Monday, January 22

Fighting Words from Al Qaeda

So the Democrats and Al Qaeda have one more thing in common - they both oppose President Bush's plan to send more troops to Iraq.

Al-Zawahri said the U.S. strategy for Iraq, outlined by Bush in a Jan. 9 speech, was doomed to fail.

"I ask him, why send 20,000 (troops) only _ why not send 50 or 100 thousand? Aren't you aware that the dogs of Iraq are pining for your troops' dead bodies?" said al-Zawahri in the footage released by SITE, which assesses and analyzes intelligence related to terrorism.

"So send your entire army to be annihilated at the hands of the mujahideen (holy warriors) to free the world from your evil," he said, "because Iraq, land of the Caliphate and Jihad, is able to bury ten armies like yours, with Allah's help and power."

Now, war opponents out there - do you honestly think people like this can be talked to or reasoned with? Do you think they'll stop trying to kill us if we "redeploy" our forces?

My preferred American response to Al Qaeda (were over 50% of this country not acting like impatient little patsies these days) would be:

Oh, yeah? We'll send more troops and we'll blast your sorry asses out of Baghdad, what do you think about that, BITCH? (If ONLY Dubya could talk more like a rapper sometimes...)

Then I'd throw up the numbers of American soldiers killed v. Al Qaida killed in the last three years to prove my point.

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