Friday, October 13

Ann's Take on Krazy Kim

Some humorous facts and points on North Korea, from our friend, Ann.


To go on TV and propose negotiating with North Korea like Clinton did without ever mentioning that North Korea cheated on that agreement before the ink was dry would be like denouncing American aggression against Japan in 1942 and neglecting to mention Pearl Harbor. Anyone who is either that stupid or that disingenuous should not be allowed on TV.

(How true is that??? Don't you want to just yell at these idiots on TV???)

Speaking of Krazy Kim, check out this picture of the Koreas at night... apparently, lights out in N. Korea is at 9:00 (all except for Krazy Kim, at any rate). Can you imaging -no electricity after 9:00? Wow.

And new information shows Kim might be bluffing, after all. I don't know, but maybe he should test keeping the lights on until 10:00 before he has another go with the supposed nuke...

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