. (at least he wasn't preying on interns...)

Before libs start screaming about his 'personal life,' let's remember that this testimony was in a suit filed by police officers who knew about Kwame's affairs and other illicit activities of his staff, and were fired because they weren't compliant enough for Kwame. The mayor claimed their firing had nothing to do with all the dirt they revealed on him and his administration, but a jury thought differently, awarding them a $9 million settlement that the city of Detroit can ill afford to pay. So in this case, Kwame's 'personal life' is costing a very cash-strapped city dearly.

Tuesday, January 22

And the Race Narrows...

Sorry DP and other Fred faithfuls - Thompson just announced he's pulling out of the race. I think we could all see that coming after he failed to win the S.C. primary. (What's wrong with those Carolinians, anyway? McCain???) Certainly not the first I would have liked to see drop out. Let's hope Huckabee is close behind him. And if Rudy doesn't win Florida, I'm sure he'll be on his way out, too. Which will at least make our choice a lot easier: Keating 5, Kennedy-consorting, Bush-thwarting McCain v. Mitt Romney.

And in totally, completely unrelated news - can someone please slap Amy Winehouse? Normally I don't concern myself with how much crack the latest celebrity is snorting, but I'd really like her to make at least one more CD before she kills herself. Such talent!! Such a shame!!!

Saturday, January 19

BNL - Detroit Haters??

So I was at the Auto Show Charity Preview last night. For those of you from outside of New Fallujah, it's one of the biggest nights in the D - a black tie affair, televised, etc. (BTW- I shook Kwame's hand and spoke to him briefly. Thankfully I did not see Jennifer Granholm this time! Gave me indigestion for a week last time I glimpsed her moles up close...) But I digress...

This was the first year that they had the entertainment actually give a small concert; they played directly after the show in the Cobo arena. This year's act was the Canadian band, the Barenaked Ladies. (They're actually men, if you've never heard of them.) They were my favorite band in high school and my early college years, so I was really excited to see them. Enjoyed the first couple songs they played, and then... I noticed the backdrop.

Behind the stage were hung four large banners. Three of them had nonsensical scenes - a dog being carried through the sky by five birds, etc. But one of them had a portion of a sphere, painted green (the earth?). Upon this sphere was a car - looked like an old 1950's car. From the exhaust pipe of this car was coming gray smoke that trailed up into the sky to form a big, gray cloud. Above the cloud were three nuns and from the cloud, a bolt of lightning was zig zagging down to the car.

Now- what would your impression of this banner be? Mine was - here's a group of stupid, liberal, Canadian musicians (whose new CD I will NOT be buying), who were paid to play this gig (that they did not HAVE to play) during the Detroit Auto Show. These said liberal muscians wanted to take our money, but also to stick it to us with this banner about how evil we all are for 'destroying' the planet with our evil cars. Forget that we improved the quality of life for people all over the world, revolutionizing how we travel, making cars that were affordable to everyone - great innovators who should be admired. No, to them, we're just the evil auto industry, almost as evil as those 'big oil' people. Another group of Americans ruining the earth for all those other 'good' countries out there. And apparently someone (maybe God?) will strike us down for that.

So, what do you think? Am I overreacting? Reading too much into this? Or has yet another group of celebrities offended me into never supporting them with my money again??

Thursday, January 17

Abortion Rates are Down, but Still Too High!

Good news - abortion rates in the U.S. are the lowest they've been since Roe v. Wade became law. The bad news - we still had 1.2 million abortions in 2005. Still, the stats are promising that the rate has been decreasing since its height in 1981 and the number of places that perform abortions is down considerably since then.

There they go again...

Apparently, Republican presidential hopefuls aren't the only ones conjuring images of Reagan. (Not that I can blame any of them; Ronnie was the MAN.)

Wednesday, January 16

Looking Back...

It's the ten-year anniversary of the Lewinsky scandal. Ah, who can forget the good old days when our news programs were filled with lurid tales of cigars and blue dresses? Here's a little recap that looks at where the major players are now.

The Architect Speaks

They should be afraid. Very afraid. The man who has helped Bush mastermine natural disasters, levees breaking, global climate change and, in perhaps his most devestating feat, George W. Bush winning the presidency TWICE, speaks out on how to beat the current Democrat presidential nominees.

It's such common sense at times it makes you wonder why we ever may have worried. Of course, then I remember Mike Huckabee winning Iowa...

Sometimes It Feels Good to be Wrong...

It doesn't happen often... I felt so sure the state would go for McCain (guess even I can be affected by that Michigan-esque pessimism!). If you haven't heard, Mitt Romney prevailed in the Michigan Republican primary yesterday. I'm very proud of my fellow Michigan GOP voters. (And I can't help but think the snow we had overnight and the colder temps kept some lazy Dems away!!) Now the race is open again. Let's hope we can narrow it down soon to real Republican options and bid McCain, Huckabee and Paul farewell for good!

