Monday, October 16

Countdown to the Election

UPDATE: Check out this "truth detector" article from the Free Press about the truth of some of the debate claims last night. Note the theme --things DeVos said were all "essentially correct," whereas Granholm's assertions can't be proven... Wish they had more of these! She may be smooth, but I'd rather go with the guy who's more truthful...

22 days until America votes; all polls indicate the Republicans have a tough rode ahead. Speaker Pelosi- are you ready for it?

Have you ever noticed when Democrats campaign everywhere but the Left Coast and New England, they try to sound like Republicans? Like Congressment Ford in Tennessee running for the Senate seat --all of a sudden, he's very Christian and supports guns. And notice, they're not having Pelosi campagne for anyone. Apparently, she doesn't appeal to most of America, but that won't stop them from making her Speaker Pelosi (as if she represented all the newly elected Dems that ran as a republican lite).

So what should we be prepared for? Tax increases, that's a given. An economic slowdown, thanks to those tax increases. Reduced revenues into the govnerment, thanks to the economic slowdown thanks to the tax increases. And don't expect the spending to let up anytime soon. Also, I wouldn't expect much to get passed by a Congress in Democrat control -they'll be too busy with their Bush impeachment hearings.

Not trying to scare anyone, just trying to motivate. Vote! And remind your friends and family of the consequences if we don't.

For those in Michigan - don't forget to check out the final debate tonight between DeVos and Granholm. Time to get a governor who understands business and can do something to turn our state economy around...

Speaking of Michigan. Do we really want that extreme liberal to continue representing our state in the Senate? Vote Bouchard!!!