Monday, January 7


What's up with the Huckabee surge? So he seems like a nice guy, he's articulate like Obama, and he's religious. Have these been what the qualifications we look for in a president have been reduced to?

What's up with all these "I'm a conservative first, a Republican second" people? Conservative first on what? A candidate is pro life and that's all you care about? Is overturning Roe v. Wade going to protect us from the terrorist threat? Is it going to help our economy?

Of course we like our candidates to be pro life and sincerely religious, but that can't be all that we focus on when electing the leader of the free world. (Bad Iowa, Bad!)

Take a look at Huckabee's record - this report was put together by the Club for Growth before he even announced his presidential bid.

Here's another, more recent summary. And look at his responses when asked about his failing grades on taxes - I haven't heard such spin since Hillary, when she thought she was still entitled to the nomination! I lifted the tax burden on the poor - save it for the Dem debate, buddy!

The tax issue alone should make you run screaming from this guy - there are enough people in Washington who want to raise our taxes without sending a tax happy president to preside over them. But let's look at his other stances... he's for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants (but not legal Americans from the state next door?), his idea to solve our health care issues are "people should eat better and not drink and smoke." Consequently, you'll read in the first link how he's all for regulation - what's next, government approved diets? Bringing back Prohibition? The guy is a nanny-state dreamer, tax raising big spender, amnesty-leaning "conservative first." And you think THAT'S what our country needs right now?

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