Wednesday, January 31

I knew I liked this guy...

Canadian PM Stephen Harper knows what's up.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper once called the Kyoto accord a "socialist scheme" designed to suck money out of rich countries, according to a letter leaked Tuesday by the Liberals.

(Which would explain why China, with 16 of the 20 world's most polluted cities, was excluded? They're already better than socialist - they're communists! Yea! Can't put any emissions/pollution restrictions on them! We all know their pollution is good; it's only evil capitalist countries that are destroying the world!)

These guys, too. Finally, some voices of reason.

True Colors

Yep, we have another racist, high-profile Democrat. This one's even considering running for president...

In a recent interview for the New York Observer, Senator Biden said this of Barak Obama:

Mr. Biden is equally skeptical—albeit in a slightly more backhanded way—about Mr. Obama. “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.

So let's get this straight - Obama is "clean" --well, that's good-- and he's "articulate." (As opposed to all those other African Americans who are dirty and illegible. Oh, and don't forget mean-looking, or something to that effect...) If you don't think that's racist, when's the last time you heard a white guy described as "articulate?" Like it's this big surprise. Like it's a "storybook" to actually find an African American so clean and articulate. The "first" one, according to Biden. And even if describing Obama as clean and articulate was OK, isn't Biden forgetting a few other "main stream" African Americans? How about Martin Luther King? Condoleeza Rice? Colin Powell? Clarence Thomas -- I think they're all "clean" and "articulate," too. And I'm sure there's just a handful more we're forgetting...

Now, let's sit back and watch the media and political frenzy this remark is sure to bring! No doubt we'll hear from countless members of Congress about how appalled they are. I'm sure they'll also demand that Biden step down from any committees he's on. It would only be right and consistent... Oh, wait, I forgot. Biden's a Democrat. Guess I won't hold my breath for any expressed outrage (except from a few Republicans that the MSM probably won't cover.)

Between Jimmah Carter's anti-semitism, "Sheets" Byrd, and now Joe Biden, how can this party still claim to be for the minority voter??

Tuesday, January 30

Heads out of Sand, Please

Conservatives are disappointed, to say the least, by our 2008 presidential options. I wish Jeb Bush was running, too, but he's not and he couldn't win in '08 if he was. Who knows - maybe Newt will take us by storm with his campaign soon... But what's more likely is the three frontrunners and a couple more no-names who don't have a prayer against Hillary. (Think Bob Dole - that was a great strategy, eh?)

So we have two choices. We can bemoan the fact that Rudy Giuliani has been "pro-gay" and pro-abortion and start getting used to the idea of another President Clinton in '08 (who, btw, is also "pro-gay" and pro-abortion, yet unlike a Republican, would feel no obligation or pressure to be sensative to the majority party view), or we can get behind the only Republican candidate with a prayer of beating the Hildabeast. A man with a darn good record on some other Republican principals, like cutting taxes and fighting crime. Again, we can throw away our vote and help get a liberal Democrat who is "pro-gay," pro-abortion, wants to raise our taxes, and doesn't understand that national security should come before poll numbers and politics, or we can vote Rudy in '08.

Monday, January 29

Reflections from a Peace Activist

Pinko Lemming here - just back from the protest in D.C. It ROCKED! We showed the country that we're not going away - that Bush is evil and must be impeached and then killed! And I hope all you wierdos in the Bible Belt are listening - because you need to shut up and die, too! Yeah, I saw those counter protesters - the Iraqi War veteran with the amputated leg. And I would have spit on him, too, had I been close enough! We need to bring the troops home now. We need to pull out of Iraq - who cares about the Iraqis? We only care about the troops and what a waste their so-called mission has been these past three years. They need to come home. And then heads need to roll --I'm not talking about the al quaeda and hezbollah freedom fighters taking a stand against western imperialism, I'm talking about Bush, Cheney and Karl Rove. And Scooter Libby, too - he's really bad. They're all evil and they're destroying our country. And they're destroying our reputation in the rest of the world. They could learn a few things from Fidel Castro and Sean Penn, I can tell you that. But first thing's first - we have to keep our message alive. If you see a veteran or active duty soldier still supporting this illegal war, spit on him. We want to bring the 7% of soldiers against the war home! Bring them all home! Because we care about the troops. Peace.

