Monday, January 29

Reflections from a Peace Activist

Pinko Lemming here - just back from the protest in D.C. It ROCKED! We showed the country that we're not going away - that Bush is evil and must be impeached and then killed! And I hope all you wierdos in the Bible Belt are listening - because you need to shut up and die, too! Yeah, I saw those counter protesters - the Iraqi War veteran with the amputated leg. And I would have spit on him, too, had I been close enough! We need to bring the troops home now. We need to pull out of Iraq - who cares about the Iraqis? We only care about the troops and what a waste their so-called mission has been these past three years. They need to come home. And then heads need to roll --I'm not talking about the al quaeda and hezbollah freedom fighters taking a stand against western imperialism, I'm talking about Bush, Cheney and Karl Rove. And Scooter Libby, too - he's really bad. They're all evil and they're destroying our country. And they're destroying our reputation in the rest of the world. They could learn a few things from Fidel Castro and Sean Penn, I can tell you that. But first thing's first - we have to keep our message alive. If you see a veteran or active duty soldier still supporting this illegal war, spit on him. We want to bring the 7% of soldiers against the war home! Bring them all home! Because we care about the troops. Peace.

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