Friday, January 19

Shut up, Rosie - Pt. II

So the Fat Disgusting One is at it again. Now she has a problem with American Idol judges being mean to contestants. She is apparently taking the moral high-ground here, denouncing those who pick on people's appearance. Because she wasn't the one that made fun of Donald Trump's combover. That was someone else.

She/It also said:
It's terribly sad to me," O'Donnell said during a harsh six-plus minute Idol attack broadcast on Thursday morning's The View. "I don't think America likes to watch people be ridiculed, made fun of, and called ugly monkeys, or that they're too fat or they're a degenerate... it's an absurd concept that this is what's tolerable now as consumption in America for mass media.

I guess just making fun of Christians is acceptable ("Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam")? Her rants about George Bush and how he's stupid and other tired cliches is okay by Her Corpulentness?

Shut up, Rosie.

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