Your Typical War Protester... and other fun news for Monday

Yeah. These are the type of people who protest the war. The commi-bastard America haters. I can't think of anyone else, no matter what policy disagreement they had with our government, who would think it was OK to spray paint the steps of our Capitol building. There's free speech, and then there's destruction of property... But it's nice to have a refreshingly honest look at the utter lack of respect these people have for their country... (BTW- I never heard this reported by the MSM. I accidently left the NBC local news on after the Wings game the other day and they portrayed nothing more than good, nobel protesters demonstrating against an unpopular war)

Oh, and of course Jane Fonda was there at the protest-at-large. Check out the description of who she was speaking to:

Children in tie-dyed shirts, grandmothers in flowered hats, kids with frizzy hair and muddy jeans danced and hoisted signs and chanted against the war and for impeachment.

Do you know what I have to say to these folks? Get a job! Then come talk to me... As for Ms. Fonda, I wish she would do just what she did in Vietnam. Go over to Iraq or Afganistan and ask the al queada or hezbollah freaks we're fighting if she can straddle one of their missle launchers and be filmed for western television. (It would be interesting to see if she'd try to gain their acceptance by donning a burqua first...) I'm sure they'd welcome such a demure representation of western culture with open arms... (and maybe an ax?)

Speaking of America haters - our would-be president, John F-in' Kerry (champion of mice and hampsters), recently described the country he could have led as an "international pariah." (Yeah- one of his reasons is of course us not signing the Kyoto protocol - you know, the treaty that would have hurt us economically, but exempted China, the country with 16 of the world's 20 most polluted cities... Will the Kyoto hypocrisy ever end???)

In happier news, 200 militants were killed in Iraq this weekend. Ever since Bush announced our new strategy over there, I've noticed quite a few stories (on Fox, at least) about militants and terrorists being killed by U.S.-Iraqi forces in Iraq. Wish this would get as much coverage as the handful of soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country over the weekend...

(Can you imagine if we would have had battles like this in WWII? A battle with 200 enemies killed and 3 Americans killed and the headline was "Three Americans killed in France over the weekend" - sheesh. Mind boggling.)

And there are actually days when I'm so glad that Hillary is running for president - for entertainment value, if nothing else. She recently enlighted us on why she is qualified to deal with "evil and bad men." At least she's admitting it this time...

Saturday, January 27

A parallel universe

I'm sitting on the couch on a beautiful afternoon watching Fox News while the baby naps. I'm enjoying giving my sore back a rest and feeling virtuous for catching up on the news at the same time. Until I hear some Democrat mouthpiece talking about John Kerry calling the US an "International Pariah". I went to Drudge to see if I could find the full quote, but instead found this feel-good story about a rally to...bitch about how we're still in Iraq. The warm-fuzziness included a coffin displayed with an American Flag (not on fire, by the way, so that's a start) and a pair of boots next to it. Yes, we have lost some of our finest men and women in this war. It's a war. War. Not tea party. These amazing men and women gave their lives because they believed in what we are doing. They are brave. They are heroes.

These celebrities are none of these things. They are not brave, they are not amazing, and they would NEVER lay down their lives for anything. Heck, they never even have to make hard decisions like our President does on a daily/hourly basis, and yet they think somehow they can do a better job. As Mr. Patriotette says, "all of these people could drop off the earth and society as a whole wouldn't even blink or change in any way".

So here we are in parallel universes. (universii?)

We have the brave and the strong overseas, we have the thinking, un-brainwashed, rational people who believe in what we are doing and who believe in our President and think of him as a great man.

