Wednesday, January 10

Reflections on Iraq and the Speech

In his usual, plain-spoken manner, Dubya told us tonight of his adjusted Iraq strategy.

Let's face it, most Americans are sick of Iraq. It doesn't really affect our daily lives, we have short attention spans, and really just don't want to hear about it anymore. It would be different if we were kicking ass over there; then we'd all love it. (Though I'm not sure the media would ever let us know if we were...)

Most of our fair Democrats in Congress play into our short attention span and frusteration with a war we don't appear to be winning, but even they know that to withdraw troops now would bring on disaster. Those who naively cry "let the Iraqis do it themselves!" are ignoring the fact that the violence there is not caused only by Iraqis - they're fighting al queada, Iran and Syria, as well.

I'm weary of arguing with short-minded people who deny the good intentions we had going into this war, why we had to take out Saddam, why the people of Iraq are better off now than they were four years ago --all the while ignoring or blinding themselves to the terrible consequences of us pulling out without victory.

I'm going to break it down in a very plain-spoken manner like our president. Answer these simple questions:

Do you love your country?

Do you want your country to suceed when it enters a conflict or war?

If you answered no to either of these questions, please stop reading and find another site to bother. If you answered yes, be you Democrat or Republican, I would like you to tell me, if you are opposed to the president's plan, why the plan you support is better? For too long has the Democratic strategy been to bash whatever Bush is saying or doing. Forget how the war is going, save your bitter Bush bashing, and for once tell me how you think we can WIN this war. If not, shut up and try to support what we ARE trying to do, for a change.

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