Thursday, January 31

Kwame Update

The mayor of New Fallujah apolized to the people the other day. (shoving reporters on his way into the chuch) It's hilarious- if any of you care to read the transcript, I really think Bill Clinton (or his speechwriter) has grounds to bring charges for plagerism! The echoes of Clinton's 'apology' after Lewinsky are so blatant Fox2 news ran a segment with comparison footage last night.

And the scandals continue- apparently wanting to mix it up with someone who was not Christine Beatty or his wife, the good people of N.C. paid for his and a mysterious female guest's couples massage at the N.C. resort where he was in town to speak at a Martin Luther King tribute last weekend. The resort insists he was not alone in his room, nor did he drink all that champagne, etc. himself. Sounds like we have another serial philanderer on our hands here. Not that we should care about his personal life, of course, but when taxpayers are footing the bill, I think we have a right to question his antics.

I know that Kwame is a likeable guy and there is a good arguement that he's done a lot of really great things for the city of Detroit as mayor. But he's also done a lot of unscrupulous and illegal things. To say that he should stay in office despite his actions makes you sound like a Masshole who keeps voiting for Ted Kennedy.

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