And then we have those living in the twilight zone who think we went to Iraq for oil, for Halliburton, for a lie, etc, etc. (I even heard some brain surgeon-type who said Iraq had something to do with George Bush's poppy fields or something. Yeah, I don't know either.)

There isn't even any room for compromise. There's us... and then there's them. No middle.

2008 is going to be interesting, to say the least.

Friday, January 26

Touched by God?

That's what she says - and judging by her painting, I'm inclined to believe her.

Constitutional Violation???

At first I thought this was a joke, but we're still a few months away from April Fools Day. Apparently Nancy Pelosi and her entourage (including Murtha) are off to Iraq. Now had they been going to visit the troops, bolster morale, etc. -then I'd know it was a joke. But no, they're planning on meeting with al-Maliki, the Iraqi prime minister. Now, correct me if I'm wrong (because I know certain Democrats have ignored it before with not so much as a slap on the wrist), but doesn't our Constitution say something about the president being the only one responsible for foreign policy? Meeting with foreign leaders, making agreements, signing treaties, etc. For Congressmen (and women) to pretend to be president undermines our real president's authority. Now, maybe they're just going to have tea with him, I don't know, but this sounds highly sketchy to me... The only theory I have right now is that Pelosi intends to blink al-Maliki into submission about her cut and run strategy.

Wednesday, January 24

Rudy in '08

All the hype is already on the '08 candidates (I think the cameras showed them almost as much as the president at last night's SOTU), so I'd thought we'd jump in.

The Conservababes (at least one of them) is officially endorsing Rudy Giuliani for president in '08.

Beyond everything I admire about Rudy, the most important thing in the next presidential election will be stopping another President Clinton from coming into office, and Rudy is the only person who can beat her.

Let's look at the alternatives:

John McCain - Known for being a "maverick." McCain has been running for president in '08 since about 2001. He never got over losing to Bush and has done his best to oppose him when it suited his own interests. Above all else, the #1 most important thing to McCain is John McCain. He's always been self-serving. I might like some aspects of his voting record and his beliefs, but I would not trust him to be guided by any higher principals. Does he really expect the Republican party, who he has reveled in thwarting the last 5 years, to back him now?

Mitt Romney - I like Mitt. He's definitely a proven leader, has good, core conservative principals (at least now he claims to...), and seems to have a certain level of charisma. But can anyone reside in Massachusetts for four years and not be a little corrupted??? (think first state with universal health care...) Most importantly, he CAN'T WIN. He's too much like Bush. And while I love Dubya, only about 33% of the country is with me on that right now... We'll have had 8 years under a clean-cut, white, ultra-conservative businessman and the country's not likely to be in the mood to elect another one just like him. Romney does not stand a chance against the formiddable Hildabeast.

Rudy does - and he would be just the type of leader this country could unify behind. His record as mayor of NY shows us what he can do. According to his webiste - during his tenor as mayor, violent crime in NYC fell by 57%, he cut city taxes by 20% (the lowest tax burden New Yorkers enjoyed in three decades), turned a 2 billion dollar budget deficit into a multi-billion dollar surplus (while still managing to cut taxes), and cut welfare rolls to their lowest number since 1966. Being tough on criminals, balancing budgets and cutting taxes are Republican core principals that even democrats can get behind and feel good about - as was evidenced by him not only getting elected, but enjoying great popularity, as mayor of the unofficial capital of the Peoples' Republic of New York.

Most importantly in our commander in chief is someone who understands and is willing to do what it takes to protect us from the many threats we face in the world today - terrorism topping that list. Giuliani was there on 9/11 - he's seen first hand what evil can accomplish. He helped that city get through the worst attack on American soil ever and was an inspiration to us all as "America's mayor." I would trust my national security to Rudy Giuliani; I cringe at the very thought of what we have coming if we elect Hillary Clinton to protect us.

