Monday, January 29

Your Typical War Protester... and other fun news for Monday

Yeah. These are the type of people who protest the war. The commi-bastard America haters. I can't think of anyone else, no matter what policy disagreement they had with our government, who would think it was OK to spray paint the steps of our Capitol building. There's free speech, and then there's destruction of property... But it's nice to have a refreshingly honest look at the utter lack of respect these people have for their country... (BTW- I never heard this reported by the MSM. I accidently left the NBC local news on after the Wings game the other day and they portrayed nothing more than good, nobel protesters demonstrating against an unpopular war)

Oh, and of course Jane Fonda was there at the protest-at-large. Check out the description of who she was speaking to:

Children in tie-dyed shirts, grandmothers in flowered hats, kids with frizzy hair and muddy jeans danced and hoisted signs and chanted against the war and for impeachment.

Do you know what I have to say to these folks? Get a job! Then come talk to me... As for Ms. Fonda, I wish she would do just what she did in Vietnam. Go over to Iraq or Afganistan and ask the al queada or hezbollah freaks we're fighting if she can straddle one of their missle launchers and be filmed for western television. (It would be interesting to see if she'd try to gain their acceptance by donning a burqua first...) I'm sure they'd welcome such a demure representation of western culture with open arms... (and maybe an ax?)

Speaking of America haters - our would-be president, John F-in' Kerry (champion of mice and hampsters), recently described the country he could have led as an "international pariah." (Yeah- one of his reasons is of course us not signing the Kyoto protocol - you know, the treaty that would have hurt us economically, but exempted China, the country with 16 of the world's 20 most polluted cities... Will the Kyoto hypocrisy ever end???)

In happier news, 200 militants were killed in Iraq this weekend. Ever since Bush announced our new strategy over there, I've noticed quite a few stories (on Fox, at least) about militants and terrorists being killed by U.S.-Iraqi forces in Iraq. Wish this would get as much coverage as the handful of soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country over the weekend...

(Can you imagine if we would have had battles like this in WWII? A battle with 200 enemies killed and 3 Americans killed and the headline was "Three Americans killed in France over the weekend" - sheesh. Mind boggling.)

And there are actually days when I'm so glad that Hillary is running for president - for entertainment value, if nothing else. She recently enlighted us on why she is qualified to deal with "evil and bad men." At least she's admitting it this time...

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