Friday, January 12

There They Go Again

The Democrats are at it again - rather than debating the president's Iraq strategy, arguing why they think their strategy (this is supposing they had one) will work better to achieve victory in Iraq, they once again resort to personal attacks. It's one thing for Bush to brush off being called a "liar" from the murderer from Massachusetts, it's one thing to brush off comments about personal appearance, etc. But Barbara Boxer stoops to new depths with her latest attack on Condi.

Let's ignore the fact that these so-called feminist Democrats should be championing a woman who did not need a man to rise to such a level of success. We all know if she supported abortion on demand (the only true mark of feminism) and had a D after her name that they would be lauding her greatness.

Who is Barbara Boxer to comment on Condi's lifestyle? Does Babs know Condi's entire romantic history and why she chose never to marry? Does Babs know why Condi's parents only had one child? Some people want more children, but for whatever reason cannot have them - nice of Babs to remind Condi she has no siblings, nieces or nephews. Also nice of her to remind Condi of the parents she lost - people that all public record show Condi was very close to. This is about the lowest, most vile cheap shot I've ever heard, even from a politician. Boxer should be ashamed (presuming any of those Democrats have any shame, which I've seen no evidence of).

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