So I'm endorsing Rudy in '08 - because he's a straight-forward, plainspoken leader who I'm confident will protect the two most important things our governement can affect - my security and my hard earned money.

(Oh, and his middle initial is W.)

Tuesday, January 23

State of the Union

President Bush gave a sober, yet strong state of the union address tonight and I hope that Congress and the American people can put aside their partisian angles to come together on the most important issues he discussed.

Some highlights:

This is not the fight we entered in Iraq, but it is the fight we are in. Every one of us wishes that this war were over and won. Yet it would not be like us to leave our promises unkept, our friends abandoned, and our own security at risk. Ladies and gentlemen: On this day, at this hour, it is still within our power to shape the outcome of this battle. So let us find our resolve, and turn events toward victory.

For America, this is a nightmare scenario. For the enemy, this is the objective. Chaos is their greatest ally in this struggle. And out of chaos in Iraq, would emerge an emboldened enemy with new safe havens... new recruits ... new resources ... and an even greater determination to harm America. To allow this to happen would be to ignore the lessons of September 11th and invite tragedy. And ladies and gentlemen, nothing is more important at this moment in our history than for America to succeed in the Middle East ... to succeed in Iraq ... and to spare the American people from this danger.

This is where matters stand tonight, in the here and now. I have spoken with many of you in person. I respect you and the arguments you have made.
We went into this largely united – in our assumptions, and in our convictions. And whatever you voted for, you did not vote for failure. Our country is pursuing a new strategy in Iraq – and I ask you to give it a chance to work. And I ask you to support our troops in the field – and those on their way.

Of course, hoping that Democrats want us to achieve victory in Iraq enough to put aside their hatred, bitterness, and desire to see America as the next France is naive of me. Their response had the ususal talk of "redeployment" (aka - turn and run with your tale between your legs and bring on Black Hawk Down x a million). Oh, and much of the president's ideas (like his health care plan) were declared "dead on the table" before he even stepped up to the podium tonight. (Shows their genuine desire to cooporate and be "bi-partisian," as they've been claiming for the last 6 years.) Clearly their ideas of socializing health care are all they're interested in debating (so that Americans, like Canadians, can get on five year waiting lists for an MRI, etc. - unfortunately, unlike Canadians, we won't have a border to cross if we really need medical services not available to us under our socialized system...) And you weren't exactly going to hear them heartily cheer the notion of balancing the budget without increasing taxes... But it's getting late, I can always enjoy my dreams for at least one evening...

UPDATE: Pelosi broke record for how many times she could blink her eyes per minute...

Monday, January 22

Experiences in Albuquerque talk radio...

Okay, so I'm old. I leave my radio in my Jeep set to a talk radio station. It's the station that has Rush followed by Hannity. Unfortunately, it's also the station that features Jim Villanucci. He's a supposed "Libertarian", yet seems to revel in the tinfoil-hat wearing callers who say the absolute stupidest things. And I don't mean "revel" like Rush does.

Anyway, today they were discussing what people wanted to hear during the State of the Union address tomorrow. Pretty much every caller had something snotty to say, but one "woman" called and said "The only thing I want to hear is that he's resigning". Nice.

But what REALLY got me upset was this "statistic" he was throwing around (twice on his show now) about how "Half the troops don't support the war". That raised my eyebrow a bit, and I was very pleased that someone else had the guts to call and say "um...cite your source, please". Jim's response? "It's been on my show before. Go Google it." and hung up.

So. I Googled. And here's the article - I think - to which he's referring.

Barely one in three service members approve of the way the president is handling he war, according to the new poll for the four papers (Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times and Marine Times). In another startling finding, only 41% now feel it was the right idea to go to war in Iraq in the first place. And the number who feel uccess there is likely has shrunk from 83% in 2004 to about 50% today. A surprising 13% say there should be no U.S. troops in Iraq at all.

I wonder why. They feel that the general public doesn't approve of them or their reason for being there.

