Friday, October 13

Breaking Records

Yesterday's snow broke records across the upper midwest. And today's frigid weather has caused the Tiger game to be moved up from 8 to 4:30.

On Thursday, 8.3 inches of heavy snow set the record for the “snowiest” October day in Buffalo in the weather service’s 137-year history, said meteorologist Tom Niziol. The previous record of 6 inches was set Oct. 31, 1917.

Detroit and Chicago also set records, for the earliest measured snow. On Thursday, Detroit broke the mark set on Oct. 13, 1909. Chicago beat a mark twice set on Oct. 18, in 1972 and 1989.

So much for global warming.

The weather's not stopping some Tiger fans, though. They face the A's tonight for game 3.

Who's your Tiger?

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