Tuesday, February 28

Tuesday Randomness

Did anyone see "24" last night? Great episode. (Spoilers ahead so don't read if you've TiVo'd and haven't seen it yet.)

I've been waiting for like, what. Two weeks? for Samwise Gamgee to get booted for being a moron...and last night he got booted! Section 112 or some such for being a paranoid lunatic asshat. Wait 'till they find out that he lost his security badge!

My next question is when will President Limpwrist get booted. I swear, every time I look at his rheumy, wimpy, weak-chinned face I think "that guy - who would look more like John Kerry in real life - could have been our President" and I shudder. I mean, the guy almost let his wife DIE as he sold out the Russian President and his wife to terrorists. The self same Russian President and wife that he just signed a treaty with. I hope he gets taken out. Maybe his wife (Jean Smart - LOVE her character) will lock him up in a mental hospital for the cajones-deficient and take over as President for the next couple of episodes. Hey, a girl can dream.

Of course Bauer was his usual kick-ass self, but it paled in comparison to the Gamgee/President Useless drama. (and IMAO thinks Agent Pierce stole the episode. I gotta agree, though, that scene with the motorcade and the flamethrower? Pierce *did* kick some terrorist butt.) Anyway. Great episode.


Paczkis. Can someone explain to me how they pack 600 calories into something so innocent and donut-looking? They CAN'T be that bad. Can they? Do you think the baby would like one? Or two? ::waddles off to see::

Liberals in our comments section. I love liberals. Seriously, I do. No really. Stop looking at me like that, I do. And when we first started this blog, we were really excited about the possibility of discussing topics with people that weren't of our political...uh...leanings.

Then we started actually getting some who would visit quite regularly. And that's where the head-scratching and eye-rolling started. I still love them, because heaven knows, the more they insist on being caricatures of tinfoil hat wearing lunatics the more even people like Pat Robertson look "moderate". But sometimes I honestly wonder where they're coming from. A quick "Google" search or even a simple matter of taking 30 seconds to think back and remember events from 4 years ago, and bam. Liberal argument proven to be so way out in left field as to be beyond ridiculous. Go ahead. Sift through our comments on any given post and I promise you you'll be scratching your head and rolling your eyes, too. Fun stuff.


Driving in Michigan. Good lord it's like Frogger every day. You have to read the other drivers' minds practically to see if you can tell what they're going to do next. "No, there's no WAY that guy's going to try to turn in front of....HEY!!" *slamming on brakes* Or, "I see the guy has his turn signal on, so I'll slow down for him...oh wait. Old guy. The left turn signal has probably been on since he drove it off the lot in 1972." (no offense to old guys out there...and to be honest, sometimes I'm mortified to realize *I* have left my turn signal on for like 17 miles or so) And then there's the people who think the one car length you've left between you and the car ahead of you is specifically for them to use. That one's classic.


That's about it for me - I don't have the patience or the heart to post anything else. Well, other than Bush praising the demise of the MSM and stuff. That's kind of cool and funny at the same time.


Addition: Here's a lovely shortcut to the DUmp for those of you that can stomach it. Every day there's a new thread highlighted here for our amusement.

** Speaking of the DUmp, can someone (preferably a liberal) explain to me the "chicken hawk" schtick? I'm probably just slow, but I don't understand the logic behind the "can't support the war if you aren't serving" argument. If it can be considered an argument, that is. So are you not allowed to then PROTEST a war you haven't served in? Or does it only work one way? I'm confused.

Okay, I'm off to see about a few Paczkis. What? They're for the baby. Can't argue with the "boss"...

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