The poll also found that while the personnel believe the public has a positive view of them, they are convinced the media do not — only 39 % said they think the media have a favorable view of the troops.
From the Military Times article:
Almost two-thirds (63 percent) of those surveyed said the senior military leadership has the best interests of the troops at heart. And though they don’t think much of the way he’s handling the war, 48 percent said the same about President Bush.
And note that they're not disapproving of the war per se (unless you count those 13%) - they're disapproving of Bush's handling of it. That's kind of a big difference. Bush's handling of it could be anything from bad food to the troops feeling stretched too thin to be effective.

This doesn't surprise me:
While approval of Bush’s handling of the war has plunged, approval for his overall performance as president remains at 52%.

So for Mr. Villanucci to throw around stats like "Half the troops don't approve" is irresponsible at best and and outright fabrication at worst. He should have "reported" those statistics with a bit more context, in my opinion.

What do you guys think?

Fighting Words from Al Qaeda

So the Democrats and Al Qaeda have one more thing in common - they both oppose President Bush's plan to send more troops to Iraq.

Al-Zawahri said the U.S. strategy for Iraq, outlined by Bush in a Jan. 9 speech, was doomed to fail.

"I ask him, why send 20,000 (troops) only _ why not send 50 or 100 thousand? Aren't you aware that the dogs of Iraq are pining for your troops' dead bodies?" said al-Zawahri in the footage released by SITE, which assesses and analyzes intelligence related to terrorism.

"So send your entire army to be annihilated at the hands of the mujahideen (holy warriors) to free the world from your evil," he said, "because Iraq, land of the Caliphate and Jihad, is able to bury ten armies like yours, with Allah's help and power."

Now, war opponents out there - do you honestly think people like this can be talked to or reasoned with? Do you think they'll stop trying to kill us if we "redeploy" our forces?

My preferred American response to Al Qaeda (were over 50% of this country not acting like impatient little patsies these days) would be:

Oh, yeah? We'll send more troops and we'll blast your sorry asses out of Baghdad, what do you think about that, BITCH? (If ONLY Dubya could talk more like a rapper sometimes...)

Then I'd throw up the numbers of American soldiers killed v. Al Qaida killed in the last three years to prove my point.

Al Qaeda in...where, again?

So all I read of this, I must confess, is the headline. But shouldn't this give one pause when criticizing the war in Iraq? You know, the war we shouldn't be fighting because Iraq never attacked us and there were "No WMDs"?

"This appears to be the first hard evidence al Qaeda in Iraq was trying to attack us here at home," said ABC News consultant Richard Clarke, former chief counterterrorism adviser on the U.S. National Security Council.

Al Qaeda DID attack us. And they're...where? Did he say "Iraq"??

Congrats to Da Bears and Colts

What a Sunday!!!

Looks like Chicago will meet the Colts down in Miami for Super Bowl 41. (or as Tony Dungee said - it's a shame they just can't meet in Ft. Wayne instead of having to make such a long trip)

(On a side note, I just have to ask - WHY WHY WHY WHY WHHHHHHYYYYY couldn't this have happened last year? You know, the game here in the D, the game I went to... one of the most boring, least watched Super Bowls ever - no offense, Steelers)

OK, that's out of my system. Was glad to see Chicago win - will be routing for them to win it all. But the Colts and Pats... I was actually cheering for both teams! I felt like a confused liberal or something. I've long been a Pats fan, since I went to school in Boston and experienced the love that area has for its football team. Also have to love Tom Brady - the best thing to come out of Michigan since... But then I've also liked the Colts and Peyton Manning and you just had to feel bad for all of their past crushing defeats to their arch rivals, the Pats. And at the end of the day, it will be easier to cheer for Chicago to beat the Colts than the Pats.

Go Bears.

Props to Australia

For kicking this jerk off their flight.

