Tuesday, February 7

Standing behind the cartoon...

In case you didn't catch O'Reilly's talking points last night, he makes a good point about this culture of violence by some Muslims around the world, the threat we face from them, and our weakness/unwillingness to take a stand against this...

(scroll down on Michelle Malkin's site to view the cartoons that started yet more rioting in the Islamic world)

What point do you think that cartoonist was trying to make by connecting Mohammed and a bomb? Hmmm... Muslims around the world reacted violently to this cartoon (4 months after it was published, mind you), other Muslims think it's OK to blow themselves (or send their childrent to blow themselves) up to kill as many Israelis as they can, Muslims flew planes into the Towers and Pentagon, they blew up some subway stations in London and a night club in Bali... Oh, and most think all Jews should die and Isreal has no right to exist (and it's not just some fringe fanatics that think this, it's a pretty common belief in the Middle East).

This behavior certainly leads us non-Muslims to view Islam as a somewhat violent religion.

Can you imagine if Republicans attacked the DNC every time an offensive cartoon was published about them???

Or, on a more serious note, how about if Isrealies attacked buildings and rioted and killed people every time something offensive to them appeared in an Arab publication?

Is anyone seeing the double standard here??? There have been many works of "art" and other critisms of Christians, but do you see them rioting because of it??

Make no mistake, I'm not trying to say that this cartoon was in good taste. But isn't that why we have freedom of speech? Freedom of the press? I stand behind the cartoon. Because believe me, I've seen things much more offensive to me to come out of Europe, the Middle East, or the NY Times. Regardless of whether you're offended, if you believe in freedom of speech, you've got to let this stuff go. You can voice your disapproval, but violence is not acceptable. This is the message that we in the Western world should be sending.

Now to the message of the cartoon-- Leaders and terrorists in many Islamic countries are facists. And they use things like this cartoon to incite this violent behavior in their citizens. Let's consider their motivation... many believe armageddon will happen in their lifetime, and apparently they're trying to speed that up... They hate Jews and they hate Western culture. They seek our death and destruction.

Make no mistake-- this IS a religious war we're in here. Their goal is our destruction. And if we don't stop arguing amongst ourselves about "domestic spying" and Bush "lying" about WMDs and wake up and realize who our real enemies our, WWIII will be upon us before we know it. The Middle East is a powder keg. We need to stick together if we want to difuse it before it's too late.

Oh, and here's another whacko tenured college professor... this one, a supposed intellectual!, denies the existance of the Holocost.

This hateful thought is more widespread than people here want to acknowledge. We ignored Hitler for almost a decade, too --remember that.

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