Wednesday, January 10

Pinko Lemming's New Year's Resolutions

Hey! It's me - the Sage's enlightened, liberal twin. So I'm just bumming between shows and was crashing at her place - capitalist pig is working late again, so I thought I'd bring some real wisdom to her stupid blog. After all, I know you all want to hear more about me and my resolutions - and you should learn from them and try to improve your life by following them, too.

So, like, I normally don't go for such restrictive, obligatory things like resolutions. But I just know this is going to be, like, such a great year! I mean, my girl Nancy's the most powerful woman in America! Who knows what other great things might happen with the Democrats back in their rightful place, with a majority of Congress! So this year I said - what the heck?

Pinko's New Year's Resolutions for 2007:

-Follow Cindy until all the troops are brought home!

-Do my part to support the Bush impeachment hearings

-Picket Wall Mart

-Figure out how to buy a new Prius with my food stamps

-Supprt a new tax increase on The Rich
(those with a household income of $40,000 a year or more) to pay for my health care

-Ban all meat from New York City restaurants

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