Wednesday, January 3

Happy New Year

If we still have any readers out there, sorry for the lack of new content. We Conservababes take our holidays seriously, and that included a break from blogging, as it turned out. But hopefully 2007 will be a banner year for us all with many interesting posts, hopefully some humor, and if we're lucky, more disgruntled liberals.

A lot has happened in the last week - the passing of President Ford (the only prez to hail from the great state of Michigan), Saddam swinging to his death, that horrid bowl game on new years that will never be referenced again on this site...

But for our first post of the year, I'd like to honor Stevie Y. The Captain's #19 was retired last night at the Joe after a beautiful ceremony. You want to know what's missing in most of today's celebrities and sports stars, take a look at Steve Yzerman. Listen to what everyone had to say about him. This is a man who brought 3 Cups to Detroit, won countless trophies, was the longest captain in NHL history, 6th of the all time NHL points leaders, and is rightly compared to the greats of old like Gordie Howe. Yet in his speech, in typical Yzerman fashion, he was humble and modest. He said his greatness was "overrated" (this statement was followed by loud boos from objecting fans present), and stressed that everything he had accomplished was nothing more than the work of those great players around him, his coaches, the team owners, etc., etc., etc. And he made a special point to thank his fans, which for us was quite touching. One word sums up Steve Yzerman: Class.

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