Saturday, January 27

A parallel universe

I'm sitting on the couch on a beautiful afternoon watching Fox News while the baby naps. I'm enjoying giving my sore back a rest and feeling virtuous for catching up on the news at the same time. Until I hear some Democrat mouthpiece talking about John Kerry calling the US an "International Pariah". I went to Drudge to see if I could find the full quote, but instead found this feel-good story about a rally to...bitch about how we're still in Iraq. The warm-fuzziness included a coffin displayed with an American Flag (not on fire, by the way, so that's a start) and a pair of boots next to it. Yes, we have lost some of our finest men and women in this war. It's a war. War. Not tea party. These amazing men and women gave their lives because they believed in what we are doing. They are brave. They are heroes.

These celebrities are none of these things. They are not brave, they are not amazing, and they would NEVER lay down their lives for anything. Heck, they never even have to make hard decisions like our President does on a daily/hourly basis, and yet they think somehow they can do a better job. As Mr. Patriotette says, "all of these people could drop off the earth and society as a whole wouldn't even blink or change in any way".

So here we are in parallel universes. (universii?)

We have the brave and the strong overseas, we have the thinking, un-brainwashed, rational people who believe in what we are doing and who believe in our President and think of him as a great man.

And then we have those living in the twilight zone who think we went to Iraq for oil, for Halliburton, for a lie, etc, etc. (I even heard some brain surgeon-type who said Iraq had something to do with George Bush's poppy fields or something. Yeah, I don't know either.)

There isn't even any room for compromise. There's us... and then there's them. No middle.

2008 is going to be interesting, to say the least.

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