Tuesday, January 22

And the Race Narrows...

Sorry DP and other Fred faithfuls - Thompson just announced he's pulling out of the race. I think we could all see that coming after he failed to win the S.C. primary. (What's wrong with those Carolinians, anyway? McCain???) Certainly not the first I would have liked to see drop out. Let's hope Huckabee is close behind him. And if Rudy doesn't win Florida, I'm sure he'll be on his way out, too. Which will at least make our choice a lot easier: Keating 5, Kennedy-consorting, Bush-thwarting McCain v. Mitt Romney.

And in totally, completely unrelated news - can someone please slap Amy Winehouse? Normally I don't concern myself with how much crack the latest celebrity is snorting, but I'd really like her to make at least one more CD before she kills herself. Such talent!! Such a shame!!!

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