Wednesday, January 24

Rudy in '08

All the hype is already on the '08 candidates (I think the cameras showed them almost as much as the president at last night's SOTU), so I'd thought we'd jump in.

The Conservababes (at least one of them) is officially endorsing Rudy Giuliani for president in '08.

Beyond everything I admire about Rudy, the most important thing in the next presidential election will be stopping another President Clinton from coming into office, and Rudy is the only person who can beat her.

Let's look at the alternatives:

John McCain - Known for being a "maverick." McCain has been running for president in '08 since about 2001. He never got over losing to Bush and has done his best to oppose him when it suited his own interests. Above all else, the #1 most important thing to McCain is John McCain. He's always been self-serving. I might like some aspects of his voting record and his beliefs, but I would not trust him to be guided by any higher principals. Does he really expect the Republican party, who he has reveled in thwarting the last 5 years, to back him now?

Mitt Romney - I like Mitt. He's definitely a proven leader, has good, core conservative principals (at least now he claims to...), and seems to have a certain level of charisma. But can anyone reside in Massachusetts for four years and not be a little corrupted??? (think first state with universal health care...) Most importantly, he CAN'T WIN. He's too much like Bush. And while I love Dubya, only about 33% of the country is with me on that right now... We'll have had 8 years under a clean-cut, white, ultra-conservative businessman and the country's not likely to be in the mood to elect another one just like him. Romney does not stand a chance against the formiddable Hildabeast.

Rudy does - and he would be just the type of leader this country could unify behind. His record as mayor of NY shows us what he can do. According to his webiste - during his tenor as mayor, violent crime in NYC fell by 57%, he cut city taxes by 20% (the lowest tax burden New Yorkers enjoyed in three decades), turned a 2 billion dollar budget deficit into a multi-billion dollar surplus (while still managing to cut taxes), and cut welfare rolls to their lowest number since 1966. Being tough on criminals, balancing budgets and cutting taxes are Republican core principals that even democrats can get behind and feel good about - as was evidenced by him not only getting elected, but enjoying great popularity, as mayor of the unofficial capital of the Peoples' Republic of New York.

Most importantly in our commander in chief is someone who understands and is willing to do what it takes to protect us from the many threats we face in the world today - terrorism topping that list. Giuliani was there on 9/11 - he's seen first hand what evil can accomplish. He helped that city get through the worst attack on American soil ever and was an inspiration to us all as "America's mayor." I would trust my national security to Rudy Giuliani; I cringe at the very thought of what we have coming if we elect Hillary Clinton to protect us.

So I'm endorsing Rudy in '08 - because he's a straight-forward, plainspoken leader who I'm confident will protect the two most important things our governement can affect - my security and my hard earned money.

(Oh, and his middle initial is W.)

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