Monday, October 9

Best Sports Town in America. Period.

That's right --that would be Detroit. Not only are we rich with sports history and records, with pro baseball since the 1910's, hockey and football since the '20s, and great college ball since the late 1800s, but our teams (most of them) still continue to win. At least one of our big four are in the playoffs each year.

The Wings - more Stanley Cups than any NHL team after Montreal. Won Cups in '97, '98 and 2001. Gordie Howe - Mr. Hockey, the Production Line, The Captain --need we say more?

The Tigers - From the Georgia Peach to Jim Leyland's team. From 1984 to the most exciting baseball this town's seen in years. To embarrassing the Yankees.

The Pistons - Bad Boys in 89-90, champions again in '04 with strong but disappointing runs the past two seasons. (They'll be back this year, trust us)

The Lions - Hey, our new stadium is gorgeous. And did I mention we have great college football? In the D, we're less than an hour's drive from Ann Arbor, an hour and 1/2 from East Lansing, not quite 3 hours from Columbus and about 3 from South Bend.

Speaking of college ball - check out the new rankings! Auburn's loss helped bump the Maize and Blue into the top 5.

And it's not every city that gets to host the Super Bowl...

Would just like to point out that the Sage knows her sports... My prediction from last Tuesday:

My predictions --Michigan will crush the Spartans this weekend. I have faith the Tigers might pull off at least one win in the Bronx. I still think they have a good shot at winning the series. Oh, and the Lions will lose this Sunday.

Wow. That's all I can say. The Tigers didn't just beat the Yankees, they slaughtered them. I was at the Michigan game watching State get routed and everyone in the crowd had their cell phones out for play-by-play updates of the Tiger game. Saturday was a sunny, glorious day in the great state of Michigan.

Then there was Sunday, and the Lions demonstrated the proper way to blow a 2 TD lead going into the fourth quarter. But who cares? We're still watching baseball!

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