Monday, January 14

MI Primary

Tomorrow we go to the polls here in the great state of Michigan. I've made my decision - based on practical reasoning, facts, and sensible priorities. Unfortunately, it seems that few others are thinking along those lines when choosing their candidate. They're more apt to be excited about someone they "like" for arbitrary reasons like how many jokes they crack per speech or because of their race or gender. (Because certainly Hillary's tears, Obama's charming smile, or Huckabee's preaching will bring around those al queada types and the Freak of Iran!)

Among Republicans here, they say the race is between Romney and McCain. While Romney is the more conservative, with executive experience and without past collaborations with Ted Kennedy, I think McCain will win the state.

The sad fact is, we're a blue state and McCain appeals more to independent-minded Democrats than Romney will. Our struggling economy will be the biggest issue for most voters here. You'd think that might help Romney, but...

In response to a friend's question yesterday - wouldn't the Michigan voters respond more to Romney's economic optimism than McCain's lamenting about how the jobs are never coming back - I had to explain how the typical Michigan voter is like the Detroit Lions fan. They take perverse pleasure bemoaning how awful their state/team is. They complain incessently about the team/winter weather, but won't move on to another team/warmer state. They're so used to losing, it's almost warped into a sense of pride.

And Romney looks too much like those eeeeevvvilllll Businessmen! (you know, those evil guys who keep all the "working men" employed? The ones who decide whether to keep their businesses in this overtaxed, overregulated state (Thanks, Jennifer!) or whether to move them elsewhere and give other "working men" jobs. Yeah, he looks like those evil guys.

In addition to the Blue-Michigan mindset, we have another problem in that the only Democrat on our ballot is Hilla the Hun. (my new favorite nickname for her, which I cannot take credit for coining) In protest for us moving our primary up to Jan. 15, both Obama and Edwards have withdrawn from the Democratic ballot. So Democrats have four choices: Vote for Hillary (the only major candidate on the ballot), vote "uncommietted" on the Democrat ticket, vote in the Republican primary, or stay home. While I'm hoping for the latter, I'm sure that many will choose to vote in the GOP primary. And they'll likely pick one of the candidates that appeals to them the most - McCain or Ron Paul.

Let's hope that doesn't happen. Only one more day and the dynamics of the race will have changed yet again, depending on the outcome of Michigan. I'm hoping my vote will actually count for once!

BTW, I predict that the U.P. will go for Ron Paul. Though they only have about 35 people living up there, so I'm not too worried about their overall effect...


Who's teary moment moved you more? Hillary's prior to the NH primary, or T.O. last night? A tough call. At least we know T.O. has better jewelry.

Tuesday, January 8

Just in case... needed more evidence that Ron Paul is CRAZY.

Monday, January 7


What's up with the Huckabee surge? So he seems like a nice guy, he's articulate like Obama, and he's religious. Have these been what the qualifications we look for in a president have been reduced to?

What's up with all these "I'm a conservative first, a Republican second" people? Conservative first on what? A candidate is pro life and that's all you care about? Is overturning Roe v. Wade going to protect us from the terrorist threat? Is it going to help our economy?

Of course we like our candidates to be pro life and sincerely religious, but that can't be all that we focus on when electing the leader of the free world. (Bad Iowa, Bad!)

Take a look at Huckabee's record - this report was put together by the Club for Growth before he even announced his presidential bid.

Here's another, more recent summary. And look at his responses when asked about his failing grades on taxes - I haven't heard such spin since Hillary, when she thought she was still entitled to the nomination! I lifted the tax burden on the poor - save it for the Dem debate, buddy!

The tax issue alone should make you run screaming from this guy - there are enough people in Washington who want to raise our taxes without sending a tax happy president to preside over them. But let's look at his other stances... he's for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants (but not legal Americans from the state next door?), his idea to solve our health care issues are "people should eat better and not drink and smoke." Consequently, you'll read in the first link how he's all for regulation - what's next, government approved diets? Bringing back Prohibition? The guy is a nanny-state dreamer, tax raising big spender, amnesty-leaning "conservative first." And you think THAT'S what our country needs right now?


Happy New Year! I was going to give up on the blog. A little burned out commenting on liberal shenanigans, plus I'm not sure anyone's reading any more. But I had to ask this interesting question...

Obama won Iowa - big. Obama is now leading Hillary in national polls. Obama is about to explode. I can't believe the negativity out there among Democrats for their precious Clintons! (now that they finally have an alternative, they seem to suddenly recognize the same traits in la Clinton that we noticed 15 years ago...)

So now that Obama is about to knock Hillary out of the running... Does anyone think it a coincidence that he suddenly needs additional security???