Monday, January 14

MI Primary

Tomorrow we go to the polls here in the great state of Michigan. I've made my decision - based on practical reasoning, facts, and sensible priorities. Unfortunately, it seems that few others are thinking along those lines when choosing their candidate. They're more apt to be excited about someone they "like" for arbitrary reasons like how many jokes they crack per speech or because of their race or gender. (Because certainly Hillary's tears, Obama's charming smile, or Huckabee's preaching will bring around those al queada types and the Freak of Iran!)

Among Republicans here, they say the race is between Romney and McCain. While Romney is the more conservative, with executive experience and without past collaborations with Ted Kennedy, I think McCain will win the state.

The sad fact is, we're a blue state and McCain appeals more to independent-minded Democrats than Romney will. Our struggling economy will be the biggest issue for most voters here. You'd think that might help Romney, but...

In response to a friend's question yesterday - wouldn't the Michigan voters respond more to Romney's economic optimism than McCain's lamenting about how the jobs are never coming back - I had to explain how the typical Michigan voter is like the Detroit Lions fan. They take perverse pleasure bemoaning how awful their state/team is. They complain incessently about the team/winter weather, but won't move on to another team/warmer state. They're so used to losing, it's almost warped into a sense of pride.

And Romney looks too much like those eeeeevvvilllll Businessmen! (you know, those evil guys who keep all the "working men" employed? The ones who decide whether to keep their businesses in this overtaxed, overregulated state (Thanks, Jennifer!) or whether to move them elsewhere and give other "working men" jobs. Yeah, he looks like those evil guys.

In addition to the Blue-Michigan mindset, we have another problem in that the only Democrat on our ballot is Hilla the Hun. (my new favorite nickname for her, which I cannot take credit for coining) In protest for us moving our primary up to Jan. 15, both Obama and Edwards have withdrawn from the Democratic ballot. So Democrats have four choices: Vote for Hillary (the only major candidate on the ballot), vote "uncommietted" on the Democrat ticket, vote in the Republican primary, or stay home. While I'm hoping for the latter, I'm sure that many will choose to vote in the GOP primary. And they'll likely pick one of the candidates that appeals to them the most - McCain or Ron Paul.

Let's hope that doesn't happen. Only one more day and the dynamics of the race will have changed yet again, depending on the outcome of Michigan. I'm hoping my vote will actually count for once!

BTW, I predict that the U.P. will go for Ron Paul. Though they only have about 35 people living up there, so I'm not too worried about their overall effect...

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