Saturday, January 19

BNL - Detroit Haters??

So I was at the Auto Show Charity Preview last night. For those of you from outside of New Fallujah, it's one of the biggest nights in the D - a black tie affair, televised, etc. (BTW- I shook Kwame's hand and spoke to him briefly. Thankfully I did not see Jennifer Granholm this time! Gave me indigestion for a week last time I glimpsed her moles up close...) But I digress...

This was the first year that they had the entertainment actually give a small concert; they played directly after the show in the Cobo arena. This year's act was the Canadian band, the Barenaked Ladies. (They're actually men, if you've never heard of them.) They were my favorite band in high school and my early college years, so I was really excited to see them. Enjoyed the first couple songs they played, and then... I noticed the backdrop.

Behind the stage were hung four large banners. Three of them had nonsensical scenes - a dog being carried through the sky by five birds, etc. But one of them had a portion of a sphere, painted green (the earth?). Upon this sphere was a car - looked like an old 1950's car. From the exhaust pipe of this car was coming gray smoke that trailed up into the sky to form a big, gray cloud. Above the cloud were three nuns and from the cloud, a bolt of lightning was zig zagging down to the car.

Now- what would your impression of this banner be? Mine was - here's a group of stupid, liberal, Canadian musicians (whose new CD I will NOT be buying), who were paid to play this gig (that they did not HAVE to play) during the Detroit Auto Show. These said liberal muscians wanted to take our money, but also to stick it to us with this banner about how evil we all are for 'destroying' the planet with our evil cars. Forget that we improved the quality of life for people all over the world, revolutionizing how we travel, making cars that were affordable to everyone - great innovators who should be admired. No, to them, we're just the evil auto industry, almost as evil as those 'big oil' people. Another group of Americans ruining the earth for all those other 'good' countries out there. And apparently someone (maybe God?) will strike us down for that.

So, what do you think? Am I overreacting? Reading too much into this? Or has yet another group of celebrities offended me into never supporting them with my money again??

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