I do believe in freedom of speech and that people can wear whatever they want. But couldn't he have waited to wear this shirt when he got home? Airlines take security seriously - you can get kicked off a plane for even joking about a bomb or terrorism - and he didn't show the wisest decision by choosing to wear this on an international flight.

I won't even get into what a moron this man is. Equating our president with radical killers who want to kill anyone not submitting to their warped view of Islam not only belittles the real threat posed by terrorists, but shows how irrational and ignorant this man really is.

And at least this shirt offended the Australians - not sure how many people would be offended if this had happened in, say, Massachusetts.

Saturday, January 20

A naive question.

In this politically correct world where certain foods are banned, certain words are banned, certain ethnic groups are to be identified by certain titles (Asian-American, not Chinese. Native American, not Indian, etc.), and your sexual orientation (only if you're gay, of course) is never to be looked down upon or questioned as to its morality or lack thereof...

Don't you think something like this should zero itself out? I don't think Isaiah should have to apologize, frankly. The "protected" people should be able to say whatever they want to each other. It's the white, middle-class Republican women like myself and the Sage that shouldn't be able to criticize or make fun of a black man for his politics (i.e. Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson) or a gay man for his lifestyle (pick one). But put the two guys together and they should be able to do whatever they want.

Just sayin'.

Friday, January 19

Shut up, Rosie - Pt. II

So the Fat Disgusting One is at it again. Now she has a problem with American Idol judges being mean to contestants. She is apparently taking the moral high-ground here, denouncing those who pick on people's appearance. Because she wasn't the one that made fun of Donald Trump's combover. That was someone else.

She/It also said:
It's terribly sad to me," O'Donnell said during a harsh six-plus minute Idol attack broadcast on Thursday morning's The View. "I don't think America likes to watch people be ridiculed, made fun of, and called ugly monkeys, or that they're too fat or they're a degenerate... it's an absurd concept that this is what's tolerable now as consumption in America for mass media.

I guess just making fun of Christians is acceptable ("Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam")? Her rants about George Bush and how he's stupid and other tired cliches is okay by Her Corpulentness?

Shut up, Rosie.

Thursday, January 18

Cooling Trend Threatens South; Imminent Doom is Next

The world will end. People will die and have died as the frightening prospect of global cooling can be seen across the nation. Snow storms in Texas and Oklahoma, the Alamo closed, highway deaths from icy conditions abound, California fruit growers have lost billions as their crops were ruined by freak ice and frost. Snow and ice in Malibu. That's right; Malibu.

Experts ponder what George Bush and Karl Rove are up to this time...

Asks environmental activist, Pinko Lemming, "Haven't we suffered enough after Katrina? Why did they have to ruin our citris crops, too?"

Weather experts and anaylists have attributed this global cooling trend to the higher number of hybrid cars sold in the state of California, lower home heating demands, and the higher levels of exercise seen in residents of southern states.

"Some people walk or ride their bikes to work," says cultural analyist Megan Dobbs.

"The carbon emissions in these states are lower than their northern counterparts, which has in the last year alone caused the avergage January temperatures to plummet 2 degrees," says scientist Scott Marx from Pepperdine University.

Global cooling skeptics have pointed out that the advocates ignore the Texas phenomenon, considering that state has some of the nations most polluted cities, is responsible for 1/4 of the world's pickup truck sales, in addition to the oil drilling still occuring there. Most experts dismiss these skeptics as being in denial of a very real threat to humanity.

"They're just ignoring the facts. We haven't seen temperatures drop to these consistently low levels in at least 80 years," Marx points out.

The global cooling phenomenon has inspired the Reverend Pat Buchanan to start a countdown to the end of the world, which he believes will occur in 9 years, 12 days, and 5 hours, 15 minutes and 3 seconds. (coincidentally close to Algore's doomsday calendar)

Friday, January 12

There They Go Again

The Democrats are at it again - rather than debating the president's Iraq strategy, arguing why they think their strategy (this is supposing they had one) will work better to achieve victory in Iraq, they once again resort to personal attacks. It's one thing for Bush to brush off being called a "liar" from the murderer from Massachusetts, it's one thing to brush off comments about personal appearance, etc. But Barbara Boxer stoops to new depths with her latest attack on Condi.

