Wednesday, January 10

Trump vs. Rosie vs. Babs

I'm on Trump's side on this, sorry America. I cannot STAND Rosie O'Donnell. Cannot STAND her. I've only watched her on the View a few times, and even those few times I've had to change channels in absolute disgust. Comparing Christians to Islamofascists? Claiming some kind of moral high ground because she's...what. A better moral compass than Trump? Why. Because you're a lesbian and he's been divorced? Is she on drugs?

I think Barbara Walters DID say everything Trump said she said. I just think Babs is too much of a coward to own up to it. Nobody I know likes Rosie as a co-host. She's obnoxious, rude, loud and thinks she's the only one on the show. She has no problem not only spouting her ridiculous opinions - she's condescending and patronizing to people with opinions that differ from hers. She makes me cringe. And change the channel.

So yes. I'm on Trump's side here. He's saying what everyone (including Barbara Walters) is afraid to say for some reason. Babs is now "going public" with her "disdain" for Trump and denying everything. Y'know, so would *I* if I were caught red-handed bashing a coworker or employee. So would anyone. I WISH Trump would have tape-recorded the conversation. I am actually kind of disappointed in The Donald for not thinking of that. (or maybe he did and he's waiting for the right moment.)

Oh, and of course, the media is portraying Rosie as the "winner" here. Because she's a lesbian, I guess. And Trump is the big, bad capitalist. Bad Trump. Gay Power!


p.s. Donald, on Larry King, basically said he's a Democrat. So I'm not cheering him on because of his political leanings. Just saying.

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