Thursday, October 19


It's not Halloween yet, folks. Seems all I've been hearing for the last month is wishful Democrat thinking that conservatives are demoralized and plan on staying home Nov. 7. Personally, I don't put much stock in a bunch of polls skewed toward Democrats. (We all know how reliable those polls were after we shocked the MSM by taking the last three elections...) We may not be thrilled with everything our Republicans have done in Congress, but do we really want to sit home and look forward to at least two years of Speaker Pelosi and tax increases? How about more wimpy foreign policy? Do we really want to sit home and watch a bunch of lying, unprincipaled socialists in disguise run our country? Even two years of that is two too many for me.

Let's review the last few years... Do you think we would have a Justice Allito or Roberts with Democrats controlling congress? How about Krazy Kim? Do you think he would have dropped all nuclear ambitions because the Democrats were screaming for bi-lateral talks? And what about the Freak of Iran and terrorists in Iraq and round the world -do you think they'd be trembling in fear and immediately ceasing all attack planning because the Democrats were in charge? Or do you think they'd be even more emboldened because our president and commander in chief was undergoing an impeachment process and being attacked even more viciously (if you can imagine that) than he's been the last 6 years... Well, at least we'd know their cell phone calls would be safe.

The choice is still clear. There's the party that thinks we're all a bunch of idiots (particularly those of us living between New York and California) and that we need a bigger government to take care of us, and there's the party that believes in the individual American. There's the party of tax increases and the party of tax cuts. There's the party that thinks just talking to your enemies and trying to understand them will keep us safe and there's the party that understands the threats we face and is doing something about it to keep us safe. There's the party that did nothing when the WTC was attacked in '93 and our embassies and the Cole were bombed, and there's the party that has routed the Taliban in Afganistan, has kept us safe from a terrorist attack since 9/11, has taken a brutal and terrorist supporting dictator in Iraq out, and is all that is now standing between a free ally in the Middle East and the surrounding, America/Israel hating, terrorist supporting despots that can't wait to move in and start running Iraq. (they're just waiting for that time table for withdrawal the Dems keep promising them...)

So what do you think --are you going to stay home on election day? Or do you still care as much about your country as you did in 2000, 2002, and 2004?

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