Let's ignore the fact that these so-called feminist Democrats should be championing a woman who did not need a man to rise to such a level of success. We all know if she supported abortion on demand (the only true mark of feminism) and had a D after her name that they would be lauding her greatness.

Who is Barbara Boxer to comment on Condi's lifestyle? Does Babs know Condi's entire romantic history and why she chose never to marry? Does Babs know why Condi's parents only had one child? Some people want more children, but for whatever reason cannot have them - nice of Babs to remind Condi she has no siblings, nieces or nephews. Also nice of her to remind Condi of the parents she lost - people that all public record show Condi was very close to. This is about the lowest, most vile cheap shot I've ever heard, even from a politician. Boxer should be ashamed (presuming any of those Democrats have any shame, which I've seen no evidence of).

Wednesday, January 10

Pinko Lemming's New Year's Resolutions

Hey! It's me - the Sage's enlightened, liberal twin. So I'm just bumming between shows and was crashing at her place - capitalist pig is working late again, so I thought I'd bring some real wisdom to her stupid blog. After all, I know you all want to hear more about me and my resolutions - and you should learn from them and try to improve your life by following them, too.

So, like, I normally don't go for such restrictive, obligatory things like resolutions. But I just know this is going to be, like, such a great year! I mean, my girl Nancy's the most powerful woman in America! Who knows what other great things might happen with the Democrats back in their rightful place, with a majority of Congress! So this year I said - what the heck?

Pinko's New Year's Resolutions for 2007:

-Follow Cindy until all the troops are brought home!

-Do my part to support the Bush impeachment hearings

-Picket Wall Mart

-Figure out how to buy a new Prius with my food stamps

-Supprt a new tax increase on The Rich
(those with a household income of $40,000 a year or more) to pay for my health care

-Ban all meat from New York City restaurants

Reflections on Iraq and the Speech

In his usual, plain-spoken manner, Dubya told us tonight of his adjusted Iraq strategy.

Let's face it, most Americans are sick of Iraq. It doesn't really affect our daily lives, we have short attention spans, and really just don't want to hear about it anymore. It would be different if we were kicking ass over there; then we'd all love it. (Though I'm not sure the media would ever let us know if we were...)

Most of our fair Democrats in Congress play into our short attention span and frusteration with a war we don't appear to be winning, but even they know that to withdraw troops now would bring on disaster. Those who naively cry "let the Iraqis do it themselves!" are ignoring the fact that the violence there is not caused only by Iraqis - they're fighting al queada, Iran and Syria, as well.

I'm weary of arguing with short-minded people who deny the good intentions we had going into this war, why we had to take out Saddam, why the people of Iraq are better off now than they were four years ago --all the while ignoring or blinding themselves to the terrible consequences of us pulling out without victory.

I'm going to break it down in a very plain-spoken manner like our president. Answer these simple questions:

Do you love your country?

Do you want your country to suceed when it enters a conflict or war?

If you answered no to either of these questions, please stop reading and find another site to bother. If you answered yes, be you Democrat or Republican, I would like you to tell me, if you are opposed to the president's plan, why the plan you support is better? For too long has the Democratic strategy been to bash whatever Bush is saying or doing. Forget how the war is going, save your bitter Bush bashing, and for once tell me how you think we can WIN this war. If not, shut up and try to support what we ARE trying to do, for a change.

Trump vs. Rosie vs. Babs

I'm on Trump's side on this, sorry America. I cannot STAND Rosie O'Donnell. Cannot STAND her. I've only watched her on the View a few times, and even those few times I've had to change channels in absolute disgust. Comparing Christians to Islamofascists? Claiming some kind of moral high ground because she's...what. A better moral compass than Trump? Why. Because you're a lesbian and he's been divorced? Is she on drugs?

