Thursday, February 9

Howie Dean, the gift that keeps on giving...

Alternate title: When Liberals Go After The Weakest Links in Their Own's really entertaining.

Is Dean an Easy Mark?

Howie "Screamin'" Dean went on Good Morning America and compared President Bush to the President of Iran. Yup.

But that's not the best part.
The DNC chair engaged in a fast paced interview with ABC host Charlie Gibson, and again was trumped by a morning talk show host. When Gibson asked Dean to explain why the Democrats were perceived as being weak on national defense, Dean first argued that they weren't.

He then said President Bush was the one that was weak on defense and that "(The White House) has a great propaganda machine, but the fact is - they haven't delivered on American security."

Charlie Gibson then pointed out that a poll showed that 64% of Americans believe that the country is a stronger country now as opposed to before 9/11, and noted that stat was "game, set and match," for the Republicans.

Dean again argued that America is not safer and said he didn't believe the poll and the interview deteriorated into the Bush/Iran comparison.

Gibson seem to toy with Dean similar to what Katie Couric did to the DNC Chair two weeks ago.

The message from the morning talking heads seems to be - give us someone better to represent the Democratic Party than the left fringe folks like Howard Dean.

Or perhaps they enjoy hammering away at an easy target like Howard Dean as they know will say something foolish in every interview.


Speaking of "Left Fringe Folks" and "Easy Targets"...Cindy Sheehan's got a whopping 6 bids on E-bay!!

Go, Cindy, Go!!