Monday, October 30

Reflections from the D

As we get past our disappointment here in the D that we don't get another victory parade for one of our teams, we have to remind ourselves that we just made it to the World Series. A team that was competing for the most losses of any season in baseball three years ago just played in the World Series. Props to the Tigers. We're proud of them --and can't wait to see them back next spring!!!

As to what happened, why we fell apart... It was the week off. Momentum is key in sports, so is not having a bunch of rookies and young players with a week off to think about how they're favored to win the World Series. They were under so much pressure and that's tough even for the most experienced veterans to contend with. I still think we're the better team. But congrats to the Cards; I'm sure we'll be seeing the Tigers back in the post season next year when they'll be more fired up than ever to win one for Leland.

On the plus side, the Lions did not lose this weekend.

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