I think Barbara Walters DID say everything Trump said she said. I just think Babs is too much of a coward to own up to it. Nobody I know likes Rosie as a co-host. She's obnoxious, rude, loud and thinks she's the only one on the show. She has no problem not only spouting her ridiculous opinions - she's condescending and patronizing to people with opinions that differ from hers. She makes me cringe. And change the channel.

So yes. I'm on Trump's side here. He's saying what everyone (including Barbara Walters) is afraid to say for some reason. Babs is now "going public" with her "disdain" for Trump and denying everything. Y'know, so would *I* if I were caught red-handed bashing a coworker or employee. So would anyone. I WISH Trump would have tape-recorded the conversation. I am actually kind of disappointed in The Donald for not thinking of that. (or maybe he did and he's waiting for the right moment.)

Oh, and of course, the media is portraying Rosie as the "winner" here. Because she's a lesbian, I guess. And Trump is the big, bad capitalist. Bad Trump. Gay Power!


p.s. Donald, on Larry King, basically said he's a Democrat. So I'm not cheering him on because of his political leanings. Just saying.

Monday, January 8

Fighting Words

Ann doesn't hold back in this most recent post.

Liberals spent the Vietnam War rooting for the enemy and clamoring for America's defeat, a tradition they have brought back for the Iraq war.

After a half-dozen years of Democrat presidents creating a looming disaster in Vietnam — with Kennedy ordering the assassination of our own ally in the middle of the war and Johnson ham-handedly choosing bombing targets from the Oval Office — in 1969, Nixon became president and the world was safe again.

Nixon began a phased withdrawal of American ground troops, while protecting the South Vietnamese by increasing the bombings of the North, mining North Vietnamese harbors and attacking North Vietnamese military supplies in Cambodia — all actions hysterically denounced by American liberals, eager for the communists to defeat America.

Despite the massive anti-war protests staged by the Worst Generation, their takeovers of university buildings and their bombings of federal property to protest the bombing of North Vietnamese property, Nixon's Vietnam policy was apparently popular with normal Americans. In 1972, he won re-election against "peace" candidate George McGovern in a 49-state landslide.

In addition to being wrong about Ford's pardon of Nixon, liberals were wrong about a few other things from that era. Democrats haven't admitted error in rejecting Ford's pleas on behalf of South Vietnam because there are still dangerous foreigners trying to kill Americans. Nixon is safely interred in the ground, but the enemies of America continue to need the Democrats' help.

Wednesday, January 3

Happy New Year

If we still have any readers out there, sorry for the lack of new content. We Conservababes take our holidays seriously, and that included a break from blogging, as it turned out. But hopefully 2007 will be a banner year for us all with many interesting posts, hopefully some humor, and if we're lucky, more disgruntled liberals.

A lot has happened in the last week - the passing of President Ford (the only prez to hail from the great state of Michigan), Saddam swinging to his death, that horrid bowl game on new years that will never be referenced again on this site...

But for our first post of the year, I'd like to honor Stevie Y. The Captain's #19 was retired last night at the Joe after a beautiful ceremony. You want to know what's missing in most of today's celebrities and sports stars, take a look at Steve Yzerman. Listen to what everyone had to say about him. This is a man who brought 3 Cups to Detroit, won countless trophies, was the longest captain in NHL history, 6th of the all time NHL points leaders, and is rightly compared to the greats of old like Gordie Howe. Yet in his speech, in typical Yzerman fashion, he was humble and modest. He said his greatness was "overrated" (this statement was followed by loud boos from objecting fans present), and stressed that everything he had accomplished was nothing more than the work of those great players around him, his coaches, the team owners, etc., etc., etc. And he made a special point to thank his fans, which for us was quite touching. One word sums up Steve Yzerman: Class.