Tuesday, January 30

Heads out of Sand, Please

Conservatives are disappointed, to say the least, by our 2008 presidential options. I wish Jeb Bush was running, too, but he's not and he couldn't win in '08 if he was. Who knows - maybe Newt will take us by storm with his campaign soon... But what's more likely is the three frontrunners and a couple more no-names who don't have a prayer against Hillary. (Think Bob Dole - that was a great strategy, eh?)

So we have two choices. We can bemoan the fact that Rudy Giuliani has been "pro-gay" and pro-abortion and start getting used to the idea of another President Clinton in '08 (who, btw, is also "pro-gay" and pro-abortion, yet unlike a Republican, would feel no obligation or pressure to be sensative to the majority party view), or we can get behind the only Republican candidate with a prayer of beating the Hildabeast. A man with a darn good record on some other Republican principals, like cutting taxes and fighting crime. Again, we can throw away our vote and help get a liberal Democrat who is "pro-gay," pro-abortion, wants to raise our taxes, and doesn't understand that national security should come before poll numbers and politics, or we can vote Rudy in '08.

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