Tuesday, October 3

The Big Choke --hey, we're used to it here

The Tigers will participate in their first playoff run since 1987 tonight at Yankee Stadium. They could be playing at home v. the A's, but hey, we like a good challenge right? Or maybe they just want to be more like the Red Wings and go out in style in the first round... See, if they could have won ONE --ONE!-- of their last FIVE games, then we'd have home advantage against the A's. But nooooooo, couldn't win one game, could we? (can you sense my bitterness?) Which brings on a thought-provoking question --which team had the bigger choke this past weekend? The Tigers or Michigan State?

My predictions --Michigan will crush the Spartans this weekend. I have faith the Tigers might pull off at least one win in the Bronx. I still think they have a good shot at winning the series. Oh, and the Lions will lose this Sunday.

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