Tuesday, October 3


Whaoo! Stocks are up, oil is down. Q4 is starting off on a good note...

In other news -- Mark Foley is a sick bastard. When I first heard this story I was appalled --my first thoughts were something like --no! He can't be a Republican! What a sicko! What an IDIOT. Republicans typically hold themselves to higher morale standards and when I see a Republican involved in something like this, I'm disgusted and very disappointed. But this incident also reveals another characteristic that I love about my party. Everyone else is also disgusted. They're outraged! Foley immediately resigns and you don't hear ONE republican sticking up for him. As it should be. (Compare that to the last time a Democratic congressman had sex with a page or prez. was fooling around with a teenage intern... I'll give you a hint -there was no outrage among members of their own party. No, no --it was all the vast right-wing conspiracy that guided their actions...) More on this general theme...

And isn't this a nice story? Celebrities are proudly signing a petition letting the world know they had an abortion --hey, it's an election year --you didn't expect the Dems to stray too far from their most sacred, core issue, did you?

Oh, and this cracked me up. The Useless Nations, after hosting him and applauding his speech, are now talking sanctions against Iran for their blatant middle finger regarding uranium enrichment. Iran's grand plan --have France oversee the enrichment process (conducted in Iran). Wow. That would make me feel a lot better, what about you? Those fierce and intimidating French... who would mess with them?

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