Monday, February 6

Congrats to the Steelers...

...and to Detroit!

Wow, what a weekend and what a game. First ever 6th seed to even make it to the Bowl, let alone win. It was a good, close game, too. The Steelers didn't start off too hot, but they sure did finish!

Detroit deserves a lot of credit, too. Everything ran smoothly, people had fun, and I don't know too many stadiums out there better than Ford Field. Both Saturday night going downtown and heading down there for the game, there was essentially no traffic and parked in the garage attached to the RenCen for $14. You can't beat that! (A lot of people took advantage of the shuttles, which made driving a breeze) And we got snow! Finally a little winter for our "winter blast." It was so great to see people walking around downtown, too --that's not a normal occurance. But everything was cleaned up very nicely, the spotlights shining out from the Ren Cen looked especially cool lighting up all of the snow, Woodward was closed downtown for all of the tents they had set up for beer, taste fest, kids games, etc., the ice rink was a big hit, the bars were all packed... oh, and open til 4 a.m. Detroit should be very proud of what we've pulled off here for this major event.

I definitely felt like I was in Pittsburgh, though. The town was crawling with Steelers fans and as you saw on TV, it looked like a home crowd at the game, too. Sat next to some Steelers fans and they even let me swing their Terrible Towel to celebrate! Wow, what an experience. Hope we can do it again after Florida's had their three years...

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